Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Madonna vs Berlusconi. The PDL occurs

Madonna against Berlusconi. The PDL occurs. Gays applaud.

Madonna rails against Berlusconi. “ what I think of Berlusconi? I would not talk about it now. But British weekly the Economist said it all already, no? ”. The American pop Star said during the weekly unintervista today. A few days ago the newspaper The Economist had dedicated the cover to the Premier of the Republic of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi. And had not used a flattering tone.
The cover of the magazine The Economist headlined: Why unfit to govern Italy. And the controversy. The first uprising against Madonna, aka Louis Maria Ciccone, were Daniela Santanch and Gabriella Carlucci, legislators of the PDL. The two women policies have taken parts of Premier accused Madonna of disown its Italian origins. To follow, Carlo Giovanardi.

According to Santanch, the pop star Madonna took advantage of the situation to promote his movie, W.E. presented at the Venice Film Festival, just concluded. These are his words: what does pi evil that these additions are particularly careful to launch their products and, without scruples, do their marketing on the skin of the Italians.

But the comment pi choreographic is Gabriella Carlucci: I regret very much that Madonna has endorsed the thesis dellEconomist, among others in a country like Italy that worships. Evidently has a Communist press office said that to say so to make it come out better in the newspapers. The Madonna a very incorrect, you are not expecting me. was certainly cues.

To take parts of Madonna, the whole community gay, sentitasi pull in dance by Carlo Giovanardi (Under Secretary of State to the family) who commented: between ’, Ms. Ciccone openly homosexual families, then clearly deployed against our culture and our Constitution that do not include gay families.

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