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"Life without principle": Johnnie To arrives in Venice

Johnnie To in an image which resumes work on the set
Johnnie To film author already famous action at world level, back to Venice with a film that looks promising. For the Director of Hong Kong is not the first time. In 2007 he was presented with The Mad Detective ’ ‘, and in 2006 with Exiled in 2004 out of competition with Throw Down.

The film vying for the Golden Lion in Venice, ’ D, inspired all ’ of 3 different stories, all centered on the money, and about the problems that lack thereof can bring to our lives.The first protagonist a bank employee who is promoted accounting analyst. You hear fought when risky actions must advise customers to get rich.L ’ other hero a man who will try to earn money through actions in the stock market, to pay the security deposit to a friend in trouble.L ’ other and incorruptible policeman last a protagonist who finds himself in trouble because of his wife's shopping sprees.Three very different between them that are fighting with ethics and morality when ‘ meet ’ a bag full of money.

Johnnie To has commented on the plot of her latest masterpiece as a portrait of modern society, more and more difficult and turbulent. A society where to survive sooner or later you have to go out in the regulations. And losers are the ’ ethics and morals.

The film stars Japanese movie stars, Lau Ching wan, Richie Jen, Denise Ho and Terence Yin. Directed and produced by Johnnie To.

With this entry up to 22 films vying for the International Festival of Cinema of Venice. The event will be held in the romantic city of Venice lido, from 31 August to 10 September and seeing as every year for international fame and curious from around the world.
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