Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Serena Dandini to La7 and Belen Rodriguez godmother of Italy ’ 's got talent:

Serena Dandini, casual presenter hairless on the tongue to Speak with me, halfway between Rai and La7, but it seems much more close to this ’. The new TV season upon us and the market supply of leaders still open. The Dandini should resume his program on Rai 3 from 27 September, but according to rumors, the production company Fandango has not yet found a ’ agreement with Rai. Serena Dandini, therefore, increasingly close to the network that hosts his former Director, Paolo Ruffini and to go on air also come away with me by Fabio Fazio and Roberto Saviano. La7 seems to want hoard all the important names of the Rai: Milena Gabanelli hanging in the balance, but it seems that his draft contract is already ready.

In this slip panegyric by Rai programs to other networks, including Sky tv and digital terrestrial networks, you cannot understand what programs are intended to remain with the mother of tv. Michele Santoro had decided to make a program only on a platform that can go on the internet and on the digital terrestrial; riveler his secret project the next 9/11. If the Dandini flies to La7, the beautiful Belen Rodriguez arrives in the studios of Cologno Monzese to take the helm, instead of Nice Geppi Cucciari, conduction of Italy ’ 's got talent. The talent show will be aired on Channel 5 in the winter.

For those who can't renounce curves Belen Rodriguez, ’ charming latina showgirl sar from next September on stage 16 Colorado, broadcast on Italy 1, with the able and eclectic Paolo Ruffini. Serena Dandini, Michele Santoro, Fabio Fazio and other important names does not converge to IP networks Rai? The deal seems now completed but with dear old MOM Rai everything can change.

Italy Rome: after Kjaer here also Pjanić

The transfer of Rome is making handmade work alive in these latest hours. Fixed Kjaer, now Sabatini chases Pjanić, Bosnian midfielder's 21 years of Lyon, with Community passport. The Roma, to make the services of the young midfielder, verser coffers of Lyon 11 million, while it remains to be defined in detail laccordo with the same Pjanić, assisted by Oscar Damiani.

The Lyon young midfielder earned 1.5 million plus bonuses linked to Champions, and whereas Rome did not dispute any international competition, will have to provide a fixed higher; probably around 2 million, the matter will be closed.For a number of everything revolves around Borriello Roma fails to sell n to lend, even if lattaccante Neapolitan would prefer the formula of the cession.

One of the reasons that slows down a little all estimators who had laid my eyes on Borriello and limpossibilit of the international competition, at least until January, and this wretched for those few minutes in which it was deployed, unsuccessfully, by Luis Enrique in Bratislava. Probably Borriello could settle with Galatasaray who asked his news in these hours, or between Fiorentina and Genoa, but are only vague possibilities, so most likely that lattaccante remains in the capital.

Him Enrique would have preferred Palacio for which, moreover, had already found laccordo with Genoa, but the definition of negotiation had been pending for the Same. Now, however, too late, because Palacio allInter, seems to be intended as Gasperini insists pe have in-flight Argentine lattaccante well known to have had him in when he was in Genoa. Now, all negotiations are frantic. The time is running out permanently, there are less than 10 hours at the end of the market and only then will clear the situation.

Delio Rossi closes the door to Palermo

Delio Rossi seems to close the door to Palermo. Contacted by Lionel, the technician more loved by Sicilian refused to end, but rumors report a recent conversation between Lionel and Delio Rossi in which they talked about the market and possible reinforcements.

The matter thus far dallessere definitively clarified. You know, in football nothing safe, and a possible return of Rossi in Palermo, despite the statements, not entirely excluded.

I do not feel back in Palermo since dora. And spent too little time since the relationship is broken, and then they are in talks with a foreign team, although I would prefer to stay in Italy, says Lippi at Radio Kiss Kiss. Among the Italian teams interests me particularly Roma, has an interesting project and it would be in condition to do good things.A little like saying: I am here, Luis Enrique had ended the relationship with Rome, and I would like free just for this.

Obviously good Delio Rossi did not say anything of all this, but want to read between the lines of his statements, or rather, to want to think the worst, this could be a key.But Lippi a person too serious and well, for thinking such a thing. Rather, the reference to a foreign team that probably not c and reference to the Roma could be just thinking that I'm waiting to see what combiner Lionel in the last hours of the market, they are incidentally less than 24, and then take its decision.

And c don't blame him, obviously. After the supply excellent Palermo, Delio Rossi, without adequate reinforcements, we would have to face one day and another a Lionel increasingly unhappy, and he who has already lived through an experience like that, has no intention to repeat it.

Inter succumbed Santon Newcastle

LInter has yielded Santon Newcastle 6 million plus the usual bonuses. And with the young Italian defender, grew up in dellInter and launched by Mourinho, he goes abroad to another little gem.LInter in contrast compared to clubs who have made their source of youth players and gain, the Barcelona ne lesempio pi, the absolute best.After Balotelli was ceded to the City, now another Italian who goes away. For the World Cup could also be shared, given the difficult nature of the talent now in force in the City, tant questionable that the same is also doing stunts at the Court of Mancini to Santon the speech completely different. LInter sells, or leaves from players who were once the flower day one of the club do Moratti. The same Etoo nor a high example, though in this case would have been very difficult for anyone to try to hold to force a player who had made a similar offer pharaonic.Other player restless nellInter Wesley Sneijder, towards which it seems to have revived United's interest. Moreover, the awareness of not being able to redo a victorious season, something which also happened last year, might try seriously to change Jersey and lolandese, you know, when (c) the desire of the player, especially if supported by a robust check, difficult for any President to say no.And then here is lInter move towards players who already played in Italy for years. Palacio del Genoa could be one of the reinforcements requested by Gasperini that besides knows him having had in his adventures in shadow of the Lantern. But the last temptation of Moratti and Zarate. Negotiations very difficult, as Henry asks too much money for the loan onerosissimo the cession.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dj David Guetta, new album "Nothing but the beat" with Black Eyed Peas and 50 Cent

David Guetta, French dj super internationally, back into the limelight with a new album really explosive entitled Nothing but the beat. The new project dellartista French dual in the sense that deftly mixes a double soul music: the first dj cd includes 14 tracks, pop, while the second 10 tracks of electronic, absolutely no vocals.The fantastic dj Guetta never stops to amaze his large audience and to increase always pi consensuses, relies for its tracks of several world-famous artists like Akon, of Black Eyed Peas, 50 cent and others.

Nothing but the Beat a really versatile and ambitious project, sponsored by the award-winning and well-known EMI Music, outgoing all record stores and in major digital store. By Friday on radio sar can listen Without U, new single dallalbum, David Guetta has worked with singer Usher. Today, the new album of the famous French dj has already sold four million copies and many fans are still waiting to buy or download new songs from the album rischiestissimo.David Guetta really one of the leading climbers of the world music charts and knows how to create a real Hit List from which you can separate. The songs are catchy and loads of life with the addition of fantastic collaborations.

Nothing but the beat scaler the world rankings? Waiting to know we offer the track list of the two new cd album Guetta:

CD 1 Vocal album:

1. Where Them Girls At Feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj, 2. Little Bad Girl Feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris, 3. Turn Me On Feat. Nicki Minaj, 4. Sweat Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta, 5. Without You Feat. Usher, 6. Nothing Really Matters "Feat. Will.I.Am, 7. I Can Only Imagine Feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne, 8. Crank It Up "Feat. Akon, 9. I Just Wanna F-Feat. Timbaland & Dev, 10. Night Of Your Life "Feat. Jennifer Hudson, 11. Repeat Feat Jessie J, 12. Titanium Feat. Either.

CD 2 Electronic albums:

1. The Alphabeat, 2. Lunar David Guetta, Afrojack & 3. Sunshine David Guetta & Avicii, 4. LBG instrumental, 5. Metromusic, 6. Toy story, 7. The Future feat. Afrojack, 8. Dreams, 9. Paris, 10. Glasgow.

Simona Ventura: the X Factor to Sky is better, Rai is the past

And ’ a river Simona Ventura in his exclusive interview to the newspaper La Stampa of Turin. The presenter is preparing the fifth edition of the television talent show the X Factor that, from this year, andr ’ aired on Sky and no longer on the Rai. Simona Ventura has abandoned Mama Rai to take over permanently in ’ private broadcaster. Many projects under construction and a new professional opportunities. Of course, leave the Rai should not have been easy for the presenter but Sky is offering to you, like many other talented conductors “ ” exiles from public tv, a second opportunity, maybe even more gluttonous: demonstrate to vertices Rai who plays are often due to the excellent ability of conductors and not to the presence in a primetime public tv.

The X Factor 5 almost ready. Ricomincer on Sky, and we are sure, will have a good following. The format like, and not a little. When ripartir the X Factor 5? On 20 October on Sky one. To follow a special study on the transmission. Simona ritrover, mate that revitalized new Morgan signed with the private broadcaster ’. But the ’ exile from public tv has shaken the presenter that shoots to zero on the Director of Tg1 Augusto Minzolini, reo have defined “ ungrateful ”. “ From that pulpit is preaching … ” sticks SuperSimo.

The tremendous ” Simo “, after the talent show, prepares to lead the Oscar night of on the same network. In the definition of a reality that the same show girl defines “ politically incorrect ”: the relationship with the artistic director of Sky Giampiero solar. We are sure that SuperSimo there riserver other surprises for the imminent start of ’ television season autumn. From September will be the new star Queen Murdoch tv? We'll see.

Italy Juventus: skip Rhodolfo. Now you tip all about Bruno Alves

It complicates the transfer of Juve. The defence will not shore Rhodolfo, since São Paulo refused end of 8 million. So it really was not a problem of money, but simply the club did not want to deprive ourselves of the paulista giant Defender.

Now Juve tip all about Bruno Alves, Portuguese Defender en route with Zenit St. Petersburg, Spalletti and perhaps this time the negotiations will go to fruition. There are still little more than 48 hours at the end of the market and Marotta hopes to close for the lusitano, otherwise the defensive sought solution by Bruno Count will hardly be found elsewhere.

Are expected in the coming hours in Italy Zenit leaders to try to find an agreement that satisfied with everyone. Juve relies on an Exchange with Bonucci, Spalletti also calls for an adjustment of 4 million, but would prefer not to put on Marotta dish more cash. Another complication could be the refusal of Bonucci to move to Russia and then behold that could come in handy Pepper that could be placed in the negotiations as a last chance to try to get to Bruno Alves.

After a period in which all went right, now it seems that the transfer of Juve are a tad complicated. Marotta had to collect various no, some by the parties concerned, others by their club membership.Then, the team that Count hopes to deploy in the next Championship, still a unfinished.

But Marotta confident that negotiation Bruno Alves could turn in his favour. In addition, there are still several days at the beginning of the Championship that partir delayed through the fault of the strike, the strike for Juventus seems to be just about arrived, since Count avr some other day to assemble everything.

Osvaldo: prove my worth

Osvaldo presents to his new fans. I returned to Italy because I want to show my real value. I chose the Roma because I want to win and this a great team with great possibilities. Play with Totti will be an honor. The captain a large sample and certainly not up to me figure it out. But besides Francis, there are many other great players, more or less all at the same level.

The new cos presents itself as a striker for Roma has its loccasione New Jersey with the number nine, he chose.In my old Italian experience I failed to demonstrate how valgus. Parler just off the field, since my answers I give her playing, so as to convince even the most skeptical that worth much more than the Rome has paid me.

And a river Osvaldo, and do not leave certain put under by the questions of journalists. I have painted as a Brawler continues the new striker of Roma, but not at all true. I'm not disagreement never with anyone but I have a strong character and a great desire to win, always.Questions on replacing Totti and on a comparison with Batistuta, Osvaldo responds with some diplomacy, the rest just arrived and I certainly don't want to get in a bad light.

On replacing Francesco, do not put your mouth and do not even want to do it. It is a matter for lallenatore. Some that come out of international competition, but we will concentrate on the League. I like Batistuta? Was my Idol, I'm happy to do half of what he has done him. Osvaldo also says that in Rome will do well and that the team, although young will give beautiful satisfactions to fans.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ulrtime News: Sarah Palin requested compensation of 33 million euro

BREAKING NEWS: SARAH PALIN amounted to 33 million euros compensation asked by family Aid after allomicidio of little Sarah. Unudienza rather short that held today in the classrooms of the Court of Taranto, hearing that left adunica space, the decision to postpone the trial until next October 10. The proposal to postpone the Committee appear to be legal by Sabrina Misseri, Dr. Coppi, who requested the postponement of the trial for environmental reasons.

PROCESS: Gup Taranto chose to accept listanza proposal from legal Coppi and linizio of one of the processes expected from all over Italy pi slitter for almost a month. Meanwhile all the boot ” “ anxiously awaits the final decision of the Supreme Court to decide the final place where I keep the process. In the classrooms of the Court were present all the suspects, two girl's uncles, Cosima Serrano and Michele Misseri, and also her cousin Sabrina, lartefice material. The latest news about allomicidio of the small Miners tell of a maxi compensation of 33 million euros with compensation from 300 thousand required by the family, which will have to pay the actual perpetrators of the crime and those who may have helped alloccultamento the body of the young.

OMICIO and MOTIVE: according to the Prosecutor the reasons which led the young Sabrina allassassinio of little Sarah remain always the same: Sabrina would kill to jealousy, because obsessed tender friendship between Sarah to Ivano Russian. A motive unconvincing to some, still tied to the first version of events given by Michele Misseri, uncle of the victim, who had claimed to have only the protagonist of the story, stressing also that he killed in inescapable sexual instincts.

DEFENDANTS: 13 defendants are involved in this process, which marks one of the most gloomy dItalia, even if the worst role up to Sabrina and Cosima accused of complicity in murder, kidnapping and suppression of corpse in agreement with Michele Misseri involved only nelloccultamento of the corpse.

Sarah Palin News: Sabrina Misseri, Michele and Cosima to process

Murder Ryder, latest news: the process with the ’ preliminary hearing, all the defendants in the courtroom. Sabrina Misseri, Cosima Serrano, Michele Misseri and the mother of Sarah Palin: everyone in this House, under the same roof for the first time. For over a year since the death of 15-year-old of Avetrana, today ’ preliminary hearing begins. Finally, after much controversy and twists, to justice for the murder of a young ’.

The latest news on crime of Miners do not distort the convictions of public prosecutions. Anything served ’ l Michael's last letter to his wife Cosima Misseri and daughter Sabrina, missive in which Sarah's uncle continues to proclaim himself guilty of the murder of fifteen-year-old ’. Investigators are convinced that the process today can demonstrate their prosecution.

Sabrina Misseri and Cosima Serrano have killed Sarah. For them the ’, accused of complicity in murder, kidnapping and suppression of corpse. L ’ accusation for Uncle Michael, however, only removal of the corpse: Misseri threw the body of his nephew into the well through the help of his brother ’, also ’ it here today, for the ’ preliminary hearing.

This morning, to Taranto, with the ’ boot process, it assisted a crowds of onlookers to the Court of first instance of Taranto. A crowd of reporters, photographers and curious. A kind of looting. Sarah's mother, according to the latest news, it would have just entered the Court of Taranto to participate in the process. Want to look into the eyes of his daughter's killers, said Elizabeth Serrano. Sabrina Misseri you difender sword, Cosima to the same. But now late for games and defensive strategies: dir finally end this terrible affair. You have finally justice for Sarah?

In a particular video: Rihanna will be true?

Scandal in the world of music. The sexy Queen of Pop, Rihanna, is talk again of s and its beautiful statuary body which, according to the adult magazine Hustler, was immortalized in a dynamite video shot during his last tour. As announced by the newspaper, which around this story are mounting an advertising campaign by thousands of dollars, the video would portray the singer in attitudes driven and unequivocal with rapper J-Cole. Rihanna's staff for rebels, and his spokesman has officially announced that this video there are no tracks, and that this is the usual scoop to the detriment of the ’ interpreter.

Already a few weeks rumors announced the ’ existence of this cd on which do not yet know how he would put his hands Hustler, yet the denial seems to be dry and timely arrived: “ this video there is ”, then only the last Buffalo ’ built on recent news, this time pi that truthful, which resulted in Jennifer Lopez in the classrooms of a court following the publication of a video filmed between the singer and his ex-husband.

As announced by spokesman Hustler, the video shows the singer in explicit scenes related to one of his latest statements shocking. Less than a few weeks ago, Rihanna had stated to a tabloid some of his sexual preferences, explicitly stating his willingness in ’ be submitted during sexual intercourse. And if this video contained just a few of these piccantissime images? The final answer seems to be no more.

To feed the news, the voice that J-Cole only a few days ago would lose its smartphone and that the video could be arrived at magazine just after the discovery of the cell phone rapper. The sexy singer apparently has not certainly want to retire to private life until this story goes ...At an end!

Tommasi, skip the first day of the Serie a.

Surely the ’ topic Prince of League these days: the transfer market will close in just 5 days, but to take bench in newspapers and among football teams the postponement of the first day of the Serie a. even more curious was to note that yesterday evening the serie B match regularly with the challenge between Sampdoria and Padova, two claimants to the promotion in League: similar to version, Spain also had to give up the debut of La Liga, but for decidedly different from those issues that plague our Assocalciatori.

Advanced ’ this morning was the last proposal on collective agreement, which remember is challenged to a flaw in the ’ article 7: the players would not be divided into pi team A and team B was depreciated if included in cos hosts second-tier. The company, contrary, insist on this aspect ’ considered a leitmotif of the strategy of each coach. Despite the President of ’ Assocalciatori, Damiano Tommasi, former player of Rome, has tried to find an agreement “ bridge ” to still take the field Saturday: this contract was valid until June 30, 2012, based on the ’ agreement that was reached with Bell, then at the end of the date they resumed trading. League President Maurizio Beretta, which made the spokesman Giancarlo Abete, FIGC President, State immovable: c ’ l ’ intention to sign a shrewd. Tommasi then thunders announcing that the first day not official: it will play.

A ’ the other main issue which is the core issue between footballers and company was represented by super Irpef: the dispute on the contribution of solidarity is considered one of the most difficult situation to solve for footballers. Also for this Spruce is concerned that this strike, because of this it is part of footballers, can proceed to the bitter end and only the first day could be at risk, but also subsequent. While not all are watching and many say their: first Sky, pay-per-view television, has issued an official statement in which he also ’ idea of fans, certainly bitter for this situation. Even Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council delegated to Sport commented the situation: it is a strike, the most unusual in the history of our country especially because made by professionals who perceive truly mind-boggling figures in comparison to many other employees.

Rocco Crimi stated that he noticed a lot of difficulties and inability to find a solution acceptable to the society and for footballers: expected an effort of great thickness abandoning personalities and unacceptable tones had many protagonists of the story. Can also be a reference to Renzo Ulivieri, representative of the Italian coaches, while tutt ’ Italy protesting the strike, is chained to the gates of the Football Association to advance his protest against the ’ abolition of patents for coaches of Juniors. Ultimately it seems that the first day of the Championship can be recovered on 21 December or January 11 ’.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's official, the first not to play.

And official first day of the jump and you do not know when it will play and, at this point, assume that if this Benedict contract not firmer, there might be a strike.Paradoxical situation, and totally anomalous because, between the two contenders, one party has in hand unarma, strike, other instead has nothing and is forced to suffer forcing dellAic who decided to not play.

No employment relationship, because of the employment relationship is, there is such a situation. Just a moment on the Glissando economic issue, but only a moment, of course, we would have to make another account. If any trade union organization, take for example the railways, were to strike for the non-renewal of the collective agreement, workers who join in the strike, would be deducted from paycheck day strike, something that seems obvious and discounted to pi.

The same thing occurs in this case, the fact of the strike of footballers, resulting in a definite economic damage to the club, as well as damage to the fans, but for them not scheduled any withheld, no penalty, no administrative measure that can somehow protect the society's membership, let us not forget that, today, a SpA, a company that manages the economic accounts, and which must submit a budget at the end of the year.

Therefore, it is vesta from santo Tommasi and say that he has done everything to avoid the strike, that without the signature there are conditions to play, a fairy tale to which only the unwary can believe in, aside from the fact that the last proposal wasn't even his sack of flour, bens was President of unidea Naples De Laurentis.

Footballers, this virt, a strike will not lose, and that in view of the engagements that perceive, a shame in shame, when compared to how much it would cost over a strike to a real worker who gets up every morning at 6 to go to work, a figure which in the vast majority of cases close to pi or less 1000 per month.

Melania Rea latest news: Parolisi would kill for money

The latest news on the case Melania Rea reveal a new possible motive dellomicidio: Salvatore Parolisi would kill for money! To provide this new inspiration to a young friend suspects the victim whose identity seems to be not yet been revealed. According to the latest rumors about the case, in fact, it seems that the girl was heard in the morning yesterday by prosecutors.

It scours Parolisi life again, then, and gather new information compared to private life and marriage of the two that seemed now to come to an end. According to the latest news on the case of Melania Rea, seems to have been their friend telling lanonima new and disturbing details sullintimit of the two spouses, intimacy now broken by continuous and violent disputes stemming from the desire to move away from their Parolisi household without pay any cent to poor Melania. A murder for money, then, compounded by a condition familiar now tense and unlivable.

It remains therefore confirmed the passionate driving that would bring the corporal to nip, a moment of anger, the life of a young wife willing to confess, with much chance, some unnameable secret. It remains therefore still open track sees Parolisi as the main killer, in line with what was offered by the Court Of review. Yet many remain for dark sides in this affair and many are still pieces to put in place in this sad puzzle.

There is therefore a new scenario which outlines the ’ yet another face of Corporal increasingly obsessed with the possibility of having to pay monthly allowances in the case of a possible separation from wife, lowered in an environment exacerbated by conflicts and tensions. Remains in prison while the Gip Savior Parolisi of Teramo has given way to a whole series of checks on the condition of the economic and financial dellindagato.

Jennifer Lopez, falls during the filming of the new video

Bad experience for Jennifer Lopez, one of the stars of world music scene, most in vogue in recent years. During the filming of the new video, the singer has been the victim of unacrobazia was not exactly successful, which has generated a lot of fear and fortunately few physical consequences for the health of the beautiful star.

Jennifer Lopez move lot during the filming, which is well known: all videos are characterised by singer dances and choreography rather spectacular, and the same can be said with regard to live performances, concerts and musical allaspetto can offer viewers a really exciting involvement. However this time something went wrong, for choreography, perhaps more daring than expected, has not produced the desired results. The scene filmed in the video saw as protagonists a group of surfers intent to surf on the waves, while the cantanteera about to jump into the air with an elastic rope. At the time of maximum effort choreographic, which accompanied dancer Jennifer Lopez in the moves he lost lequilibrio, dragging the singer towards Earth, with a discreet violence.

Of course, the fear was so much, especially for losers of pi looked like it had been just Jennifer Lopez. After a moment of fright, however, we realized that the concerns of the first moments nobody had suffered serious damage, and then could resume with the job of filming new footage of the singer.

The well informed will remember also that the first episode of this nature which involved the Lopez. On the evening of November 22, 2009, in fact, while unesibizione live in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lopez stage fall abruptly in the middle of the performance dellallora new single, Louboutins, at the American Music Awards 2009 held at the Nokia Theatre. Also on that occasion a little scare, a decent dose of shame but thankfully, no serious damage. What can I say? Recommend Jennifer Lopez a little extra caution during his performances, in order not to add more to his collection of pearls falls!

Update: here are some photos that show the ’ happened.
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Soderbergh presents the new film Contagion

The new highly anticipated film directed by Steven Soderbergh arriver in our rooms the 9 September. Contagion can count on a spectacular cast of big stars. Among the cast are in fact great names, such as Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet and Laurence Fishburne.

The film is a dangerous virus that is literally invade the world. You should run for cover and try to salvage. The first person to be affected by the virus, the wife of Thomas Emhoff (Matt Damon). Beth (Gwyneth Paltrow) will have to fight against the threat through a harsh physical suffering.Advances suggests a beautiful, full of suspense and adrenaline. Before closing, we introduce the tralier Italian, released today by Warner Bros.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lastest: Tevez remains at City

For lInter rester unrealized desire, the tip that Moratti would strongly desired, but rather will continue to play in England. Mancini that Carlitos was taken off the market and will stay in England, since then they have solved the main reasons for the strong Argentine striker would leave the City. It was reached by the family in Manchester, then the matter resolved.

Will be true, but is forcefully the doubt that the reason for non-departure of Tevez is its high cost and, now, no one seems to be willing to make such an investment. Mica are all sheikhs or Russians.Therefore lInter everything by redoing it. With the departure of Wesley Sneijder, now part of the team's past Moratti, lInter has lost a lot in quality. The only Forlan, who until this time has not yet arrived at the Court of Gasperini, not able to fill the void.

And then came the name Cerberus by Zarate, en route with Lazio and with Reja, but the problem will be to change my mind to Lotito asking 20 million sullunghia, no loan or compropriet, take it or leave it. Moreover, the patron of Lazio there has long been accustomed to his positions, his intransigence, which allowed, in one way or nellaltro, have almost always what you asked, so why change attitude?

Cos, meanwhile, always waiting for Forlan who must solve a problem of 5 million arrears which boasts against dellAtletico Madrid, not a digit, lInter is consolata with poles, the young talent of midfield borrowed with right of redemption set at 6 million and Kucka from Genoa, took in 3 million compropriet for pi the Mets Vivianobut who will stay in parking in shadow of Lantern until January.

Italy Juventus, Krasic ko, Estigarribia ok

the Marcelo Estigarribia day at home Juventus: l ’ outside the former Newell ’ s Boy arrived in Turin and was seen in front of the headquarters of Juventus, coincidentally where lunch was Milos Krasic, which today is stopped due to injury and star 10 days out: the Czech made it to the maximum this pre-season, but Count it considers a key element, as well as all the other external. The ’ former coach of Siena has asked four and two of these must be of quality: after Krasic, Giaccherini, Estigarribia, and maybe that can adapt, Leaving it serves another left and what can be Vargas.

At stake for Italy Juventus also remains for Florent Malouda, for it takes too much money, also from ’ England come rumors that the ’ Arsenal would put eyes on Blues player, with the ’ obstacle of ’ engagement too high for the Gunners: so that you can think of Elijah in ’ Hamburg, where Znedek could end Grygera, which would give rise to an Exchange pi that nice for Juventus. Last chance, the third, Bastos, timeless dot new management Marotta – Paratici. There are only a few days at the end of the market and many are the possibilities.

Official Aquilani laboured, Flamini ko

Lacked only the ’ ufficialit for Alberto Aquilani to Milan: the player was confirmed as the new reinforcement in midfield and arrives just at the right time. Mathieu Flamini, in fact, he escaped injury during ’ training and will have to stand still for 5 months: tomorrow will be operated on his right knee and will stay under observation for a few weeks and then try to resume the condition. Aquilani, Massimiliano Allegri, pu cover well the role of the French can act as both interditore and turn left: it seems that Mister X company rossonera has been revealed and it is precisely in ’ former player of Roma and Juventus.

Recall that Aquilani June turned out to be the ’ only player not redeemed by the company, stop by the white figure too high asked from Liverpool: it was about 16 million. Company Via Turati 3 for managed to get a more reasonable price: Aquilani on loan with right of redemption, which will become mandatory in the moment in which the player remaining 25 games between League and Champions League. Attendance must be all from the first minute, while those from substitute will be calculated as half: once made these appearances the ransom will have exercised for the figure of 6 million to defer in 3 years.

Snaptu: Pandev on loan to Maccabi team

The transfer of Naples, who as its President always open, he scored another hit, especially in view of the Champions. Pandev was transferred on loan to Napoli dallInter dry, 1.5 million, but said that this will preclude a future Blue pi along for Macedonian.

And does not end here, because linfortunio of Britos had opened a gap in the defense of Naples, who then looking for another Defender to put at the disposal of God as soon as possible. Moreover, the Defender Ruiz who had arrived in Naples in January, does not seem to fit in Despite of defensive projects, which could be sold to Valencia which offers 8 million. Whereas the Naples had paid 6 million end could be seriously considered.

Among the papabili defence there are Ogbonna, first choice, for which the last 5 million offer for the compropriet. If this possibility does not materialise, Naples is negotiating with Rubin Kazan for Bocchetti, negotiation confirmed by Andrea DAmico, Prosecutor of the player.

For its part, Pandev, who hoped for some moving beneath Vesuvius, since it seemed you were making the passage of Lavezzi to Moratti, transfer that, as everyone knows by now, completely blew with great joy of Neapolitan fans happy, said the new destination and convinced to make useful also for the Champions.

The rest was that predictable, given the iron group in which the team Mazzarri capitata, which the President has always said that his wish was to go to the IP forward possible in continental competition, corrected in time to the shelters to reinforce the pink. Despite this, now, and with him the fans of Napoli, will be more peaceful.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lastest addition Forlan possible Palacio or Kucka

Lastest addition Forlan are also possible other additions such as Palacio and/or Kucka from Genoa that after Etoo has not yet found an adequate conclusion, at least nellanimo of inter fans who know very well that Cameroon does not properly replace thing everyday.

Meanwhile, Forlan is still training with called Atletico Madrid, a company with which lInter has already found laccordo, which instead has not yet gone to fruition between Forlan and called Atletico but Gasperini, of course, not only of Forlan satisfied with that, however, not yet made landfall at the Court of Moratti, though now vie for the attention seems to be imminent.

Cerberus then names Palacio and possibly Kucka, both of Genoa, but accidental two cases, the problem would be the technical contribution which, at the moment, doesn't seem to be those which may convince Precious among the possible exchange pawns lInter had thought Pandev, but now it seems that the Macedonian has dashed the Naplesthe Group iron Champions in which went to the end, seeks to strengthen the squad to have more chance to pass the round.Industry ready to put on the compropriet of the Pharaohs, Coutinho or Santon, besides a substantial allowance.

However, it's also hot track Zarate now walks, going to Lazio, but you know, with Defenders never too easy to find an agreement, since the owner of Lazio hardly recedes or lowers her requests.But, perhaps, a window for Zarate may also present since it seems there has been an interesting offer of Paris Saint Germain for Milito, proposal that Moratti seems willing to accept, everything is going to convince the Argentine, who ’ from Milan has not just going to go away.

Italy Fiorentina Rome, working for Montolivo

Marco Borriello not andr at Genoa: to confirm the sporting Director of Griffins Maximum Capozucca. Thus skips the ’ deal between Rome and Liguria, but Luis Enrique is not d peace and invites Walter Sabatini to find a ’ other accommodation l ’ former striker of AC Milan, which seems to be no more space in the Blues after the arrival of former ’ ’ Barcelona. Borriello could then go to Fiorentina, especially in the face of ’ interest shown by Rome to Riccardo Montolivo.

The hubbub of the midfielders have certainly triggered by Alberto Aquilani: his arrived at Milan, after a lavish buonauscita received from Liverpool, has definitively closed the door to the captain of Fiorentina, who do not see the rossoneri printed on their skin for next season. The transfer of Rome then could be the decisive goal midfielder Purple: the request of Corvinus for excessive given that about 8 million, then Sabatini could insert in ’ deal the pawn Exchange called Marco Borriello.

You could even make a ’ adding pecunaria by Fiorentina striker, for ’ to date estimated 15 million euros, just as Osvaldo, arrived in Rome and eager to debut with Francesco Totti gi in Europe League tonight.

Emma and Stefano spotted Ponza

Seems to be reverted back the serene in a couple more discussed this summer. After flirt, betrayals, confessions and lies, the lovely Emma Brown and her boyfriend Stefano De Martino seem to have found a new romantic balance. The couple breaks out, then, and for sure just look at the pictures of the two lovebirds immortalized by the magazine “ Saw ” during keep confidences backdrop of a beautiful coast of Latium.

Increasingly, the two young people were paparazzati at the beach during an exchange of caresses. C gi who has defined this holiday lanticipo of an upcoming honeymoon, eh gi, because according to some rumors, the father of the beautiful Emma would announce the marriage of his daughter, planned for the upcoming 2012, on the well-known social network Facebook.

Looking at the shots just seems that the two are in perfect shape, the lovely Emma in fact did not fear to show off a beautiful white Bikini, enchanting cos her statuesque teammate, who seems to have no eyes for her. Well, c little to say, seems to be a really nice time this for Emma who after participation in the Talent Show and Friends thanks to the second place achieved at the Sanremo festival, the grintosissima singer leccese pu cos finally enjoy also the restored peace with Stefano De Martino who seems to have now largely overcome the crisis that led him into the arms of his fellow dancer Julia Pauselli.

And here in this hot summer the Pauselli back in the limelight of the magazine is back thanks to some lavrebbero shots that immortalized with Janus Del Bufalo on the beaches of the town of Sabaudia. Us remains however, that wait linizio of friends to see what new couples will capture the screen.and covers the whole Italy!

Melania Rea, latest news: Parolisi stays in prison

Salvatore Parolisi stays in prison: this l ’ latest news relating to case Melania Rea, the young woman of Neapolitan origin killed months ago most probably by her husband for a passionate driving. The defence in ’ hearing on August 22 failed to answer criticisms of the judgment of the Court and the same Parolisi, after two legitimate silences, failed to overturn his version despite 15 minute monologue. His theory is based on ’ departure of his wife after arriving at Colle San Marco: having gone to the bathroom, Melania no longer round.

Obviously Parolisi couldn't do anything but continue to proclaim himself the innocent: the ’ only chance was to try to advance a new version of the facts in the face of the many testimonials that prove how version Parolisi is far-fetched, not so much for the fact that Melania was moved away from single to reach a bathroom half a kilometre awaybut also because no one can confirm the presence of the family in Colle San Marco. The Court of review, in this case, however, cannot make the decision to release Parolisi, but only confirm the need to hold him in jail where they arise more chance of innocence. At the moment, so this is precautionary detention.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lastest: made for Forlan, now it's up to Kucka

L ’ Inter has now filed the practice Samuel Eto ’ or: giving Cameroon all ’ Anzhi, in Russia, sar considerable savings starting already from this ’ year 30 million banking and saving the player's annual salary. This money will be spent, of course, to reinforce the team, especially in attack, where he lost the pivotal game of the last three years of ’ Inter.

It seems now concluded the ’ agreement for Diego Forlan: the gambler by literie ’ Atletico Madrid in the coming days after the ’ agreement seems to be found for an annual salary from 5 million. His transfer was now in ’ air especially after the failure to call for the ’ Europa League from his coach, who so wanted to accelerate the path of the transfer. Names that now point to retouch the pieces are missing, and Kucka Palacio: the two players of Genoa for a ’ will offer that includes a marginal and Emanuele Viviano, for another 5 months to injury, but still available for next season. The situation quite far-fetched for having Genoa found in Sebastien Frey a great goalkeeper.

For Palacio the situation difficult for pi: Moratti not deemed necessary to the ’ purchase of the player being full after the rose ’ Forlan's arrival.

Milan almost made for Aquilani

Aquilani and Milan seem to be intended to meet. Liverpool seems to have told you allofferta presented by the rossoneri and therefore the negotiations should be in the final darrivo. Over all, now, for all are quite narrow. There are just seven days to foreclosure of the market and then all the negotiations in progress, will find a definition, in one way or nellaltro, in the coming hours.

The only rock that looms the horizon for the transfer of Aquilani Milan, could be the goodwill that the midfielder has asked Liverpool, but this difficulties will be overcome by the rossoneri leading player lingaggio by 2 million agreed to 2.4 million per season.

At this point, now, it seems that things are made and Merry might be able to count on Aquilani right now, just in time for lanticipo that will see AC Milan busy in Sardinia Cagliari President Cellino. the void left by Pirlo to center field, will then be filled by Aquilani. Merry, indeed, can count on him for possession in the middle of the field, with no phase that now Director of Juventus, had in fact failed.

Rossoneri coach should also check the conditions of Flamini concern. If the French midfielder could not return available quickly, we speak of an involvement of Milan against Keita, who plays for Barcelona in the blaugrana seems not to be able to find space in view of the huge and growing competition, and competition.

It comes in fact of an alleged contact between AC Milan and Barcelona. If the conditions of Flamini had to be serious, not excluding that Keita would arrive in Milan together with Aquilani. the Championship is now at the gates, allowing strike, though obviously everything suggests a rapid solution of the affair, as presumably all club will try to conclude the negotiations which are at stake.

Melania Rea latest news: the statements of the parent

Like every brutal murder without guilty, also Melania Rea continues to arouse doubts, controversy and perplessit. We are continuing to investigate the death of the young and the alleged involvement of her husband.

Just in the last few hours, in fact, comes the judgment on the part of judges review that establishes the lobbligatoriet Parolisi, remain in prison, and in a tense climate like that of today, the latest statements by Chris Rea, pap of the victim, who has chosen to make statements and for nothing benevolent towards his son-in-law.

Must remain in prison, said Ms. Rea, and not late to point out, also, ambiguous and obscure behavior of Parolisi continues to arouse suspicion in the investigators who are following the case, and the last word. Gennaro spend for the boy's parents, which defines as victims of this ugly story.

Meanwhile in pretura continues to investigate and try to reconstruct the life of the Savior, tracing meticulously days before allomicidio. You scour dellindagato habits, including moves and rhythms of life, he investigates mostly on some attitudes, newspapers like daily labitudine Savior of closing in the bathroom with the computer. Deepens the mystery, then, who informed the Parolisi in those hours?

In short, the situation seems to be an imminent solution stages, indeed just in recent weeks the Ris continue to perform further analyses on the woman's body and not just with the hope to find some new track that can open a further track still not batting. The motive for now seems to be always the same, he discovered some secret Melania unnameable, which threatened to unravel the secret of her husband's Savior would have decided to keep even at the cost of killing.

Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars: wedding style Lucano!

When you think of the movie-star glitz and needless to say that luxury seem to be almost a real word order. Just think of pi distinguished weddings celebrated in recent years to understand which are the favorite taste in vip darancio flowers. Sumptuous clothes, invited renowned and location to scream seem to be now considered essential ingredients for a wedding from the Star.

Yet sometimes c those who prefer to subvert order by choosing a sober, elegant and traditional, despite additions and success. This is the case of the beautiful director Sofia Coppola that Saturday convoler married Thomas Mars, frontman of the acclaimed French band Phoenix. Sofia and Thomas, in fact, they chose to marry in Bernalda, birthplace of Francis Ford Coppola.

According to the first rumors apparently expected the marriage time pi terr all ’ ex Palazzo Margherita corso Umberto I, the next Saturday, and celebrate the civil ceremony, the Mayor of the town of Lucania Leonardo Chiruzzi. C who announces a simple but refined, with an elegant banquet that will work two chefs whose identity appears to have been kept secret.

The father of the bride's father, Director and producer Francis Ford Coppola, clearly expressed the desire to keep occurring on the backburner, writing a letter to their countrymen and asking their maximum restraint in order not to disturb the stillness which characterizes the village. A statement that did not certainly surprised locals who consider now the Director as a home. In the small town, meanwhile, seem to be come the first gi invited, although apparently will be really a few VIPs who attend to an event, according to the latest entries in fact invitees will be only a few intimates, some friends and relatives.Lucan style!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pellegrini-Magnini: new rumors about the couple of the moment

The love story pi in vogue the moment continues to capture the attention of the Italian people that seems to follow with curiosity and with a bit of voyeurism the latest sports events of Federica Pellegrini, her ex-boyfriend Luca Marin and third incomodo Filippo Magnini. increasingly complicated story made of small scoop and rumors!

The story began a few weeks ago with some shots that depict the beautiful Pilgrims in the arms of team captain blue swimming Magnini, and between unindiscrezione and other sprouting new shots that show loramai established relationship between the two swimmers, despite the denials of the captain who was quick to say no to a real relationship.And here is a that this soap-opera in perfect Italian style, could not miss the latest rumors about the ’ of the former champion, Luca Marin, which appears to have been nabbed in Ibiza with anonymous flame and yet unknown.

Apparently the photo have not yet been published but it seems that they are to be sold to a major rotogravure. According to the workers apparently snapshots ritrarrebbero Marin grappling with a passionate kiss with a beautiful young woman whose identity seems to be not yet been revealed. The gossip summer enriches then new rumors, to the delight of paparazzi and reporters from all over Italy, while eagerly awaiting the new aspects of this interweaving damore continues to excite fans and curious.

For now we can only settle the last photos depicting the Pilgrims kissing passionately Filippo Magnini during a ’ secret and intimate candlelight dinner in one of pi In Cattolica. To publish, click one of the magazines Gossip pi followed by Italians, Diva e Donna who has devoted the effusion, a cover-style Love Story.

Italy: Rome-Osvaldo Hernandez

Italy: Rome-Osvaldo Hernandez are the cha Sabatini will try to bring the port to complete lincompiuta worst and to give Luis Enrique a rose can say its in the League.

For Osvaldo, after much wrangling, it seems that finally laccordo with lEspanyol there is, on the basis of 15 million plus bonuses, laccordo with the player had already been reached by a piece. Regarding Hernandez would really like to Sabatini, you wait levolversi the matter Borriello. If the player finds estimators ready to put on the figure sought by Rome, laffare can also go in Harbour, and then you will have to provide a new striker, and Hernandez seems to be the right man, Palermo permitting of course.

However, Borriello's departure could face of difficulty, as having lattaccante romanista played, even if only for a few minutes in the Europa League, could not be used by a team that competes in that competition, while there would be no problems in the case of the Champions League.

For Osvaldo instead today should be dellufficialit day of his transfer to Rome. The delay in the conclusion of the transfer was due to a bureaucratic issue, as for market operations exceeding 15 million, and the case for agreements between the new properties and Unicredit, required lassenzo cos also said restricted Committee of Rome, composed of 4 people and you know, in this holiday period, being able to quickly contact the parties concerned, can result in difficulty.

But now, even questultima formalities had been set, then task at which Sabatini has worked for several days, can find the right conclusion. So, you can say that the Roma obviously Osvaldo except surprises dellultima now.

Vasco Rossi, two months of rest

Vasco Rossi never ends to speak of: after the problems have forced him to the hospital for a few weeks, which later proved to be only of annoyances at a rib cracked slightly, these days the news that rockstar does not conclude the tour announced. Doctors have forced Vasco to two months of total rest, and then the end of the tour jumps: it was complete with the ’ last stage in Turin, in these days, during which the North Italy you're covering a range hood stainless heat.

The singer born in Zocca, for after the ’ last shelter lightning was forced by the doctors to stop: on Facebook also released an official statement on the official fan page of Vasco Rossi, who reported the prognosis issued by clinic Villalba, in Bologna, where at the time of the rocker. The press release issued by the attending physician Dr. John Gatti, by prof. Dr. Mario Mastrorilli, General thoracic you are dealing with the case, and the specialist Radiology doctor Giuseppe Monetti, together with Dr Paolo Guelfi, reviver, cardiologist and Medical Director of the ’ complex of Villalba, clarified that the Reds are not optimal and don't allow the singer to support some physical effort, nor a concert.

In order not to jeopardize the health, Vasco Rossi, already fairly ill over the past few months, been necessary to oblige us to two months in total both physical and mental rest, trying to keep it away from the spotlight and from the public scene. Along with 60 days of rest should be achieved appropriate medical treatment from the date of release, which dates back to yesterday. Immediate replication of the singer's own fist writes to fans than is plagued by this forced his absence: too human, after all he ’.

Crime Melania Rea, latest news: hair on body in later

Continuing rumors about the case Melania Rea. Many hypotheses have been flipping gi banned journalists, but today the case continues to be complicated.Thickens and cannot find the solution that concerns the murder of Melanie Rea ’: l ’ latest news been released today from the review of the ’ Eagle, where they are occupying the case that would confirm the motive and passionate as the only culprit would fit Salvatore Parolisi, currently in custody in prison and was denied freedom day provisional right.

A ’ order issued today by specific review that hair found on the corpse of the deceased were not at the time of the murder, but it seems ’ have been added later. The Defense had made these pivotal hair evidence on which to base the ’ innocence Parolisi, which corresponded to the hair found on the body of the 29 original of Somma Vesuviana. The Court of review for best analyzed issue and come to the conclusion that it is a not too rational form of screening tempted by Parolisi, today considered the ’ killer Melania.

The motive would have been confirmed by the same court review that evaluates as possible and almost certain the ’ intention by the corporal, the pressure that he was receiving from his wife and by Ludovica ’ lover: a question related to extramarital affairs that led to extreme Parolisi ’ Act. Already in the first order was notified this possibility with Gip di AScoli Carlo Calvaresi who had described this situation as the most blatant and implausible.

The Court of Review, however, it takes us to depart from the current situation and underlines how the debate on driving should be analysed in the second seat. The ’ Ordinance presented day consists of 23 pages, all about the motive of Parolisi: also ’ entire document presses on despite the fact that divorce is expected since 1970 after a change of law, the crimes of passion between spouses are not to be discarded a priori.

Online updates on case Melania Rea.
1) Crime Rea, “ hair on the corpse perhaps put in a second time ”

Residues of hair found on the body of the calls of Somma Vesuviana were always considered by Parolisi defense as one of the possible evidence that laggressore was not her husband. But for the Court to review the trace could simply be part of an attempt to put in place screening of Melania dallassassino.
2) Melania, no direct evidence

Salvatore Parolisi must remain in prison: could kill again and pollute the evidentiary framework. The Review Tribunal rejected the request dellAquila defenders of corporal major, accused of killing his wife Melania Rea. The judges, while stating a linesistenza direct evidence that proves the liability dellindagato, to confirm validity lives accusatory.
Melania: brother 3), and ’ final sentence

(ANSA) 23 AUG – NAPOLI, – ” and ’ a decision that gives more and more ’ the thesis of the investigators, but we expect, we remain at the window, because ’ we are not facing a final sentence ”. Is expressed cautiously, on the phone with the ’ Ansa, Michele Rhea, brother of Melanie Rea on the decision of the Court of review. ” Expect the closure of the investigation – adds Michael Rea – for now do not know if Salvatore Parolisi was the person that we met or not ”. Some – adds brother Melania Rea – from this decision of the review they defeated his lawyers, who had announced his release, such as ours. (ANSA).
4) murder Rea: for review Parolisi l ’ only possible murderer

Also for the Court review of the ’ Eagle, Salvatore Parolisi and ’ l ’ ” sole perpetrator of the offence. State ’ and indubitable – writes the judges decision, confirming the detention in prison of Parolisi and condemns also the payment of the costs that liability ’ – of ’ murder should be traced back to Salvatore Parolisi ”.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Melania Rea, latest news: the case thickens

Thickens and cannot find the solution that concerns the murder of Melanie Rea ’: l ’ latest news been released today from the review of the ’ Eagle, where they are occupying the case that would confirm the motive and passionate as the only culprit would fit Salvatore Parolisi, currently in custody in prison and was denied freedom day provisional right.

A ’ order issued today by specific review that hair found on the corpse of the deceased were not at the time of the murder, but it seems ’ have been added later. The Defense had made these pivotal hair evidence on which to base the ’ innocence Parolisi, which corresponded to the hair found on the body of the 29 original of Somma Vesuviana. The Court of review for best analyzed issue and come to the conclusion that it is a not too rational form of screening tempted by Parolisi, today considered the ’ killer Melania.

The motive would have been confirmed by the same court review that evaluates as possible and almost certain the ’ intention by the corporal, the pressure that he was receiving from his wife and by Ludovica ’ lover: a question related to extramarital affairs that led to extreme Parolisi ’ Act. Already in the first order was notified this possibility with Gip di AScoli Carlo Calvaresi who had described this situation as the most blatant and implausible.

The Court of Review, however, it takes us to depart from the current situation and underlines how the debate about motive should be analysed in the second seat. The ’ Ordinance introduced in day consists of 23 pages, all about the motive of Parolisi: also ’ entire document presses on despite the fact that divorce is expected since 1970 after a change of law, the crimes of passion between spouses are not to be discarded a priori.

Italy Juventus: discounted arrival Giaccherini

The rumours, Juventus can't linger over whites need a outside left and economic demands of the other club for their jewelry do not help to find a name on that point. At this point the team Antonio Conte could accommodate what now seems to be the first name on the list, Emanuele Giaccherini, external d ’ attack of Cesena.

The player has found its size to Cesena, for a call from Juventus would be difficult to refuse, especially if they get more names in the same role and the place was almost certain. Juventus has spent a lot then it is legitimate falter before over-react, so decided to bet on a player from discrete potential that could eventually make the Fortune this year ’ black-and-white. The estimated price from Cesena would under 10 million euros, i.e. an amount inferior to names until this time sought. In anticipation of the transfer of Juventus might have new implications in January when some disgruntled players might decide to go away, lowering requests far too high. The risk to play a role for external not too high and threatens the first part of the Championship.

Vasco Rossi, 60 days of rest. Jump tour dates

Vasco Rossi, after being discharged from the twenty days ago for a fracture clinic Villalba ribs which laveva held for 15 days, was again hospitalized as pains are not passed despite antibiotic analgesic treatment prescribed by doctors. Have now been made further investigations which revealed that the Blasco, for 60 days must observe absolute rest, we mean that the rocker will not carry out any physical activity so that the current treatment being tested may be effective. This claim the doctor Giovanni Gatti, a team of surgeons and radiologists, and Paolo Guelfi, Medical Director of the clinic, that have signed the medical bulletin.

Tania Sachs, his spokesman, stated should perform additional investigations and also you will have to determine whether the rocker of Zocca must remain hospitalized in clinic or if will return to his residence. The consequence of this diagnosis that Vasco will have to skip the first four concerts of the tour Live Kom ″ “ 011 that should start on 27 August in Turin on 2 September with Udine, Bologna on 6 September and Avellino l11 September.

Few can hope to see it will perhaps at the Venice Film Festival on September 5 which will be screened the documentary this story here, a film directed by Alessandro Paris and Sibylle Righetti, which will be narrated the vicissitudes of Vasco through his songs and a series of unreleased material about his life as a child, with his family until allesordio and absolute this singer been considered an Idol by thousands of passionate people. On this occasion 200 cinemas will be linked via satellite to allow his fans to see the film in the program. A great gift for all those who love this singer.

It is the magical evening of Naples

And the magical evening of Naples, even if it is just unamichevole, which provides a lassegnazione, the Gamper Trophy. stables to the stars, and, because of the Barcelona has in industrial quantities, you might say, and among those stars tonight will be the children of God and of De Laurentis, without fear, with the awareness of being a team that knows itsAlthough, of course, the Barcelona the best team in the world.

And to follow the Naples at Camp Nou, moved 10,000 fans Neapolitans, how many nessunaltra team would move to unamichevole, all in a foreign land.If you think that, for a friendly match in family, in the middle of August, you are met at the St. Paul well 30,000 spectators, then followed up cos it had any other team.

President De Laurentis is enjoying his moment, the moment of his team, including technical staff, that one of the few companies with accounts in order in Europe, for the accuracy, the fourth in the world with accounts in good standing, no debts, no arrears against anyone, and you can also take the luxury of refusing offers of thicknessWhile not to sell her jewelry.

Instead, just a little look around to see other companies selling their best players because they have the need to put in place the budget. The thing, obviously, not about the City or other teams with patron of the same level of Sheikh Mansour. De Laurentis approfitter of Spanish to see away from near lorganizzazione of Barcelona, to study the famous cantera and to try to bring in Italy, in Naples for better say, something like that.

Given the major achievements in the few years of his administration, there would be no wonder if lambizioso project of De Laurentis, had the success it deserves.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tommasi: field only if you sign the contract

Damiano Tommasi reiterates once again that, without signature, it will play the first League.There what emerged from a meeting of more than two hours, held in Milan, between the representatives of the players of 20 teams of serie A and the Italian Footballers Association summits, Damiano Tommasi and Demetrio Albertini.

Now toccher to decide whether or not to sign the contract whose terms have been already discussed and approved by months, or be slipping linizio League, with all the problems that may arise.Yes, skip the first, it means having to retrieve it later and, with the many international commitments of various teams of A, would become a problem managing the recovery without upsetting anyone.

Our position is clear, says Tommasi, and we reiterate for lennesima time. The move by saying, now, for several weeks that unsigned wouldn't took to the field for the first, but obviously we must always be reduced to last time, although in fact the timelines for the solution of the problem we have, since Wednesday in a Federal Council program.

The question alleventuale contribution of solidarity, Tommasi clarifies that footballers have never expressed perplessit about and who are ready to pay regular taxes, as, moreover, have always done. And been raised a fuss instrumental by the League, precise Tommasi, on this topic, but in fact no player will ever dream of saying that would not pay the contribution. All players have always paid taxes in the manner and time dallattuale rules.

Meanwhile the President of the football, Fir, illustrer at a press conference the text s 7, what about players out pink, rock on which stalled the various and many meetings that have already had to carry the signature of the contract.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Italy Juventus: Alex wants to Turin

The Juventus transfer in full swing, one of the objectives of Juve Chelsea Defender Alex, you have microphones Sky out of the closet. The player stated that he was ready to dress up Juventus by the end of the summer, all for ’ will be dependent on the willingness of the British owner of the card club not to drop the claim from 10-12 million requested, considered too many from Juventus.

Juventus tip Alex, England bianconero durer then ’ until the last day, 31 August, at which time should be defined on all gi ’ axis London-Turin but that for the moment unable to unlock the stalemate created after the loan with the black-and-white request right of redemption. The blues of Villas-Boas in fact wish to maximize supplies with cash money to be reinvested in the purchase of Juan Mata ’, external d ’ attack aimed also from Juventus, who then decided to desist having regard to the 25 million required by Valencia. However, Alex, an agreement should be found, the player himself has ruled out the sale on loan with right of redemptiontherefore remains plausible solution that provides an immediate payment of 7 million, plus a future payment of the difference, about 3-4 million. Day should get the breakthrough.

Melania Rea: latest news

According to a news story reported by The City of Teramo, intimate Melania Rea unamica, the same who had reported her husband's betrayal, he phoned the Savior woman two days before his death, telling him that he was coming to discover things very ugly.

For this reason, lamica Melania, will be played back by the pm, David Rose and Greta Aloisi, to try to figure out which secret hides Salvatore Parolisi, accused of murder and now in the prison of Teramo, in order to rebuild, according to the Gip John Cirillo, the true motive dellassassinio. In fact, at first, this seemed to be to delete the wife to carry on undisturbed the relationship with other women. Later investigations in this regard moved by revealing the possibility that he might have discovered of Melania secrets on barracks.

Not surprisingly, the Corporal, dated 19 April (the day after that Melania was killed) would this friend phoned to tell her if he had spoken recently with his wife. Call somewhat especially considering that in 13 years of friendship with Melanie, that was first made by Salvatore.

Meanwhile le soldatesse barracks of Ascoli Piceno are very angry and tired of the repeated allegations made at their expense. I want to be respected and no longer reported as women being part of a vicious circle of drugs, prostitution and whatever.

Those who did wrong, says one of the female soldiers, and definitely should Savior Parolisi pay for these errors, without thereby bring the innocent people who are not touched anything with everything until now was declared.

Vasco Rossi attacks Giovanardi on the legalisation of soft drugs

Since Vasco Rossi released dallospedale for broken rib and has begun to discover how important communication via the web, you had. First skirmishes with Ligabue and then to follow attacks reporters Tortarolo and Fegiz.

Now for the singer launched into a challenging fight well pi: the legalization of soft drugs. This time, in the crosshairs of Vasco, we finished Carlo Giovanardi, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council with delegated anti-drug policies, heavy accusations are being levelled regarding the confusion that would create the Undersecretary Giovanardi between Word Liberalisation and Legalisation of soft drugs. According to Blasco, soft drugs are already liberalised as can be found everywhere, while the legalization would control and rules that currently are not bodies employees can perform.

Giovanardi, famous for being a conservative person on drugs, which are read or not, had recently accused the singer of encouraging drug use through the lyrics of his songs.

Certainly not left unarmed after Vasco these declarations and promptly updated its Facebbok page stating that policies too restrictive on would only increase the mafia and gangsters. He also stated that this is not a Vice but a vicious disease and be the first to tackle this serious problem, but that is not the right way that adopted by political Purposes-Giovanardi.

Who supports the Undersecretary at the ’ Economy who, instead of moving on, the Spurs to continue this campaign because, being appreciated by many young people, could make more effective this important message.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The tricks of the star to lose weight quickly

Although there are many ways to lose weight quickly, most people in search of “ tricks ” and “ ” secrets used by celebrities (actors, singers, sportsmen) to get back into shape in no time. What are these tricks? They will reveal immediately, but don't expect magic slimming!
1) Hire a Personal Trainer
The star they earn a lot more people who have normal jobs, have so much money aside and use them to pay experienced personal trainer that follow them step by step in their diets and their training (both aerobic and gym). A Personal Trainer can take thousands of dollars per month, so you can't permettertelo won't be able to lose weight quickly and as an actor in Hollywood!
2) Spend Much for sports equipment
In addition to Personal Trainer, the star can also create a gym at home and to train without thinking to others who look at them. An exercise bike for pu cost even 10 thousand euros, a figure that a normal human being ever to not throw yourself your own physical. The star should be fine for the work they do, so I'm forced to invest in themselves and be always in winning form.
3) Buy supplements and fat burner
I read on various forums that people complain about the prices of slimming products. And I'm talking about supplements for everyone: from 30 to 100. If you think the star they spend thousands of euros for their fat burning products or increase muscles, you will realize that the real secret to lose weight have much money to invest on your own body. In short, besides the desire to make it serve a portfolio really bloated. Now you have discovered how to make the star to keep always in shape!

Continues the quarrel between Moratti and Valley

The quarrel between Moratti and Valley on the affair Rumors, it seems to have no end, although the President dellInter, in his response to last call of the Valley, has made it clear that for him the matter ends here and not follow up with additional statements by the patron of Fiorentina.

This last solution, '' Moratti had invited to sit at a table to try to reconstruct a situation that was definitely degenerated in later allatteggiamento of Moratti who has stated he has no intention of giving up the prescription, in relation to illicit ascrittigli.Convenient situation, according to Diego Della Valle, especially given that his company, Fiorentina, was one of those to pay dearly for offences that had been disputed with the relegation to what was then the serie C2.

For me it is difficult to understand the demands of a meeting which, being outside dellufficialit and then independent from the competent institutional bodies would taste and simple chitchat, and therefore do not interest me. Says the patron dellInter, and continues the rest decisions were already taken allepoca and, since the undersigned has an absolute respect for the institutions and for its decisions, my position, as well as that of the company I represent, lInter, you can alter the way of any of this.

Would like to point out to Mr. Moratti, that his attitude of the institutions was of a completely different nature on the occasion of the charges that were levelled at his work, allInter, alloperato dellallora President Facchetti and himself, as a shareholder of reference.

Then you tratt reaction to say angry but, then, considering the facts put forward prescription for ascrittigli, latteggiamento change radically. The Valley will have to wait in vain.

Eto'o, negotiations for a breakthrough.

Etoo, negotiation now for a breakthrough and most parts are believed today can and should be, for better or for worse, the decisive day. This is why, in case the negotiations were still going for long and eventually find a conclusion that would bring the Cameroon away dallInter, the team of Moratti would then little time to find a worthy substitute. Probably already been found, but is as hot on say held pending developments in the situation.

In fact, the continuation of negotiations held and blocked the market dellInter, likewise, also that of other teams who in one way or nellaltro might be interested in the solution of the affair or Eto ’. In case the negotiations were to go wrong, it could trigger a veritable whirlwind of transfers which may involve a number of clubs, the City primarily for interest shown to dallInter against Tevezpossibly the Naples for Lavezzi, although this possibility looks faded however, and more. But at the moment are only hypotheses and rumors, and nothing more.

Of course we know only that the last offer dellAnzhi for Eto ’ or been of 24 million, while the request dellInter of 29 million, request considered by the industry as indispensable and, thus, practically this is last price, take it or leave it.Today awaited the relaunch dellAnzhi, and also in this case, we offer dellultima. They both know full well of Claudio Vigorelli, Etoo, who they Fifa, Peppino Tirri which is playing the role of intermediary between the Russians and lInter, and have spoken today for lunch.

There is also another aspect to be taken into account in the negotiations; with the new economic order, in case the Cameroon would remain in Italy, the problem of solidarity that would cover the full engagement of Etoo with lInter, ben 10 million per season. How would end if the Cameroon team remained at the Court of Moratti?

Vasco Rossi attacks Giovanardi on Facebook

The rocker pi discussed, Vasco Rossi, continues her trail of rumors by attacking the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council, Carlo Giovanardi. The repartee between the two began about a couple of days ago. The warning launched by Vasco Rossi, through the social network Facebook, was brief but concise: Liberalisation and legalisation are two very different things. No need to wait long to get the replica of the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council. Carlo Giovanardi maintains, on broad outlines, that drugs not absolutely a defect but a disease.

The rocker wants to keep the debate and points out that his statement was motivated by the fact that, according to Vasco Rossi, drugs already liberalized, as can be found everywhere. Continuing, the rocker argues that with the word legalization is not simply subtract the drug market to the underworld and narrowed down by certain laws or taxation. The precise words of Vasco Rossi: legalize them means put it under control, subtract the market to the underworld and set clear rules currently exist only where the law of the jungle.

Vasco Rossi continued his speech, declaring themselves promptly against the world of drugs. Points out, that seems to say the least, inappropriate to criminalize it, as such people are already besieged by the same problem. The sentences of Blasco: ’ cannot defend a vizio! And we're all for the culture of life. Criminalizing those who use and ’ something absurd. And ’ how to add an issue to another issue ’.

Before concluding, Vasco Rossi, Carlo Giovanardi, turning to break a lance in favor of the poor unfortunates who fell into the abyss of drugs: Supports really a serious social problem so ’? The drug is not ’ a problem of public order, but a problem of health! The drugged and not ’ a dangerous criminal, but a patient who suffers from a severe addiction.

The reactions are immediate. The Government's anti-drugs Head Department will catapult against Vasco Rossi: Vasco Rossi, think before you speak and write about drugs. Giovanni Serpelloni continues his speech trying to focus on the real reason the debate: Vasco Rossi speaks as a drug habit, while scientifically recognized that and ’ drugs and ’ disease, which in turn is preventable, treatable and curable. About vizio from ’ to debate a moral connotation, that we do not use more ’, by trent ’ years at least.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Italy Milan: Goodbye Montolivo

The transfer of AC Milan does not follow pi track Montolivo, to confirm this hypothesis Corvinus, Manager of Fiorentina that suggests the sale to foreign ’ for the player, which does not intend to renew his contract with the company but has not yet decided his next destination. Complex negotiation that would lead to Milan Riccardo Montolivo, the price was much lower than the rossoneri, talking about 6-7 million euros for the card, while Fiorentina would set about 12-15 million, knowing that the player was a considerable market around though.

AC Milan leaves for the summer transfer window, this option remains to evaluate now the Aquilani, candidate chosen by insiders and most likely also from Milan's leadership. On this Liverpool's economic claims are related to the available budget in the House, we talk about 6 million which will be completed next year, from other closing a deal 5 by 11 million. Important but not excessive amount for a player who deserves respect, as shown in ’ year lived at Juventus. The ’ last word is up to the course, which in these last days of the transfer to the utmost to make the full squad as mister Allegri.

Megan Fox says farewell to tattoo of Marilyn

Megan Fox says farewell to tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, bella vista, until a few days ago, on his right forearm. After a painful laser surgery, ’ actress managed to remove the tattoo that, according to her, could influence the negative. Marilyn Monroe, was suffering from personality disorders and bipolar. Here is the motivation that Fox gave to reporters who asked why he had decided to remove the tattoo of one of the largest female figures of all time.

Now Megan Fox tattoos remain other 8. One of the last that he had been doing precisely that of Monroe, dated 2009. The grounds that he had given at the time, because even that precise tattoo was a warning. Marilyn Monroe in fact always been much admired by Megan Fox, but the same Fox said he did not want to ever imitate and do not allow the film to bring it up at ’ exhaustion, as happened to the ill-fated diva of the met premiere of the last century. Other tattoos that are still on the body of actress ’ are a phrase from William Shakespeare, We will all laugh at gilded butterflies, a tattoo dedicated to her husband Brian, a tattoo on right ankle, left a poem dedicated to a friend who died, a tribal on the left wrist, a tattoo on his neck which means “ Strength ” and one on the right side a phrase by German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

Megan Fox, in spite of his being famous, far from the lights of the worldly prominence, preferring an evening at home that a ’ output in turn to be photographed by the paparazzi. From the business point of view, ’ actress became famous for having shot Transformers and Transformers 2, had to instead give the third episode of the series since it has been licensed by filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Lady Gaga, the MTV Music Awards will be a surprise

Lady Gaga ready to dazzle again all his fans with a new video that presenter at the upcoming MTV Music Awards. But the same video was posted a few hours ago on Twitter by ’ account. The decision was taken in a completely unexpected from Lady Gaga, who wanted to displace all and create a crazy effect web and Word of mouth, very successful. The singer wanted to celebrate cos the fourth single from his latest album Born this way, causing him to see his fans a few days before the official presentation. In this presentation, it is rumored that it will be the same Lady Gaga for the MTV Video Music Awards, set for the next 28 August at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, perhaps as one of the characters in his latest video. To support him even Perez Hilton, the King of gossip web USE.

In the video Lady Gaga play transformation, acting as a mermaid, a macho the years 50, called Jo Cauldron and herself without makeup but only in petticoat. The singer said that the video wants to highlight the ’ idea that stay away from your loved one is a great suffering, that's because the singer runs for miles to reach the desired person.

Lady Gaga has recently issued a press release in which he confirmed his presents the MTV VMA, stating also that all fans will have a big surprise. It is perhaps really her dressed as Jo Cauldron to the program guide? Considering that to which she has accustomed us over recent years, there would be absolutely no wonder nothing. There remains more to do than wait for the airing of the program and imagine the surprises that Lady Gaga has in store.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Italy Milan: Balotelli, fans await him?

The transfer of AC Milan having made any major purchase report always pulled in more popular names remained available, there was talk of Sanchez, Pastor and Fabregas, now after months of silence back to noise ex striker Mario Balotelli-Inter, now at Manchester City.

There are few connoisseurs around the world for super Mario in this moment, the ’ attachment to colour rossoneri declared pi times, leaves to always open the main door at Milan, first choice probably even better offers from clubs strong, economically speaking pi. The question many are asking if really Balotelli is expected as a Savior by the rossoneri fans, definitely galvanized by the prospect of bringing home a very talented player who doesn't have combined anything since he began his career. Several goals, some played and many troubles off the field, that made it awkward to a character in the ’ environment ’ Inter before then, and City. Then we leave the last lines to make the request directly to the people: ” greet fans Milan spend in this session of Italy about 35 million euros, bringing a central point in Milan alongside or better switch to Ibrahimovic, taking always into account the possible discontent generated by a bench of prolonged or ’ conciliatory attitude shortly with the rest of the dressing room? ”. To you the answer.

Antonella Clerici and Eddy

Antonella Clerici and Eddy at the beginning of their history have been without a doubt a little dinteresse considering the difference det but the path seemed to have taken the right path, in love with pi than ever born their small, up to last period where a crisis brought Eddy to walk away. The Clerici lha pardoned and he came back from her but now just the Clerics to assert that as time passes, the difference of et feels actually. There are many women who make the choice to stand next to young boys, beautiful presence and no doubt little reassuring but prefer to take the risk.

Some couples will last over time, others soon leave to think of the history of Lory del Santo. In this case Himmelsstürmer the pair, despite some problems, seems to resist, obviously always in c minor hitch. In short we can say that this is something surmountable whereas when c lamore, det matters little. Thirteen years of difference between them yet they are a couple nice and tight-knit who are at least small difficulties with maturity. A young man next to a bigger feel valued, appreciated and also give the charge extra to not overlook but everything obviously depends on how it deals with the relationship.

Also happens in real life there but in the case of a public figure becomes increasing interest for follow levolversi in their history. Antonella Clerici a woman who knows how to keep good comparison and therefore has nothing to fear, beloved by his audience, with an adorable baby, a brilliant career, and with a young side Eddy that envy no doubt many of his colleagues.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Italy Juventus: Juventus, Alex onslaught

The transfer of Juventus is about to close its doors, one of the names remain in Brazilian defender Alex ball, Chelsea, who proceeded to follow for some time but fail to take home at an affordable price. The problem for the Turin team, Mount engagements must be resolved situations Iaquinta, Amauri, Martinez, and all other redundancies whites, unwilling to an adaptation of their agreement and desiring to remain in the squad less than equal in other clubs.

The 3 million euro of the ’ of Alex are a huge obstacle to the transfer of Juventus, who eventually could opt for Lugano, although tempted to wait for the ’ outcome of events involving the very risky for Fenerbahce, the captain urugagio, might be blown from other top clubs more generous in terms of engagement. The situation stalled even on outer left d ’ attack, after the two of Spades received from half of Europe, Juventus try not to lose your temper and assesses the situation as a big team, avoiding falling in extortion against many teams struggled to bring off-market prices for their jewelry.

From September Beautiful will be in high definition

And also for Beautiful high definition and triggers panic among the actors, who until today, thanks to numerous tweaks could conceal wrinkles and imperfections but with the new technology the faces we see perfectly renovated. The Italian public over the years has generated a kind of affection towards this soap that really much followed and there is close to those faces always equal despite the years that pass. The passage you will check for early September in America and Italy will come a few months later, so be prepared to see the beautiful Beautiful in their original version. In this soap, among other things, the time seems really not considering the numerous weddings and where the difference seems not worth mentioning at all det.The charming Ridge, will have to accept to show to the public com cos and his beloved Brooke adapt to the new system. In fact, in Beautiful, even those who have a certain et as Stefany seem to have that touch of eternal youth. The scalpel in some cases really does wonders, inasmuch as it enables hide high definition. Time passes for everyone, including the actors of Beautiful and also will have to get used to be in their original appearance are also forgetting that the talent in acting and not only physical appearance.It will be difficult for them to accept change, whereas they are accustomed to look now for many years, always perfect in video, and there will be time to recognize each other, while all of us will have the consolation that they bring back the common wrinkles like all mortals. A short TV series that changes appearance while remaining with the same actors and certainly not lose his countless fans who will certainly curious to see the changes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lastest: Eto ’ or says goodbye to the team

The transfer of ’ Inter registers an inevitable news, Samuel Eto ’ or leaves the 1970â€"71 to all ’ Anzhi, Russian team that ricoprir d ’ gold for the rest of his career, or almost. The news now certain for the reentry after days of stopping the team he coached without the Cameroon, spared from technical Gasperini in all ’ have the training with former teammates, although at its meeting this morning is back on the field, to contest what has all the ’ seemed to be the last ’. nerazzurro training Bitter this decision for the fans who had been reassured in the early days of rumours about the sale, but who received instead a bite hard to send gi. Being Eto ’ or almost past history for the transfer of Inter ’ time to sum up the experience, considering if an error or a well is sell that purchase it.

Let's start with the ’ purchase, Eto ’ or bought from Inter in Italy ’ of 2009, when it arrives from Barcelona with a marginal economic for the nerazzurri approximately 30 million, being returned in the ’ deal, as everyone will remember Ibrahimovic. The following season, the player wins the Champions League by co-starring with Milito, which follow Scudetto, Coppa Italy and so on, this must be added the 20 million transfer current carrying a booty considerevolissimo, which counted for Eto ’ or title of the purchase of ’ the last decade for the club, having been creator of stellar economic successes and gains for the cluband positive experience in both directions in my opinion.

Juliana Moreira-Edward Tow: the Stork has arrived

Juliana Moreira became MOM small Lua Sophie, his dream came true and now, alongside his partner Edward I can say really Stoppa, a family. Damore history between the two started in 2008 and Juliana had always claimed to want to become a mother. The child born into a French clinic and when the father heard the news, was upset by joy. The face of Juliana Moreira became somewhat known for conducting together with Teo Mammuccari but also for the different editions of Paperissima Sprint, Nice, funny and above all very beautiful has been able to immediately conquer the Italians.

Edward Stoppa belongs to the same team because from time works for Antonio Ricci in program Striscia la Notizia, dealing with animal rights. A rather quiet love that seems not to have experienced great turbulence by scoop even one could define rather reserved. Soon there will be the wedding even if you do not know yet the date but are scheduled to perform cos a dream along with Lua Sophie. The Brazilian managed to win the heart of Edward and its really a good story that no doubt will continue damore in time.

Now that the Lua Sophie all three are a perfect family, Juliana can squeeze his arms the child and can finally say that I have made a great dream, whereas already in 2009 are ready to be MOM. Anticipating the arrival of a child is always a joy but now chiss if Moreira avr decided to devote himself to the family leaving for some scenes on television? Little is known of his future plans but no doubt we will come back soon to see his partner agguerito in defense of animals.

The conquest of Tripoli is nearby

Gaddafi's supporters still continue to support their leader and to believe in his promise, are testimony to the images that the Libyan television broadcast where hundreds of supporters, in piazza waved green flags of the regime. At the same time was sent a message to Gadhafi to stimulate awareness of the rebels to free the city from Nato. Due to some problems with the audio message aired not been entirely understandable but salient parts are read perfectly, Gaddafi did not give up and pregnant with his followers to prepare to fight to recover their city. The message transmitted while insurgents captured Zawiah confirm that, important place very near Tripoli.

After six months of hard fighting there sinizia to bring to the capital, the leader Gaddafi feeling tight in this grip, the other could not do that for incite his rebels continue to support the regime. Zawiah an important symbol and its conquest is really much, in fact, the last land for fuel and food for Tunisia. A conquest achieved after many battles, especially the repression of demonstrations by anti-Gaddafi regime ordered that made many victims.

The faithful to rais would now outside the city, although some snipers were still ready to kill stationed on rooftops, although many have been caught already. The conquest of the capital really close and this encourages the insurgents against the regime to resist because soon the leader Gaddafi not avr no control. Of course, with this conquest is achieved a fundamental goal but one that was supposed to be a battle to be transformed into a full-fledged war, now all expect Tripoli is locked as soon as possible.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Marriage to Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, after the failed marriage with Brad Pitt, ready to be a married woman, Justin Theroux's lucky which unir next fall. Him a few years her junior, pi would be madly in love on set of the film Wanderlust. A story that proceeds to damore allright whereas the couple eager to have a baby. Justin lAniston was presented to his parents as his girlfriend and then all took the crease dellufficialit.

Now I'm in Hawaii where are spending a luxurious vacation from work to recuperate. During this time the lAniston is attracting attention because it also shown naked for a charity, its truly enviable body despite his forty-two years brought really well. The Association is to bring aid to children in need and in need of education, of course you can also consider a great way to be centre stage.

About possible wedding there nothing official but according to statements of the two would seem a rather shared desire and you feel the urge to make it happen sooner. Are a couple really interesting, two beautiful stealing undoubtedly scenes with some ease, after breaking with Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston brilliantly continued his career and even his ex has started a family. Once the streets are also vip look forward and then, let us not forget that a place on the cover with a love that wants to marry, becoming news. Now the fans of both waiting that the news of the marriage becomes official to begin until the date of the wedding.

Sanremo 2011: Morandi-again

Seems to have reached some further confirmation about the presence of the singer Gianni Morandi Sanremo Music Festival, the partners are not yet clear but it could be Antonella Clerici. The excellent results obtained by both during the conduct of Italian singing more followed did s that the Director wanted to go back to working Decks with them.The family of Gianni Morandi was quite adequate, a singer of her caliber not only represent well the show is also shown to be a man ironic but elegant at the same time without ever falling into excesses.

Antonella Clerici became one of the most loved television faces by families and particularly by women, a spontaneous and simple finished yield particularly sympathy. Furthermore, we cannot of course forget his beautiful dresses that lassomigliavano to a Princess. Two very interesting choices if combined together because they are two faces very estimated in the television landscape. The festival of Sanremo is the history of Italian song, and in this time of crisis in this sector c air crisis is for this reason, at the time, are not yet clear roles.

Although in recent years had been followed by a little less viewers, thanks to modifications and construction of sullintrattenimento and evening also based not only on the song, took over. before the end of September the Convention should be signed between Rai and the municipality of Sanremo, then up to that point, you will know a few details. Who knows if there will be and who will be the valleys? Every time you choose always faces that during this period, most capture attention, undoubtedly will be some beautiful girls, just like last year, and Rodriguez Canalis have heightened the look of most of the male audience.

Kaurismaki moves at the Locarno Film Festival

Poverty and despair are the two themes addressed by Aki Kaurismaki, told through a story full of poetry and hope sil dellumaninit fate. The dominant limmigrazione theme that is an active phenomenon for centuries and which is sometimes the fate of entire peoples. In Le Havre at the Festival del cinema di Locarno brotherhood defeats the banalit and lignoranza.

Andr Wilms protagonist who plays the role of shoeshine. A drama that communicate different aspects of our society and confronts them in a clear cos from a public IP. The shoe shine in the port of Le Havre tries to save an infant immigrant, a story told in a compelling and interesting, to produce it were spent 3.8 million. For Kaurismaki's second film in French after realizing life from boheme of 1992. The cinema a communicative channel rather appreciated by young people who like this approach to really important that deserve some reflection. The current theme and dellimmigrazione doubtless this also lets you know what lives when limmigrato comes in a different country and what are the difficulties he faces.

All there to tolerance undoubtedly stimulates and creates the possibility of having a rather interesting intercultural exchange, get rich in events with the experiences of others can know really different and above all to learn to respect them. Limmigrazione a phenomenon that must be managed in a manner appropriate to give immigrants the possibility to have access to a decent life when they materialize in another country. a film that continues to highlight the talent of being able to communicate with Kaurismaki in his public and always in the right way so important issues.

Vasco Rossi: ‘ each ’ drug is to be avoided

Vasco Rossi, through a post published on his Facebook page, States that the drug, but all drugs are dangerous and absolutely to be avoided. An important message, especially to give it a perch of Italian rock star most loved by young people. In recent days are often Facebook to communicate his ideas and to be in close contact with her fans.

The topic of drugs without doubt an emotive subject and the message that Vasco launches really meaningful. Today that young people are in a decisive manner even orientations taken by their idols, critical launch a serious and meaningful message that can deter him dalluso of any substance. Moreover lha communicated directly through the use of a social network rather known and this allowed them to bring his voice really significantly. The issue of drug a problem often accrue as if existed at intervals, but not certain cos, young people often follow the trends of the Group and this often involves them in experiences from which then fail to exit pi.

The rocker has chosen a subject difficult because often the discussion quite controversial course on drugs read while he was able to affirm that all drugs, including drugs have side effects that can be devastating and for this reason are to be avoided. Obviously not criminalizes those who use them but condemns the gesture and a conviction that data on the other hand has no doubt a certain resonance. In this period of convalescence, Zocca, hometown back pi times to send direct messages to her fans and not just a way to be even close to whoever follows with estimation for years.