Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Italy Juventus: screeching for Elia

Hot times for England. The news of the last few hours about the external dell ’ ’ Hamburg Eljero Elia. The footballer, among the favourites Juventus seems not arriver in Turin. The ’ agreement between the two clubs, breeding for long and most likely there will be a result. The busy transfer of Juventus. Perhaps this is because of a lack of any agreement. The black-and-white club packs offered one digit limit, and, apparently, German leaders have not liked.

The figure offered by the black-and-white club packs of eight million. L ’ Hamburg wants to pi. According to managers the figure too low for a player like Elijah. The initial request, indeed, was about 15 million euros, a figure far from ’ offer received. Most likely the player will stay in Germany. The contract with the ’ Hamburg will expire the 2014.

Closed this chapter, Fiorentina-Juventus are not down. The club sees with great interest the current player, Vargas ACF Fiorentina. The ds club claims not to have received offers for the player. While the situation is complicated with Genoa, which very interested in Flash. The same Flash, for, could be bargaining for Vargas. The vast network of Italy Juventus is becoming more complicated. Another hypothesis to insert Quagliarella in negotiation for Vargas.

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