Friday, August 12, 2011

Eto'o, given to some of Anzhi

Etoo, given now for sure dellAnzhi Russian website, seems to be now the past dellInter. Lufficialit sar, for us, only when the Cameroon next Saturday in a press conference in Douala which he announced, be of important revelations about her future, namely, on its socio-cultural activities and sports.

This announcement appears to now be, since dora, confirmation of the transfer of Samuel Etoo allAnzhi Makhachkala, and this for the modest sum of 40 million allInter, besides of course the rich engagement for the same Samuel e. cos after Etoo seems to have officially begun, new course that movimenter definitely the market, not only dellInter, but of many other teams.

Moratti will have no doubt now, and also with some urgency, find an appropriate replacement that seems now to have been identified, are two to tell the truth, Tevez and Lavezzi simultaneously. These likely market operations will trigger even more since the Naples punter, said its President Aurelio de Laurentis, any chance on Giuseppe Rossi's Villarreal, club which in turn should replace English, Italian, and the same City, should lose Tevez, should find a suitable replacement that would certainly not be Sheikh Mansour Miss Mancini.

The great shots, then announce all in this last phase of negotiations that, necessarily, will be concluded by the end of the month deadline for dealing with transfers, except for athletes should be released.

If the private Italian football will see an athlete the caliber of Etoo, dallaltro you would with a Tevez and Giuseppe Rossi who are definitely on the same level of Cameroon.Certainly, and this Neapolitan fans think, Lavezzi-Napoli without pi will not be the same. Moreover, in any case, will have to get right.

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