Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 8: Microsoft challenge

Microsoft introduces Windows 8, the new software with touch screen technology. Sar also applicable to Tablet.
< Microsoft presents its new version of Windows: Windows 8. The new operating system will be a dellodierno Windows 7, but much more revolutionary, indeed, most revolutionary since Windows 95. At least these words from Redmond. And it seems that dallanteprima is not wrong.
Windows 8, at least this is the temporary name, a software that uses the touch screen technology and then easily apply to new generation phones. But what are the differences with lattuale Microsoft software?First Restyling. Via folders. Windows 8 does not have any folders on the desktop, but a new Home Screen similar to the Phone. The programs are represented as in Windows Phone in many tiles side by side. This new style is named Metro Style and draws as much from the Smart Phone, but extremely improved, given the available space.

Another great new applications. Windows 8 applications are invasive and leave no space even to the taskbar. Icons and applications will be in command, remaining hidden silently margins. As it happens in Tab for example. Sure that the Desktop could not leave altogether and then restructured and modified changing it in a virtual room in which to pass all programs that have a complex interface, such as PhotoShop.

Windows 8 is not only a review of Windows 7 and only for this not completely original but even vaguely similar to other products. First of all the management that resembles that of Apple, but avoiding resume navigation to 3 or 4 fingers typical OS X would be incorrect to mention plagiarism. Microsoft has minimized the inflations cos as not to risk. It also shows the advantage, not indifferent to a nice slice of users, also bind mouse and keyboard for those not familiar with the touch screen.

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