Sunday, August 14, 2011

Italy: Inter between Tevez and Forlan

Italy: lInter tip about Tevez and Forlan to replace Etoo, although, in fact, substituted the Cameroon not cosa di tutti i giorni. Moreover, a single player would suffice to replace what was, without doubt, one of the best foreign strikers that played in the Italian Championship.

So, not only Tevez, Forlan, who has returned from a League luruguaiano not mighty, but the conquest of the Copa America competition in which you put back on display.

Laffare Tevez, however, not simple as pi largentino, while wanting to leave the City, would return home, South America, and not remain in Europe, only when requested by teams in his country there are none and then the solution Inter, Tevez, could be a transitional solution, tant are rumours of loan paymentsolution which does not suit much allInter.

But you know, in mali. It looks faded, or at least gone into oblivion, Lavezzi, this after the words of God that said clearly, so as to avoid any doubt, that we count on him, and Lavezzi not shortly, so true that talking to Rossi said that eventual arrival not absolutely subordinate to the departure of Pocho, far from.

Then as before celta, Tevez will for some time now, even though Mancini is trying to hold him, something that hardly bring it off to do. At this point, the departure of Tevez, in one way or nellaltro target, Inter, it seems almost inevitable, an operation which would satisfy 3 subjects: the City that it would release a player's inconvenient because disgruntled, lInter that would reach its goal of having largentino and, last but not least, the same Tevez that finally could change air, though not to a final destination.

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