Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding omosex: Arcigay against D'alema ’ D

Clash of Massimo D'Alema and the Gay world. "The marriage between man and woman. It says the Constitution ". And the controversy.

Yazel rails against Gay marriage. In Italy the Constitution recognizes only marriages between men and women. Obviously the controversy. Maximum Yazel had spoken these words last September 9 during the festive dellUnit of Ostia, but had probably gone unnoticed. Then appeared on the network.

Spread the news, today on You Tube, the first to arise was Paul Patan, President of the Arci Gay, with these words: Affirmations so rude as to be unbelievable. Meanwhile, pretends to forget that there is no relationship between marriage and procreation. Then, confuses between civil marriage and religious marriage. And finally manages even to forget the ruling of the Constitutional Court of the 138 2010, equating the rights of cohabiting same-sex couples as those of heterosexual married couples. In any country of the Union ’ these are the typical statements by an exponent of the extreme right with anguish, but in Italy are the statements by a leader of the Democratic Party, a party that is progressive and left.

The situation is even worse because between only 2 days Maximum, Greece will host the Festival DellUnit of Bologna, the city where the dates of the next Gay Pride. LArcygay threat sound events during participation dellex political leader. And expresses itself with strong tones: If your avr not Pd force rid of sprawl cynicism cattocomunista to D ’ D'alema, no place in this country will be possible to do right or left. The controversy is not subsiding. Greece defends himself and cos: He mounted a controversy overblown. Probably I have not explained clearly. But my life policy that I have always defended the rights of homosexuals against all forms of discrimination and homophobia.We'll see. Surely Friday at the Festival DellUnit in Bologna we will air in the storm.

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