Friday, September 09, 2011

Rai Uno censorship gay marriage

La Rai censorship a cyclone in the convent, German fiction aired on Rai Uno. Guilty a gay marriage. And erupting controversy

La Rai censorship a bet of fiction a cyclone convent which has featured two Gay guys and their marriage. The episode in question has the title of Romeo & Juliet. fiction by sister Theresa aired on Rai Uno from 2004 year of the first episode. Most loyal listeners have noticed that the plot had gone an opi too far in one episode and complained with Rai Uno unleashing a real controversy.

Anja also angered Konen Praxl brings voice of manufacturer the NDF that produces Sister feel indignant, the reaction of the Italian network was exaggerated, he commented on the Praxl going on a controversy with Italy which doesn't seem to want to appease.Also the Member of the PD Paola Concia said: Italy still behind, the right-wing Government not facilitates certain things, while in Germany are gay wedding day commented to order of the Member. Paola Concia a gay declared and little is married to his partner in a European country.And Mazza as defends himself? We had to remove a bet for programming problems, and we decided to remove that. Additionally, he adds, the marriage took place on an altar Christian and Catholic mass was celebrated by a nun, this would inevitably brought controversy. And instead went almost worse.

The controversy is not so much that placa Marrazzo, Director of the Gay Center, demanded the resignation of the Director of Rai Uno. Sure that a strong scenes on television we are accustomed to. Nude, scenes of war, murder and sex scenes entirely accompany day television. On any network. We are sure that see the marriage of two guys would have offended much? However we cannot make other that to watch

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