Monday, August 15, 2011

Vasco Rossi: ‘ each ’ drug is to be avoided

Vasco Rossi, through a post published on his Facebook page, States that the drug, but all drugs are dangerous and absolutely to be avoided. An important message, especially to give it a perch of Italian rock star most loved by young people. In recent days are often Facebook to communicate his ideas and to be in close contact with her fans.

The topic of drugs without doubt an emotive subject and the message that Vasco launches really meaningful. Today that young people are in a decisive manner even orientations taken by their idols, critical launch a serious and meaningful message that can deter him dalluso of any substance. Moreover lha communicated directly through the use of a social network rather known and this allowed them to bring his voice really significantly. The issue of drug a problem often accrue as if existed at intervals, but not certain cos, young people often follow the trends of the Group and this often involves them in experiences from which then fail to exit pi.

The rocker has chosen a subject difficult because often the discussion quite controversial course on drugs read while he was able to affirm that all drugs, including drugs have side effects that can be devastating and for this reason are to be avoided. Obviously not criminalizes those who use them but condemns the gesture and a conviction that data on the other hand has no doubt a certain resonance. In this period of convalescence, Zocca, hometown back pi times to send direct messages to her fans and not just a way to be even close to whoever follows with estimation for years.

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