Monday, September 12, 2011

Palermo-Inter 0-1, goal Milito Video Youtube

Palermo-Inter 0-1. Goes in goal Milito (must-see youtube videos). Rosanero pi enterprising, nerazzurri disappointing. Forlan and Zarate? A disaster!
Deferring series from chills: Palermo-Inter almost a big match! Gasperini against Eats, whom the mark? The game begins with some news. The ct nerazzurro leaves bench Sneijder and confidence, in the attack, the trio of wonders Zarate, Forlan and Sorín. The two signings seem not to be understood properly. The first dull, without many emotions, if not for the Palermo. But in the ’ difficulty Inter has built his victories. And it goes in goal Milito (youtube video at the bottom of the page), the much-acclaimed by fans.

In the first 45 minutes almost a monologue for the Sicilians. Win at Renzo Barbera difficult for any team of Serie a. Inter however a match Palermo fought on many fronts. The rosanero attack with Fernandez and Miccoli (a good location from outside the area). Zanetti pi times forced to save the team working on Hernandez (just in front of the door, bailout of Captain). for the nerazzurri, Forlan looks like a fish out of water ’ (for him only a shot direction ... deep space).

And ’ the Prince to remove the chestnuts from the fire to Gasperini. Goes in goal Milito (youtube video to see!) and breathe a sigh of relief to all inter fans, disappointed with the team performance ’ field in the first 45 minutes. Other than Zarate and Forlan, both evanescent. The Prince stayed in Milan for a season. And it shows: in the form and also works for the group. The rosanero coach ’, however, seems to have given excellent provisions to its team: Palermo did not disfigured, indeed! Would have deserved, at least for the first half hour of excellent ’ game, moving ahead. And the finest of the great champions technique makes the difference, unfortunately.

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