Saturday, September 10, 2011

Venice, Lion d ’ Golden career for Marco Bellocchio

And ' Marco Bellocchio, Director unprejudiced and rebellious of Italian cinema, to win the career Golden Lion at the 68esima art exhibition Venice Film Festival. The Director received ilo Prize by his eternal rival Bertolucci and brought to the Lido a version mounted in the name of the father.
Marco Bellocchio, Italian Director rebellious and revolutionary, won the Golden Lion d ’ career at 68esima Shows d ’ Venice Film Festival. The Director has brought in a version mounted in the name of the father. To deliver the coveted prize, which marks a genuine reconciliation with the world of Italian cinema, was his eternal rival, director Bernardo Bertolucci. Marco a rebel who renounces violence to communicate, a revolutionary spirit that preaches the chance to change and review. The freedom of imagination, one that should never fail to a Director, and the new version of his film, don't not disappoint some members of the public.

Standing Ovation for the delivery of the lion d ’ Golden career to Marco Bellocchio, at the Venice Film Festival 2011. Director winner said that soon a film on the case realizzer Englaro, and that this award represents a reconciliation with the cinema and with the institutions, but happy, because the freedom one thing to conquer with fatigue. Bellocchio and Bertolucci rivals were drawn from birth: one loved English cinema and ’ the nouvelle vague; but were born in the same year and in the nearby city, and were inspired by the same social and political reality. In the name of the father will be presented with screens, revised and remounted with cuts from twenty minutes but the spirit will not be less harsh than the first. The Director wishes to emphasise the political weight of ’ 70.

The 68esima Venice Film Festival grants Gold Lion d ’ career Director of in the name of the father, master of style and freedom of imagination, Marco Bellocchio. Many other films at the Lido make history and leave the audience with a smile. C ’ in Venice was also Silvio Orlando, with the film on a mission of peace, satirical comedy on Francesco Lagi, who plays as a co-star with his nephew. A story of a military coup to capture a criminal war of ’ Ex-Yugoslavia, with a mission in the Balkans. Orlando a captain cold who leads soldiers decidedly odd, while his son, played by his nephew, an avid pacifist and troublemakers. Applauded several Thriller in competition as Texas killing fields of Canaam Mann and Life without principle by Jhonnie To. Film spectacular who fought shot camera with a big tribute to Italian cinema.

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