Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tumors of the head and neck: how to know them to prevent them

On 17 September will be held the day of information on Cancer of the head and neck, in many Italian squares. Because prevention is the only weapon truly winning on any type of cancer.

Tumors in the head and neck can prevent. And good to know how to do it. To raise awareness on the prevention of Cancer and in particular, will be held on 17 September the day of informing yourself about cancer of the head and neck. The event, which will take place simultaneously in all the most important city, organized by Fialpo italiane (Italian Federation of associations of cancer patients and Laringectomizzati) with the contribution of the Fondazione Cesare Serono. Doctors and specialists will be at the disposal of the speakers, to explain the symptoms and characteristics of this type of cancer. Because the knowledge the first weapon of Defense.

The Chairman of the Fialpo, Maurizio Magnani, launches an unequivocal message: early diagnosis key to save the lives of patients. And if you do not know how to prevent? According to some polls, as much as 65% of Italians do not even know the name of this type of cancer, cancer of the head and neck. But what are the symptoms of this type of cancer? Ulcer in the mouth, weakness, difficulty swallowing, emission of blood from the mouth, sore ear, swelling in the neck, cali, hearing voice drops, headaches, dellolfatto loss, ringing in your ears. Of course, with due caution, it's about symptoms that can appear for several reasons, explains Carlo Fallai Director of radiotherapy in Milan.

Tumors of the head and neck are most times of the spino-cell carcinomas. Pi can rarely be sarcomas, lymphomas or but also cancers of the salivary glands. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, physical activity, avoid alcohol and smoke contribute to avoid linsorgenza of the tumor. Know the symptoms and make periodic checks, together with a healthy and balanced life, serves to keep away the appearance of the tumor.

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