Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vasco Rossi attacks Giovanardi on Facebook

The rocker pi discussed, Vasco Rossi, continues her trail of rumors by attacking the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council, Carlo Giovanardi. The repartee between the two began about a couple of days ago. The warning launched by Vasco Rossi, through the social network Facebook, was brief but concise: Liberalisation and legalisation are two very different things. No need to wait long to get the replica of the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council. Carlo Giovanardi maintains, on broad outlines, that drugs not absolutely a defect but a disease.

The rocker wants to keep the debate and points out that his statement was motivated by the fact that, according to Vasco Rossi, drugs already liberalized, as can be found everywhere. Continuing, the rocker argues that with the word legalization is not simply subtract the drug market to the underworld and narrowed down by certain laws or taxation. The precise words of Vasco Rossi: legalize them means put it under control, subtract the market to the underworld and set clear rules currently exist only where the law of the jungle.

Vasco Rossi continued his speech, declaring themselves promptly against the world of drugs. Points out, that seems to say the least, inappropriate to criminalize it, as such people are already besieged by the same problem. The sentences of Blasco: ’ cannot defend a vizio! And we're all for the culture of life. Criminalizing those who use and ’ something absurd. And ’ how to add an issue to another issue ’.

Before concluding, Vasco Rossi, Carlo Giovanardi, turning to break a lance in favor of the poor unfortunates who fell into the abyss of drugs: Supports really a serious social problem so ’? The drug is not ’ a problem of public order, but a problem of health! The drugged and not ’ a dangerous criminal, but a patient who suffers from a severe addiction.

The reactions are immediate. The Government's anti-drugs Head Department will catapult against Vasco Rossi: Vasco Rossi, think before you speak and write about drugs. Giovanni Serpelloni continues his speech trying to focus on the real reason the debate: Vasco Rossi speaks as a drug habit, while scientifically recognized that and ’ drugs and ’ disease, which in turn is preventable, treatable and curable. About vizio from ’ to debate a moral connotation, that we do not use more ’, by trent ’ years at least.

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