Monday, September 26, 2011

Ranieri, the adjuster, adjust the

The adjuster Ranieri and Team System Inter immediately flies. Won the first three points of the season with Pazzini in the center of the attack.
Ranieri, laggiustatore, adjust lInter, and are just 3 points. Sar maybe a case, although no one really thinks, but soon changed the game system, just Pazzini was deployed in the Centre, in an area c was unInter completely different, a team that, while important, among all absences that Sneijder, has succeeded in having reason dellavversario.Yet, the Bologna had managed to win a point against Juve in Turin, but in the face of this Inter, well in the field by Ranieri, wax very little to do.

Not that we studied was lInter before the game, says Bisoli, and then we soon found themselves in difficulty. Of course, without detracting in Gasperini, lInter view all another Inter at Bologna. But you know, the adjusters to this need, and Ranieri has played in full its task.Without lolandese, the technician has deployed in a similar position, but not quite the same view of the difference in characteristics, the baby Coutinho who has done well, without rimpinagere pi occasionally absent. Zanetti e Cambiasso, were two players completely different from those seen until the debacle of Novara. Returned to the two leaders who have been for many years allInter, especially Zanetti that, despite no longer tender et, raced throughout the game and even more.

Pazzini didn't wrong practically nothing. In addition to scoring the only goal of the benefit has been always distressed defence and gave Milito heel the ball which allowed allargentino to earn the penalty, then transformed.Now waiting from difficult away lInter Russian, not so much for the dellavversario value, but for the many sick, especially in midfield, which will create a few problems to Ranieri. we must now recover also points in the Champions, says the good Claudio, will be a battle, but I trust.

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