Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google + opens to the public

Google Plus it seems to the public. The new Social Network Google no longer on the invitation. dozens of innovative applications. Also for hi-Phone.

Google Plus opens its doors. At all. The Social Network of Mountain View becomes public. Until now, access to Google + was only on invitation. And despite this Facebook IM afraid. Chiss concern of magnate Mark Zuckerberg to discover its opening to the public. The pap Google Plus, Vic Gundrota explains to have continuously evolved social media from the day of his birth, with over 100 edits, to try to make this software more and more similar to real life, introducing all the nuances. Gundrota also speaks of digits. Over 25 million users already active on Google +. And growing. Basically we are putting their all to reach Facebook and maybe overcome it. As says the same Gundrota, easier to count those inside the firm does not work for Google + who believe firmly.

But in short, what are the main differences with most known Facebook? First of all linserimento of circles. In fact, Google users can categorize friendships + in club confined, interacting with them depending on the will. In order to decide on data sharing. Other news a chance to talk with 9 people simultaneously in videoconferencing even by the phone and the possibility to share documents and work on it. Furthermore there is also a key search inside the Social Network. But the news that interest that certainly dester pi meeting Live Video. A method to attend concerts, rather than conferences, live, with the possibility to share your movie. You will treat a revolution, as they believe Google + developers? I hope. The basis for a first-quality product we all are. Also applications for Android. Now they just increase the users, and you're done.

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