Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Naples hunting ransom against Chievo

Napoli-Chievo tackles away without the Pocho, a look at a round of rest to recover completely from the ankle injury.
The Naples seeks redemption against Chievo who last year managed to bring him on six points, not unimportant.This one thing you absolutely must not recur, they think God and all the Blues, and this will have to face their opponent with maximum concentration, just as if it were the City of Milan, or not makes no difference.
No intensity and concentration the Napoli could risk, just like the past season, when Chievo affront "lightly, with too much in return.And for this God, in these few days, he repeated to the boredom that the match should be dealt with as if it were a final, as always says.

The technician toscano has however decided to operate a robust turnover, also in view of the forthcoming close together with the Naples engaged Saturday against Fiorentina at San Paulo, next Wednesday for Champions Villereal l'incontro always at home and, finally, Saturday lInter at San Siro then a rest for Lavezzi, so as to enable it to recover completely dallinfortunio ankle, and also for rest and Campagnaro Dossena, the latter also a grave tragedy that hit him these days.

You should see lesordio in the League of Fernandez, while dense mystery about who will replace the Pocho alongside Cavani. Although not sar, Campagnaro speaks dellimpegno that awaits his companions. We have to play at Serie a, just as if we were playing against a great. Last year we lost with them 6 points. Sometimes happen to underestimate their opponent, especially after a major victory with a club like Milan, but this time should not completely succeed. We started well last, but not for this we must not continue to commit ourselves. We can and must still improve.

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