Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inter loses the pieces: Eto'o & Sneijder one step away from farewell

LInter loses valuable pieces since Etoo and Sneijder seem to be a dalladdio. After the meeting between the leadership dellAnzhi dellInter the emissaries, Moratti has defined end fair, so it seems that there are more obstacles Etoo to transfer to Russia.

The Cameroon starts to be the most paid player in the world ever since a figure like 20 million per season for 4 years, a figure that no other player has ever seen.

You might say too, and surely, pace of Platini and his famous, but rejected by most Parties, financial fair play. Until there are wealthy sheikhs, or type the Russians, who can spend all this money without batting an eye, it will go forward as well. When they succeed, and this will happen sooner or later, that these gentlemen will tire of toys, many clubs at risk of disappearing. But that's another matter.

Wesley Sneijder instead, it seems a step away from United, ben decided to not to blow the City lolandese the following for some time now. In fact the United was the first English team to make allInter for each offer, offer that then Sneijder, Moratti, was definitely not adequate, but that now, instead, appears to have been remodeled and then purchasing value.

If cos things, lInter will have effectively re-establish the team, whereas the two starting on floods are not two wingmen n tampoco two which can be replaced easily. Of course, anticipating the arrival of coach Gasperini, inter have changed some things and some players didn't seem to have liked the changes, hence more likely departures.The Tevez, as a substitute for Etoo always most likely also grows, although interest for snubs for Naples did not seem willing to let go.

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