Friday, August 12, 2011

Rea: murder in the House of Folignano checks

The Rea case continues to be a puzzle, the death of young Melanie hasn't had an explanation and her husband Salvatore Parolisi continues to remain in jail with her laccusa killed. Through a letter sent to Ilaria Walls of fourth grade, reiterates his innocence claiming that betray not offence. From prison he writes letters to Ludovica and here what it really complicates failing to understand your attitude.

The messages that the two exchanged in chat seemed to be a rather serious and concrete relationship and he left quietly suggested to be willing to leave his wife. Ludovica had put before an out was to leave his wife or she wouldn't pi accepted this story, claims that reading the messages in the chat but then seem to be confirmed by both from what emerged by initerogatorio. No doubt in this case the lies and raccontante are really so many jailed Parolisi if investigators have evidence to believe that he is somehow involved in the death of his wife. There are many hypotheses but remain only assumptions, you should stick to facts and wait for the work of investigators. The findings and the verfiche which were held in Milan at the home of the Office are Parolisi entirely unnecessary because there are comprehensive traces of the spouses and of those who attended their home.

Lomicidio of this young mother remains unresolved for the time being, while his little with his maternal grandparents. The pain of the families really so much especially because your Saviour, husband of his daughter to be finished behind bars. Gl investigators are working closely on it, it only remains to wait for the results of the upcoming exams with the hope to arrive at a guilty as soon as possible.

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