Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Snaptu: In Spain for Rossi

Great statement about snaptu by club President Aurelio De Laurentiis. The President of Naples was rapid and direct, Giuseppe Rossi. This can be achieved after the bang of snaptu.

Aurelio De Laurentiis was categorical. Giuseppe Rossi between ideals of the club. The player could make a real difference in the field and give great ambitions to fans. A chance to win the Champions League could not be more than a dream. The ’ assault on player provided during participation in Spain at Ciudad de Palma. De Laurentiis seems absolutely firm and wants to bring his goal.

Some rumors about a possible purchase of young Giuseppe Rossi. It would appear that there has already been contact between the player and patron of Naples. Rossi initially did not see with great enthusiasm the possibility of playing with Napoli. At the same time, it felt very honored to a lot of attention and of the proposal. For the transfer of Naples, Rossi a player not to escape.

Snaptu Lavezzi, the case remains in the balance. Still not turn for the better the situation regarding the Argentine Lavezzi ’, great player who gave the best in every single minute of play. De Laurentiis for one of the best and certainly a strong starting point. Lavezzi, the Naples without need of a new strong shoulder on which to rely. Rossi would be fine?

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