Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Barcelona Milan, the Champions League on the rossoneri

Great trial of Milan to Barcelona. Champions League highlights the rossoneri. But where can I get Merry team? Analysis of the match last night.
Welcome Back Champions League! Milan exalts himself and gets a spectacular draw at the Nou Camp, in front of a Barcelona champion d ’ Europe and the world that did everything possible to win. A dificult match: on the eve we believe that even Merry and Galliani had signed on for a draw. A points worth gold for the challenge of winning the group. Arrive early, in fact, the Catalans must win in Milan to return or compensate at least 3-3. The rossoneri gongolano, therefore, pleased of ’ company dar, probably the turning point in the season just started.

Just 26 seconds at Milan to Barcelona of Guardiola. Pato fast and is wedged in the defensive Department, Catalan pi in difficulty, that have not yet synchronized. The defenders are not in position and taking out the Pato ’ entire enemy rearguard. The Grand goal of Papero: sar part of television advertising, with background music, the next Champions? Probably.

Barcelona, however, dominated the entire match in ’ long and wide. Not many actions from goal, few decisive saves by Abbiati. But possession, at the end of the game, making it about the game Catalan: 61 percent against 39 of the rossoneri. But a possession often sterile, thanks also to ’ proven defense organized by Allegri, the flower to the eyelet ’ Galliani and team members.

At the end the goal by Thiago Silva to restore equal. Pedro and Villa do the rest: goal generated by a coil of tightrope walker once he Made the first; sublime free-kick goal of the tip of Spain's world champion, the second. Allegri can ’ be pleased. Galliani, speaking at the end of the match, “ ” good luck but good performance. The draw at the Nou Camp until the enthusiasm of the new Milan ’? We are sure! And then, when it will be available also the genius Ibrahimovic, there will be even more. You can ’ really dreaming?

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