Saturday, September 17, 2011

Penelope Cruz old for Sergio Castellitto

Penelope Cruz ages for Sergio Castellitto. The new film ' came to the world ' you turn these days in Sarjevo. A romantic and poignant story based on the novel by his wife Margaret Mazzantini

Penelope Cruz ages to interpret the new film by Sergio Castellitto, came to the world. The film based on the novel of the Italian Director's wife, Margaret Mazzantini. The film takes place at Sarayevo and have already begun shooting. In the cast, in addition to beautiful Penelope Cruz, Emile Hirsche l ’ actress bosniacaMediha Musliovic. The story tells a heartbreaking history among damore and Diego Gem set in the period of the war in Sarajevo. Gemma returns to Sarajevo after 20 years, to his son Peter city where born and lived his father. The incontrer an old friend that help you to retrace the steps of his great love. A poignant and engaging history damore, drag inside all the protagonists. The book from which the film won the campiello Prize in 2009.

Penelope Cruz plays Gemma and the movie looks very aged. Long-haired and white-streaked, dark circles and wrinkles. The beautiful Penelope almost do not recognize. But not the first collaboration between la Cruz and Castellitto in which cos radically changed. Years ago the two toured together another still from a film adaptation of the novel's wife, Margaret Mazzantini: Non ti muovere. On that occasion Penelope Cruz played the part of a prostitute and to interpret better that role and make it realistic novel was visibly imbruttita. Broken teeth and dark circles, but also anointed hair until it almost unrecognizable. The cast important level, you might say. The beautiful story (and I can assure you personally). Castellitto a great Director: in short, the rights for a film of great success there. We have to wait until 2012 to go see it at the Cinema. Meanwhile in the mouth to the Wolf to all for their work.

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