Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Emanuele Crialese, Pasinetti prize after Oscar for "Mainland"?

Emanuele Crialese could receive the nomination to the Academy Awards 2012. Premio Pasinetti for the Mainland, the short story, poem by real life and emotions, could aspire to was nominated among the best foreign film Oscar for winning.
Emanuele Crialese, the young Italian Director known for his debut with the Mainland, presented at the 68esima Exhibition in ’ Venice Film Festival, you may receive the nomination to the Oscar statuette ’, the most coveted in the world. The Director was recently awarded with the prize in Rome and also by Pasinetti film journalists for the universal message of solidarity which emanates its work. The new film could enter the pink of the five best foreign films, one of the eight titles indicated for Italian cinema at the Academy Awards.

On the eve of the decision on the designation of nomination to the Oscar night of 2012, the nomination for best foreign film could go to Italian Director Emanuele Crialese, directed by the Mainland. After the Pasinetti award, then, could get the Oscar ’. The Director was really flattered to have received the historical but mostly proud that his work has been mentioned among all Italian film presented at the Venice Film Festival. The film was much appreciated by critics and public as a narrative Chronicle lucid and realistic, with a touch of poetry that focuses images of our times, in which the ’ only thing that can save men solidarity.

Emanuele Crialese would really honored to receive the nomination for best foreign language film at the Academy Awards 2012. The Mainland has already won the Pasinetti award and ’ framework now could aspire to the famous American statuette, Oscar ’. Proud of the Director and the cast of the film, including the young protagonist of Lampedusa, Filippo Pucillo and Beppe Fiorello, which interprets l ’ other really fishermen of ’ island. Mirage of traditions, tourism and solidarity, the work of Crialese undoubtedly a chapter of quotidianit already become history of our times. The American statuette will be really the icing on the cake but very difficult to bring it home. Pending the possible victory, we await the confirmation of the nomination.

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