Thursday, September 29, 2011

Men and women advances, installment today 28 September: Pink Throne?

Today will be finally aired the Rose? The advances of a gi-speaking enemies between Giorgia and clear. Today's men and women by offering the first gi certainties: who will be the "first lady" of Maria De Filippi?
Men and women advances September 28, 2011: bet today on the throne the rose? And ’ started the new edition of the afternoon program of Maria De Filippi, but still the public failed to attend a bet on the new troniste. Mediaset has preferred programming focus, at least initially, on men. Now, however, advances stemming from various blogs by fans of the program lead us to hope: Chiara and Giorgia make their first appearance this afternoon? The first rumors confirm this possibility. And not only.

For men and women, in fact, frictions between competitors, especially troniste, are never missed. And here is that in today's episode, September 28, 2011 advances, we could see the first Brawl, also quite hard “ ” between two beautiful new competitors. Not yet clear if the ’ object of the dispute is a suitor or a healthy as ever desired (’ audience) competition among first women ” “. In the past year numerous clashes between the sexy Giulia Montanarini and Teresanna. This year will be ’ to clear and Giorgia? We'll see. Are not only advances to propose such a possibility: the nature of the program built such art from the expert presenter Maria De Filippi to impose some sort of continuous ” “ fight for the conquest of the public and, subsequently, the coveted suitor.

The hope that the leadership of men and women will finally space, today 28 September, the first episode of the Throne. Only after being aired we make judgments and, at least as far as possible, express opinions on the personality and qualities of Giorgia and clear. Any other speech, until then, should be postponed. No judgment budget, therefore. No hurry. That open first dances before you can “ point the rifle ” to a ’ or ’ other tronista. Goodbye to future advances. Continue to follow us on!

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