Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stacy Keibler again in George House

Attention back to focusing on Stacy Keibler, who a few days ago it seems that George Clooney had left. According to some well informed the girl been sighted as he entered the House dellattore in Los Angeles, in a clear signal to understand that the two are still together. The reason dellallontanamento a few days ago it would have been a message posted on Twitter by Stacy where he spoke of his recent vacation in Italy. This leak would infuriate the star that lavrebbe put to port, but from these facts it seems that everything is back to normal.

The woman would spend the night at the home of George and in the morning if they would go. A friend of Stacy would have declared to Us Weekly that the two have known each other for about five years and for some time you attend with a certain regularity, then the previous story could be interpreted only as a screening. The story seems to continue and the damore bel George continues to be at the Centre mainly because attention spans can also always be accompanied by gorgeous women and youth, Stacy has 31 years, and he 50 but you can certainly say that it is a fascinating man.

We got to see even with Elisabetta Canalis all denials that have come before their final break then lepisodio told of the leak could be just a way to move the spotlight precisely because the two would live in peace this story damore. But George Clooney can't not be at the Centre of Chronicle rose summer attention spans and therefore, the eyes are now focused on only two of them, to see if there will be some other small skirmish, or if the story will continue serenely, and especially publicly.

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