Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gerard Depardieu protagonist of Locarno

And ’ him the absolute protagonist of the Festival of Locarno, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. We are talking about an extraordinary actor Gerard Depardieu has always banked on his incredible sympathy. You presented in Locarno to remember the great Director Maurice Pialat, who made him the ’ actor today. Gerard Depardieu, more robust than usual, you enjoyed to entertain the audience and the various journalists with his verve spirit, then he remembered with great ardor Pialat, a filmmaker who was capable of turning a street man like him, an internationally renowned actor: “ Pialat was a Director not shy but discreet, attentive, was a poet. A true man of the show. What he wanted me to do the ’ I understood only when I saw on the screen, in the first film made together, I became cocky, I immediately thought: how much are good. Then realized it was him bravo! ”.

Gerard Depardieu protagonist of Locarno, thanks to its magnetic chat, able to entertain anyone only through his talk so spectacular. An entertainer born Depardieu, a man who speaks with his engrossing has always said that we think, hairless on the tongue. His great merit to be a real actor, a character of the show, due to its ability to entertain the audience. No matter if it doesn't have the charisma and the sexy eye of Craig ’ and Ford, Gerard Depardieu capable with his words of bewitch anyone, really rare for a dota an actor.

The beauty of Depardieu consists precisely in his strong sense of the show, with him there is bored and at this point the ’ actor from the nice little serves little or nothing. Gerard Depardieu protagonist of Locarno, nobody can argue about this. Great men and great artist Monsieur Depardieu, congratulations!

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