Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eto'o, negotiations for a breakthrough.

Etoo, negotiation now for a breakthrough and most parts are believed today can and should be, for better or for worse, the decisive day. This is why, in case the negotiations were still going for long and eventually find a conclusion that would bring the Cameroon away dallInter, the team of Moratti would then little time to find a worthy substitute. Probably already been found, but is as hot on say held pending developments in the situation.

In fact, the continuation of negotiations held and blocked the market dellInter, likewise, also that of other teams who in one way or nellaltro might be interested in the solution of the affair or Eto ’. In case the negotiations were to go wrong, it could trigger a veritable whirlwind of transfers which may involve a number of clubs, the City primarily for interest shown to dallInter against Tevezpossibly the Naples for Lavezzi, although this possibility looks faded however, and more. But at the moment are only hypotheses and rumors, and nothing more.

Of course we know only that the last offer dellAnzhi for Eto ’ or been of 24 million, while the request dellInter of 29 million, request considered by the industry as indispensable and, thus, practically this is last price, take it or leave it.Today awaited the relaunch dellAnzhi, and also in this case, we offer dellultima. They both know full well of Claudio Vigorelli, Etoo, who they Fifa, Peppino Tirri which is playing the role of intermediary between the Russians and lInter, and have spoken today for lunch.

There is also another aspect to be taken into account in the negotiations; with the new economic order, in case the Cameroon would remain in Italy, the problem of solidarity that would cover the full engagement of Etoo with lInter, ben 10 million per season. How would end if the Cameroon team remained at the Court of Moratti?

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