Friday, September 30, 2011

Italy Juventus: Cerberus Tevez

The Juve hunting for Tevez. The high cost of the player, as well as its high engagement, could be a serious obstacle to the transfer.
The transfer of Juve in ferment and the notebook of Marotta probably more than all the other clubs in serie a. At present, many names have been added recently to Tevez, later dallInter, but Juve and ready to launch the final number to try to win, in one way or nellaltro, lattaccante Argentine City that should change now lApache air, sure thing, not some his future destination. One of these might be team Count, but the real problem lalto cost of the card, that at present the old lady would not be able to pay, especially after having spent so much money in the market. Added to this is the not insignificant problem that Juve has several players at the time Squad, Amauri and Buffon who then tones and, over all, perceive engagements, and this would be an impediment not recently.

The only possibility would be that of the now overused formula loan with right of redemption, but at the same time Marotta should try to fix the redundancies, given that current lingaggio Tevez of 7 million pounds ", more than 8 million. Therefore, the possibility of a transfer in January would be very limited.But Juve would also need to place the defensive Department, especially along the left wing, covered only By Ceglie, saw that Big, over-all, practically another of those players operating on the margins of the first team.

Among the many possibilities the most interesting company represented by Aly Cissokho, the 24-year-old French dellOlympique outside Lyon. This may allow Juventus to settle definitively in the left lane, with De Ceglie that would become the first alternative to the French.The speech was already started, but it is unknown if and when it might go in Harbour, a figure that is estimated at around 15 million.

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