Monday, September 19, 2011

MOM to 57 years: doctor gives birth to twins

A woman doctor becomes MOM to 57 years. In Pregnancies at risk of hospital in Salerno are nate Carola Pia and Adriana Cristina. small are fine.

Birth records in Salerno. Silvana Sofia, Medical profession, 57 years gave birth to two new twist. After years and years of trying, finally Dr. Sofia has crowned its dream. And allinsolita and 57 years gives birth to two stunning new twist: Karola Pia and Adriana Cristina respectively 2 kg and 1 Kg 360 grams. The small, Adriana Cristina, currently assisted artificially in breathing, but his conditions are good. Delighted that moved mother Silvana tells her joy and thanked the Lord for having achieved his greatest dream: that of life. In every sense. The woman was followed during the entire pregnancy, by the Team of Dr. Raffaele Petta, of Pregnancies at risk, and other 3 medical specialists, Sal Polichetti, De Rosa and Carmela Pugliese. The luminaries have explained that let advanced Lady requested particular assistance.

But Silvana Sofia lived quietly this long-awaited pregnancy. At least not from a physical point of view. The Lady in fact, already from before remain interesting, suffered from diabetes and hypertension, 2 very dangerous diseases for any pregnancy. In addition, he also had a large fibroids. As if that weren't enough, during this period the placentas of girls joined, merging into one bag, cos by mixing the blood vessels. Well, this seems to be the motivation that explains the cos big weight difference between the two. In short, it was a walk through this new MOM. But EC lha. And rejoice of his undertaking, not forgetting the doctors who assisted finished, nurses and hospital. Regardless of how you think about teenage pregnancy and advanced, this story sends us a clear message: the strength of pu all desire. Or almost.

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