Friday, September 30, 2011

Stolen photo Scarlett Johansson: the b-side

The private life and especially the intimacy of Scarlett Johansson has no more secrets for the entire world. His photos are stolen and from appearances on the web the other day can see even a third, where this time shows featured the b side.

There seems to be for the Hollywood diva Scarlett Johansson. A few weeks ago have made their appearance in some pictures stolen dell ’ actress completely unclothed. Scarlett Johansson has also contacted the FBI ’ to find out who might have stolen photos from your smartphone. C ’ a ’ investigation in place, but in fact already from before the ’ summer you spoke of these alleged stolen Scarlett Johansson photos without veils. A situation that threatens the figure of ’. To news in these last hours a third picture of blonde Johansson unveiled, this time featured c ’ its b side.

The first photo stolen that placed immediately on the web a few weeks, the alleged hacker, the one in which Scarlett Johansson appears topless on the bed. In the second ’ the actress appears unveiled just out of the shower. This third photo stolen made even more headlines, because the b side placed on display from ’ supporting actress was photographed by herself, but there will be a ’ the other person to maintain it. Private and intimate life of Scarlett Johansson now visible in the whole world, a real chaos which has obviously not angering the little actress that has ’ cos said: “ be in the spotlight, or because you're a ’ and film actress, does not mean that we should not have right to their privacy, their intimacy. No matter the context, not just feel taken hostage ”.

Scarlett Johansson is absolutely right, the scandal of stolen photos do not honor, but surely we have rather than sense has fotografarsi with your smartphone? If he did in front of a photographer at least there would have been the motivation of the money, but fotografarsi in this way, without an apparent ’ real need, it makes no sense. In short, Scarlett Johansson if l ’ also sought a p!

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