Friday, September 23, 2011

Keira Knightley strips in A Dangerous Method

Keira Knightley strips in A Dangerous Method. The actress confessed his great difficulty in having to perform fully nude in this film dramamtica under David Cronenberg. After a careful study of the character has then decided to accept.

Short arriver in our cinemas film A Dangerous Method, ’ presented at the last edition of the Venice Film Festival. The film, directed by David Cronenberg, seemed to be the favorite to win the lion d ’ gold. In the end not been so, but this film really intrigued the press that he greatly appreciated the work of Cronenberg. Obviously it is hoped that the public might appreciate A Dangerous Method which tells of the particular triangle between Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Sabina, a woman struggling with a particularly intense and tormented life. The two psychiatrists try to discover where it comes from evil woman's psychological, but will not be so simple.

L ’ actress Keira Knightley, English actress best known for his participation in the saga of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Keira Knightley strips in A Dangerous Method, a complicated role that the same actress has confessed to having almost refused. Life particularly distressed by Sabina was not very easy to interpret for Keira, especially for some scenes very crude. Among these, as well as a ’ in which the actress had to masturbate, c ’ was nude. Keira Knightley strips in A Dangerous Method, and she was the first time ever in his career d ’ actress.

All ’ start Keira confessed to not wanting to completely address a scene like that, so recite bare never been his aspiration and the difficulty to do so were many. Keira then started to study his character, to read, to understand his psyche and talking about it with the Director he accepted: “ at that point I jumped, trying to read and see all that's left of her, of her writings, her life ended tragically. ” Also Keira Knightley has also confessed to having drunk some of vodka in order to make that scenetestimony of ’ huge difficulties encountered.

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