Monday, August 08, 2011

Prandelli and Italy to Spain

Prandelli and his allesame Italy Spain next Wednesday in Bari. The CT Blue faces various issues concerning both the national and the special moment of Italian football.

The Spain a winning model for which inspiration. I want to see the character of the guys and especially the courage to recover the ball that goes then played, as they regularly our next opponents Wednesday. Sure, the Spaniards are advantaged by a year, over all, from the national children, but because we have to learn to do ourselves.

A contentious issue with Mihajlovic who was to have convened starting XI players to Division B rather than those of Fiorentina and particularly Gilardino, replied that while it believes violates one of the best around, needed more than players of movement rather than a striker darea penalty.
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Then on the controversy triggered by his encounter with some fans viola, precise: I was in the room when I knew some guys wanted to give me a tapir for losing to golf with Cristiano Ronaldo. Is a peg, mica an official meeting and then, in any case, it should not be more for education.

Then compliments to Cassano for losing three pounds and middle gi since inception of preparation and then also clarifies: I mica advised to go elsewhere to find continuity. I said, simply, that to play in the national team must be able, and play with continuity, helps achieve the right condition.On red then Pepito, Prandelli says that the advantage compared to other strikers for having played a great season and have proven to be a world-class footballer, as well as considers De Rossi a pivot of the team.

Probably will continue to deploy four midfielders and two strikers says returning to match with Spain, but not a person an attacking midfielder, rather that it will play between the lines.
Viral video by ebuzzing

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