Friday, September 30, 2011

Stolen photo Scarlett Johansson: the b-side

The private life and especially the intimacy of Scarlett Johansson has no more secrets for the entire world. His photos are stolen and from appearances on the web the other day can see even a third, where this time shows featured the b side.

There seems to be for the Hollywood diva Scarlett Johansson. A few weeks ago have made their appearance in some pictures stolen dell ’ actress completely unclothed. Scarlett Johansson has also contacted the FBI ’ to find out who might have stolen photos from your smartphone. C ’ a ’ investigation in place, but in fact already from before the ’ summer you spoke of these alleged stolen Scarlett Johansson photos without veils. A situation that threatens the figure of ’. To news in these last hours a third picture of blonde Johansson unveiled, this time featured c ’ its b side.

The first photo stolen that placed immediately on the web a few weeks, the alleged hacker, the one in which Scarlett Johansson appears topless on the bed. In the second ’ the actress appears unveiled just out of the shower. This third photo stolen made even more headlines, because the b side placed on display from ’ supporting actress was photographed by herself, but there will be a ’ the other person to maintain it. Private and intimate life of Scarlett Johansson now visible in the whole world, a real chaos which has obviously not angering the little actress that has ’ cos said: “ be in the spotlight, or because you're a ’ and film actress, does not mean that we should not have right to their privacy, their intimacy. No matter the context, not just feel taken hostage ”.

Scarlett Johansson is absolutely right, the scandal of stolen photos do not honor, but surely we have rather than sense has fotografarsi with your smartphone? If he did in front of a photographer at least there would have been the motivation of the money, but fotografarsi in this way, without an apparent ’ real need, it makes no sense. In short, Scarlett Johansson if l ’ also sought a p!

Snaptu: Bigon footsteps of Banega

The Naples, to reinforce the midfield, follows Ever Banega, Argentine Defender 23 Valencia which could come in January.
The transfer of Naples could share from Spain, where in Valencia play Ever Banega. 23 year-old Argentine midfielder, closely followed by Bayern Munich, Banega might be just the man to try to thicken that midfield blue which, in addition to the Gargano and Inler, not that can rely on other names.

Gargano, Laccoppiata Inler-meks fortunately remained in Naples, laccoppiata absolute best midfield which can count on God. Luruguaiano, free from tasks setting to which somehow had to overcome in the past season, the best incontrista that Alberto may have left, and the performance of recent meetings, are amply demonstrating.Thus, Naples is following Banega, to try to have a man of safe custody in pi in the middle of the field, able to complete that Department that, in case of injury to one of the two, would be in serious trouble. Largentino has the contract with Valencia in 2013, but recent contrasts with a part of Spanish supporters, could lead to a possible sale in the summer market, although the Naples, especially if it were to go forward in Europe, might try to take it home gi in the January session.

The cost of the card is around 15 million, but hopes eventually to Bigon give a scissor kick to request. The player also has other admirers besides Naples, including the already mentioned Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, but lattento work of Sports Director of club President De Laurentiis, could make the difference.In addition to mediate Argentine, Napoli has not completely forgotten young fullback Juan, dellInternacional of Porto Alegre that seemed to be on the verge of reaching Naples already in the market. The young man available to come play in Italy, and in particular in Naples, and thus do not exclude a possible arrival on the market in January.

Lastest: not only Tevez

Tevez always at the Centre of the desires of Inter. But also other claimants, come ready to take advantage of any indecision of Moratti.
The transfer dellInter now everything seems to be focused on each other's Tevez, but Moratti club not the only to be interested allargentino the City en route now with Mancini. Mark a difficult competitor, Real Madrid and as if that weren't enough, the Juve that always seems to sneak in negotiations. At the moment, however, seems to be the lead lInter, which had begun to talk to the City since last dallestate, and therefore should in fact be in pole position.

The club which could, for, give greater discomfort to Moratti just Real, Mourinho, in case you managed to get allApache to blame, say so, of the nerazzurri, might try to convince Moratti to cede Pazzini, highly esteemed by the Special One. Is not an easy task, when lInter would deprive ourselves of Milito that with Mourinho won so much. But the Prince did not form at the time comparable to that of his best years, and then everything might eventually get complicated.Another track which talks about these days called Lavezzi, that could get allInter in return for the cession of Padev. Apart from the awesomeness of the news, it seems obvious that this is, in this case, fantamercato, as well hardly De Laurentiis will deprive cos light-heartedly of Pocho in exchange for Pandev. Macedonian, at the moment, there seems to be in conditions to ensure what can give largentino, and then, the fans would surely something to say on a similar operation.

LInter would also be interested in playing for Bolton Wanderers and England's Gary Cahill, followed by other big European clubs. However, it would seem that the gi in Cheslea is advantage in negotiation and probably might grab defenseman gi in the next transfer window in January.

Italy Juventus: Cerberus Tevez

The Juve hunting for Tevez. The high cost of the player, as well as its high engagement, could be a serious obstacle to the transfer.
The transfer of Juve in ferment and the notebook of Marotta probably more than all the other clubs in serie a. At present, many names have been added recently to Tevez, later dallInter, but Juve and ready to launch the final number to try to win, in one way or nellaltro, lattaccante Argentine City that should change now lApache air, sure thing, not some his future destination. One of these might be team Count, but the real problem lalto cost of the card, that at present the old lady would not be able to pay, especially after having spent so much money in the market. Added to this is the not insignificant problem that Juve has several players at the time Squad, Amauri and Buffon who then tones and, over all, perceive engagements, and this would be an impediment not recently.

The only possibility would be that of the now overused formula loan with right of redemption, but at the same time Marotta should try to fix the redundancies, given that current lingaggio Tevez of 7 million pounds ", more than 8 million. Therefore, the possibility of a transfer in January would be very limited.But Juve would also need to place the defensive Department, especially along the left wing, covered only By Ceglie, saw that Big, over-all, practically another of those players operating on the margins of the first team.

Among the many possibilities the most interesting company represented by Aly Cissokho, the 24-year-old French dellOlympique outside Lyon. This may allow Juventus to settle definitively in the left lane, with De Ceglie that would become the first alternative to the French.The speech was already started, but it is unknown if and when it might go in Harbour, a figure that is estimated at around 15 million.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oscar 2012, Crialese keeps feet on the Mainland

Nomination to the House for the film by Emanuele Crialese, memory of a past that still recent, real story of sacrifices and human solidarity. The film compete we therefore for the victory of the Academy Awards with four other foreign films.
Sar Oscar for Mainland by Emanuele Crialese? For now we cannot know, sure that the Italian Director has finally earned the nomination-nomination for winning the famous statuette. The category of best foreign film. Happy and dazed the Italian Director received the news after his film has been called the best work available in the United States of America ’. A really fascinating history that has left the film director, known through the Golden door, stupefied by the happiness. Not all arrive at the Oscars.

The race to the most coveted statuette of world cinema began to Emanuele Crialese, who with the Mainland, you deserved the Oscar ’ 2012 nomination for best foreign language film. The film, produced by Cattleya e RaiCinema, in collaboration with Meaning Cinema-Sicily region, a realistic Chronicle of life in Sicily, where fishermen can appreciate pure and true feelings of solidarity and spontaneit. Truly masterful work that critics and audiences touched down at the 68esima Exhibition d ’ Film Festival del Cinema di Venezia. The new film was considered the best to advertise and sell in America, though in Italy the box-office receipts were disappointing:.

Mainland, the 2012 Oscar nominations, one of the most beautiful works by Emanuele Crialese. A film in which the story is addressed mainly through female figures, looking for a different life. The path to the icon of the cinema world long, difficult and tiring. According to the Director a real path to obstacles that must be overcome. Critics of the Academy Awards have a really nice work to do. L ’ last film in the pink of the five possible candidates in the category best foreign language film was La bestia nel cuore by Cristina Comencini, way back in 2006. Italian cinema to a turning point and wants to demonstrate its ability to tell stories with beautiful, true, which are the fruit of lived experience of many honest men who seek to earn, with their efforts, a good place in society.

Star Academy: today the new show Facchinetti

The today's new talent show weblog Rai: Star Academy. The US sar Francesco Facchinetti accompanied by judgements really special like Lorella Cuccarini, Roy Paci, Nicola Savino and Ornella Vanoni. Then space to new talents of music.

Part of this ’ today the new music show hosted by Francesco Facchinetti: Star Academy. After losing the X Factor, passed on Sky, Raidue had intended to focus again on a talent show that it can make us forget the previous one. The sar is always given to Francesco Facchinetti, who have a contract with Rai is not transferred on Sky, as happened for her colleague Simona Ventura. Star Academy today the new show Facchinetti, the son of Pooh now a presenter said, his specialty are obviously talent show and has plans to bring forward a new television format that has always aim to find young singers looking for glory.

The various selections in recent months they have guaranteed a choice of 17 teenagers between 14 and 27 years who will have the chance to enter the Academy, but one this evening will be gi deleted. The type of program reminds pi Operation triumph that X Factor, but in the end the purpose of transmitting the same. If Francesco Facchinetti will be at the helm of Star Academy, may not be such a transmission without judges and the names are that interesting: Lorella Cuccarini, Roy Paci, Nicola Savino and Ornella Vanoni, men and women in the world of entertainment and music that have a very extensive musical backgrounds.

The boys not to be followed by the courts, as happened to the X Factor, but there are mentors who will take care of them and will sometimes even with their students. Gianluca Grignani, Mietta, Ron and Syria, these famous singers will have the task of training the various guys. Star Academy today part of the new show with new very Facchinetti interesting and great guests of international music. This evening will go up on stage, Biagio Antonacci, Max Pezzali and Marco Mengoni, this last ’ seems now to have detached completely from the X Factor. Good vision!

Men and women advances, installment today 28 September: Pink Throne?

Today will be finally aired the Rose? The advances of a gi-speaking enemies between Giorgia and clear. Today's men and women by offering the first gi certainties: who will be the "first lady" of Maria De Filippi?
Men and women advances September 28, 2011: bet today on the throne the rose? And ’ started the new edition of the afternoon program of Maria De Filippi, but still the public failed to attend a bet on the new troniste. Mediaset has preferred programming focus, at least initially, on men. Now, however, advances stemming from various blogs by fans of the program lead us to hope: Chiara and Giorgia make their first appearance this afternoon? The first rumors confirm this possibility. And not only.

For men and women, in fact, frictions between competitors, especially troniste, are never missed. And here is that in today's episode, September 28, 2011 advances, we could see the first Brawl, also quite hard “ ” between two beautiful new competitors. Not yet clear if the ’ object of the dispute is a suitor or a healthy as ever desired (’ audience) competition among first women ” “. In the past year numerous clashes between the sexy Giulia Montanarini and Teresanna. This year will be ’ to clear and Giorgia? We'll see. Are not only advances to propose such a possibility: the nature of the program built such art from the expert presenter Maria De Filippi to impose some sort of continuous ” “ fight for the conquest of the public and, subsequently, the coveted suitor.

The hope that the leadership of men and women will finally space, today 28 September, the first episode of the Throne. Only after being aired we make judgments and, at least as far as possible, express opinions on the personality and qualities of Giorgia and clear. Any other speech, until then, should be postponed. No judgment budget, therefore. No hurry. That open first dances before you can “ point the rifle ” to a ’ or ’ other tronista. Goodbye to future advances. Continue to follow us on!

Champions League/Viktoria Plzen Formations Milan, Ibrahimovic holder

Challenge Champions should not be underestimated for Milan. At home against Czechs Viktoria Plzen serves win and convince. Gi formations, Ibrahimovic made part owner. At his side, Juventus Cassano in attack.

Evening of Champions League for the rossoneri. At San Siro Milan faces the modest opponents Viktoria Plzen, in their first participation in the European tournament more important. After the draw in the House of Barcelona made up thanks to a good choir and the ’ man highlights of Allegri, Ibrahimovic (tonight, instead, be part of the line-up), the rossoneri are obliged to try to win the first place of the mortgage pool. Of course, still early but a draw at the Nou Camp Barcelona to win the forces in the House of Milan or equalize with at least three goals all active ’. Calculations, only the calculations. But in game c ’ a passage of the round and a first position in front of the luxury Spanish champions.
Milan Viktoria Plzen (likely formations and latest at the bottom of all ’ article) a challenge in which, probably, there will be goals. The technical gap between the two formations are evident but Cheerful warned Milan: “ d ’ obligation not to underestimate the Viktoria Plzen “. Here's why mister Gay decided to deploy also Ibrahimovic, not yet totally healed by ’ injury that kept him out for three weeks. The Swedish affiancher in offensive Sóller Cassano. The barese should demonstrate to offer performance value with continuity. We bring it off? Should also support the midfield line, Seedorf not in great condition. In Defense of Abbot, Nesta, Thiago Silva and the condenser Zambrotta.

And ’ can see the game Milan Viktoria Plzen on Rai Due from 20.45. Good vision at all!

Milan (4-3-1-2): Abbiati; Abbot, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Zambrotta; Nocerino, Van Bommel, Seedorf; Aquilani; Cassano, Ibrahimovic. disp: Amelia, Taiwo, Bonera, Yepes, Antonini, Emanuelson, Ganz

Viktoria Plzen (4-5-1): Cech; Rajtoral, Cisovsky, Bystron, Limbersky; Jiracek, Horvath; Petrzela, Kolar, Pilar; Bakos. at disp: Pavlik, Reznik, Sevinsky, Filo, Darida, Duris, Hora.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tunnel, Gelmini: D-Minister of public instruction

From the Gran Sasso Tunnel at Cern, the Gelmini creates confusion: ilarit and blessed ignorance! Here is the Minister of public instruction Italian mocked on the web.
The tunnel of the Gelmini: from Gran Sasso at Cern in Geneva with fury! The Italian school massacre, destroyed by the cuts and the ’ inability to reorganize the institutions “ ” school system through a real, targeted reform. Search the Italian collapse, the minds by ’ wits Superfine emigrate in the rest of the world, enriching other States. Call it brain drain. Pity that this wave of immigration has not affected the minds of genius Gelmini, Minister engaged in imaginative leaps into the void. Neutrinos, of course, be grateful: his ability to pronounce “ crap ” beyond the speed of light has ” the Web “ stunned, in Italy and not only.

The Tunnel of the Gelmini has really crossed the Italian borders with its neutrino and its load of pure incredulit. Even in Europe now know who the ’ responsible for the collapse of schools, Universities and research ’. And a tiny exit ’ “ on ”, near leg outstretched. The construction of a tunnel for neutrinos from the Gran Sasso, at Cern in Geneva: 732 kilometers of “ ignorance pure ” “ built ” with 45 million funding from the Government of “ ” statesman Berlusconi. And does not serve anything the Public denial of the Minister of Education Gelmini: D-now the omelet.

On satire and laughter takes over on the ’ incredulit. All astonished: researchers, teachers, students, ordinary citizens and immigrants. C ’ who talks about speed and code in the tunnel, who sings a suitably amended text of Caparezza. The Tunnel between the Gran Sasso and Cern managed to laugh like never before, in an industry that for years Weeps bitter tears for the ’ political inability to administer and give a correct “ address ”, reformer or not. And if someone believes to be a hoax, they face a reason: the Tunnel Gelmini really exists. Not to make traveling neutrinos, certainly. But to allow the Minister to shoot large … more than the speed of light!

Milly Carlucci against D ’ Urso: “ Says lies! ”

Not pacify the wrath of Milly Carlucci against Barbara D'urso. After the judgment of the Court, forbidding the airing of Baila!, playing the same transmission and this has done nothing but enrage even more the Carlucci, increasingly convinced that D'urso tell only lies.

It pacifies the ’ lazy dog of Milly Carlucci against D ’ Urso. The presenter of dancing with the stars literally inviperita after learning that Baila! the same went on the air despite the judgment of the Court had banned him. Just two days ago, when the broadcast of D ’ Urso was to begin, the Court's ban on airing of Baila! In short, the battle seemed to have won its Milly Carlucci, who from the beginning of the ’ summer ’ is fighting to preserve the originality of his ’ dancing with the stars. Nothing to do, the caparbiet Barbara D Urso's ’ did his Baila! was the same.

A cheap shot that Carlucci failed to digest and yesterday afternoon he underexposed in the living room of Mara Venier: “ Not so that you do. Not that if the Court tells me not to go on the air, I'm going to wave the same arguing that I'm doing a different thing. I can demonstrate how this program Mexican, born six months after our, is identical. There are clips of the contestants, performances, the votes. Even the two marks are visibly similar. Not just change the ending. I think you should not use the tv to tell lies. You may not submit ten dancers who made all kinds of races and saying: a farmer, or an employee, by failing to add that this is a sample of the dance. fake, a nasty way of telling lies, I am sorry for the television ethics. If you go on tv and say something not true you lose credibilit. ”

Milly Carlucci against D ’ Urso, a battle which most likely is still a nice protrarr for p. And ’ is established that the sly Barbarella face lever on the stupidit of those who watch his broadcasts, so that no television and then turns into a victim here is that the game did. Barbara D Urso ’ spoke to viewers reaffirming as it is not right that fathers should be jobless for a stupid judgment of the Court. Mediaset presenter March probably a real ignorance of too much on one side of the TV audience, Baila! remains absolutely a copy of dancing with the stars, as I also state Singing towards Ti lascio una canzone. La Rai star while failing, but the few good ideas were virtually all stolen. Here it comes to plagiarism. Milly Carlucci against D ’ urso and all wrongs!

Live Cska Moscow Inter: formations to via for the challenge of Champions League

Inter Milan against Cska Moscow goal: win! Ranieri shields with a reshaped formation: Pazzini and Milito attack? Live on Sky and Mediaset Premium.

At 18 (today September 27, 2011) sharing the European dream. nerazzurro The Jingle of the Champions League risuoner in the Russian capital for a challenge from the uncertain result: Cska Moscow Inter (live on Sky Sports from 18) is already a nice piece of qualifying. The new course of ’ Inter takes on a different charm for a very special taste challenge. Ranieri, having led the world champions at the first league victory against Bologna bring it off in the ’ company of playing the first match of the Champions League on away goals with a reshaped formation?
For Cska Moscow Inter (live on Premium football 18: 00) we will also President Moratti, convinced he had made the right choice by exempting Gasperini. Ranieri man d ’ experience, fundamental aspect in the Champions League. Now toccher to baste the best possible formations for the challenge tonight. Inter really reshaped without the lighthouse Sneijder and Stankovic. Can forward and pi listed couple d ’ attack that formed by Pazzini (refurbished thanks to maximum) and Milito. They will try to unhinge the Cska defence not proof soles. In midfield, however, the challenge pi lasts for both formations. Nerazzurri without Maicon and Thiago Motta. The match in real time in game, tells us of a possible meeting between Eto ’ or gone to millionaire Anzhi, and former teammates.

Here's the official (but unofficial) to a ’ now by way of the Champions League match Cska-Inter. Follow the live on Sky Sports 1 and Premium football (Mediaset) 18: 00 hours. In bocca al lupo at the nerazzurri!

CSKA MOSCOW (4-4-2): Gabulov; Nababkin, V. Berezutski, Sergei Ignashevich, A. Berezutski; Dzagoev, Mamaev, Aldonin, Tosic; Doumbia, Vagner LoveAll.: Slutsky

INTER (4-3-1-2): Julio Cesar; Nagatomo, Lucio, Samuel, Chivu; Jonathan, Cambiasso, Zanetti; Coutinho; Pazzini MilitoAll.: Ranieri

Arb.: Thomson (SCO)

Sla: new treatments of Epo

New studies on the Sla could lead to more positive results. The use of Epo, a banned drug to athletes accused of doping, because it could help the fight against the degeneration of disease

At a Conference which occurred today, the AriSla, fondazione Italiana per la ricerca on Sla, presented to the public eight projects aimed at eradicating the disease. Most important, for now, it seems that alluded to the Epo. LEpo a medicinal product derived from a protein that can protect neurons dallavanzamento of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. But also a product of which prohibited the use on the part of sports. The discovery is part of the Eposs executed dallIstituto Besta in Milan thanks to funding from the Italian Foundation for research on ALS. The study will aim to test the drug on a group of 50 patients of ALS with the aim to discover the correct dosage of the medicinal product and any toxic. Julius Pompilius, project coordinator for lAriSla, explains that the medicinal product Epo Erythropoietin is derived from a substance capable of increasing the level of red blood cells in the blood and also protect neurons from degeneration natural disease.

Obviously not all testing will be done on men. Dr. Pompilio explains much better study the degenerative process of single neuron of ALS in the laboratory, rather than on men, because that would be very difficult if not impossible. Laboratory scientists create neurons sick approvvigionandoli directly from ALS patients. After studying the behavior of cells, they must also understand if it will be possible to use stem cells obtained from healthy people. In short, a great work, which we hope will lead to good results. Among other studies, in total 8 those tabled today dallAriSla, the one concerning stem cells obtained childlike regenerating lepidermide and study of micro Rna molecules, molecules that govern learning to genes. But also the study that focuses on the genetic heritage of an insect seems to lead to the cure.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Emanuele Crialese, Pasinetti prize after Oscar for "Mainland"?

Emanuele Crialese could receive the nomination to the Academy Awards 2012. Premio Pasinetti for the Mainland, the short story, poem by real life and emotions, could aspire to was nominated among the best foreign film Oscar for winning.
Emanuele Crialese, the young Italian Director known for his debut with the Mainland, presented at the 68esima Exhibition in ’ Venice Film Festival, you may receive the nomination to the Oscar statuette ’, the most coveted in the world. The Director was recently awarded with the prize in Rome and also by Pasinetti film journalists for the universal message of solidarity which emanates its work. The new film could enter the pink of the five best foreign films, one of the eight titles indicated for Italian cinema at the Academy Awards.

On the eve of the decision on the designation of nomination to the Oscar night of 2012, the nomination for best foreign film could go to Italian Director Emanuele Crialese, directed by the Mainland. After the Pasinetti award, then, could get the Oscar ’. The Director was really flattered to have received the historical but mostly proud that his work has been mentioned among all Italian film presented at the Venice Film Festival. The film was much appreciated by critics and public as a narrative Chronicle lucid and realistic, with a touch of poetry that focuses images of our times, in which the ’ only thing that can save men solidarity.

Emanuele Crialese would really honored to receive the nomination for best foreign language film at the Academy Awards 2012. The Mainland has already won the Pasinetti award and ’ framework now could aspire to the famous American statuette, Oscar ’. Proud of the Director and the cast of the film, including the young protagonist of Lampedusa, Filippo Pucillo and Beppe Fiorello, which interprets l ’ other really fishermen of ’ island. Mirage of traditions, tourism and solidarity, the work of Crialese undoubtedly a chapter of quotidianit already become history of our times. The American statuette will be really the icing on the cake but very difficult to bring it home. Pending the possible victory, we await the confirmation of the nomination.

Gabriel Garko and Manuela Arcuri, a pair of ’ year in Rome FictionFest

Elected to the pair of actors of the year 2011 for the fiction category during the RomaFictionFest: best actor and best actress were Gabriel Garko and Manuela Arcuri, that they will withdraw the award during the event, which will take place from 25 to 30 September. Lots of thumbnails of Italian and international fiction that will be presented by the godmother of the event, Vanessa Incontrada.
On the occasion of RomaFictionFest 2011, Gabriel Garko and Manuela Arcuri were elected best actor and best actress. The couple d ’ gold Italian fiction will receive the award for the title during the event, which will take place the Capitoline from 25 to 30 September. The demonstration that bit the ’ eye of the camera on Italian fiction, promoted by the regione Lazio and Rome Chamber of Commerce, organized by the ’ Association of television producers and divulgher thirteen previews of Italian fiction, 23 international, various documentaries and meetings and conventions for the actors and filmmakers.

Now in its fifth edition RomaFictionFest 2011 elected as a pair of ’ year Gabriel Garko and Manuela Arcuri, committed recently in fiction Warm-blooded. Garko played a gangster who after his last shot intending to marry the woman he loves and to flee to ’ abroad and she plays the role of his daughter from great. A fiction really quality which he recorded on Channel 5, prima Tv, one share very high. Now you look forward and many Italian fiction that will be presented during the event filmmaker Roman. You begin with the Lord of the scam, with Gigi Proietti, then Cinderella with Vanessa Hessler and where a like me? with the beautiful Gabriella Pession.

The couple d ’ gold fiction remain the two most beautiful faces of ’ year Gabriel Garko and Manuela Arcuri, who by their beauty and cleverness are beating any opponent. During the RomaFictionFest we know even previews of love and revenge, fiction with Alessandro Preziosi and Anna in ’ Valley, with water and Alessio Boni, Vanessa Incontrada d ’ Face with Angel Gabriel Garko, Christmas for two with Alessandro Gassman and Enrico Brignano, 11 police district and Tutti pazzi per amore 3. As regards the international fiction is arousing great expectations the Tv series produced by Spielberg based on Jurassic Park, Terra Nova. In short, endless excitement and suspense to the sound of beautiful Italian television series.

Influence: a December peak

It's got the flu. But in December will be even more strong current. Meanwhile in the United States is studying a medication able to defeat it.

Despite temperatures still summer in much of the Peninsula, there are over 60,000 Italians in bed with dellinfluenza symptoms. It seems to be the fault of the temperature of these last few days that have favoured the development of all virus related allinfluenza. The symptoms? Those ever. Tiredness, fever and colds. Nothing new. And always the same: a symptomatic medication, rest and diet rich in vitamins. For now, however, it seems that the number of patients is not expected to grow. As they say the same virologists, the real influence should arrive. And the deal in December. At that time the Italians who fall ill may be more than twice. Meanwhile come good news for the cure dellinfluenza from United States Damer.

A team of scientists of the Southwestern Medical Center at the University of Texas, seems to have discovered a compound for the treatment of viruses dellinfluenza. And not just a classical influence (there are more than 270 types), but also influences mortals such as Spanish. The substance can increase levels of human antiviral protein, alienating the virus. If this compound could change depending on the strain of influenza which should treat, you would have found a kind of magic potion. In recent experiments, scientists Texans have got to ensure the effectiveness of at least 3 strains of influenza, among the most dangerous: 2 strain of smallpox and 1 strain which kills animals. probably it will take at least another 10 years before that the compound can be transformed into a real drug. According to virologists the problem will find various mutations of the drug as are those of the virus. We cannot make other that to wish good luck to this team of scientists.

Lampedusa: comes with ‘ or Shah Baglioni

Claudio Baglioni sar to Lampedusa with over 60 artists to express the solidarity of the whole Italy in respect of the inhabitants of the beautiful island. Among the protagonists of the Pooh and Massimo Ranieri, but also Emma

Part in the ninth edition of Lampedusa or ski event conceived by Claudio Baglioni to express the solidarity of the entertainment world to the beautiful Mediterranean island. Many artists who will participate with the famous artist romano and for all tastes. By young people as Emma and Goodnight, ai pi dated but definitely if no longer loved, Massimo Ranieri and Pooh. There are external names to the music, as Pippo Baudo, Giorgio Panariello and Lino Banfi. As we have said that Liniziativa has in Claudio Baglioni official father, organized in collaboration with the Presidency of the Council, the Ministry dellAgricoltura, the Sicily region and the municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa, as well as by the civil protection. On the beach of Guitigia will take place 5 unforgettable evenings for the population of the beautiful island. The spectacle of sar music with guests such as Pippo Baudo, Giorgio Panariello and Lino Banfi.

But the show will also have a local authority which will have the task of reassuring the population after ugly incidents in recent days, when immigrants in revolt gave the fire at the first reception centre island. And here's to escape the second soul of this show. That not only wants to be in solidarity with the population of the island giving them a unique spectacle, but who also wants to raise the entire Italy on allimmigrazione problems that plague the island, especially in this last period. In the nine years that have seen or Skiing at Lampedusa, the event failed nellintento to have a strong resonance at the international level, and then to bring to the attention of Lampedusa problems throughout the territory. And for this edition Claudio Baglioni promises a show even more beautiful and passionate, aimed to reaffirm the solidarity of the island against immigrants that arrived tried and tired from a long trip to increasingly inhumane conditions stopped.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Inter in Moscow for the Champions

Inter face Cska with men counted. Ranieri could not count on some pieces, such as iportanti and Sneijder, Maicon who seemed to be recovering.
LInter in Moscow for the Champions League game against CSKa. Match tough, especially because the nerazzurri will be free of many important pieces in the IP, and may not even use Forlan, for the known market mess.Good Ranieri is in difficulties to make the series training that will have to face the Russians in a game that is to be crucial for the continuation of the way in Europe. Of course, lInter excellent team, even without Etoo, who in the past, but now lies in both the League and in Europe, faced with the games with many players unavailable for injuries.

In Moscow, Ranieri will not use Sneijder and Maicon, while up to a few days before he can recover at least one thing that was not.That tomorrow, says Ranieri, it will be a tough match, challenging, against an opponent of unquestionable value, and on a field in which we are not accustomed. But in Europe, all matches are difficult. Just a faux pas to not be able to recover. We will then tackle opponents with the highest concentration and attention, to avoid further errors.Basically, the new coach could not do much to prepare dellincontro, as well as also for the Championship. Only one training not even enough to get acquainted, let alone then it would have been possible to organize some tactical move or some particular game scheme.

I could not do other than continue Ranieri, fielding a team in the way in which she was used to play for years. It was the best solution, and the rest was the only possible solution, to make them feel comfortable and safe, and the results have arrived. Now we will try to confirm even at international level; then with the rest we will have more time to recover some important pawn, both to study the situation.

Ranieri, the adjuster, adjust the

The adjuster Ranieri and Team System Inter immediately flies. Won the first three points of the season with Pazzini in the center of the attack.
Ranieri, laggiustatore, adjust lInter, and are just 3 points. Sar maybe a case, although no one really thinks, but soon changed the game system, just Pazzini was deployed in the Centre, in an area c was unInter completely different, a team that, while important, among all absences that Sneijder, has succeeded in having reason dellavversario.Yet, the Bologna had managed to win a point against Juve in Turin, but in the face of this Inter, well in the field by Ranieri, wax very little to do.

Not that we studied was lInter before the game, says Bisoli, and then we soon found themselves in difficulty. Of course, without detracting in Gasperini, lInter view all another Inter at Bologna. But you know, the adjusters to this need, and Ranieri has played in full its task.Without lolandese, the technician has deployed in a similar position, but not quite the same view of the difference in characteristics, the baby Coutinho who has done well, without rimpinagere pi occasionally absent. Zanetti e Cambiasso, were two players completely different from those seen until the debacle of Novara. Returned to the two leaders who have been for many years allInter, especially Zanetti that, despite no longer tender et, raced throughout the game and even more.

Pazzini didn't wrong practically nothing. In addition to scoring the only goal of the benefit has been always distressed defence and gave Milito heel the ball which allowed allargentino to earn the penalty, then transformed.Now waiting from difficult away lInter Russian, not so much for the dellavversario value, but for the many sick, especially in midfield, which will create a few problems to Ranieri. we must now recover also points in the Champions, says the good Claudio, will be a battle, but I trust.

Milan: here comes the first victory in the League

Milan is the first three points of the season, driven by a Cassano in splendid form. Entry in field of Inzaghi in the final minutes, was another happy note.
Milan comes the first victory in the League, and obtained with a revised training for many injuries, but Cassano who returned to be the best themes of Sóller.Without Pato, avr for a few weeks, Cheerful array from the first minute the baby El Shaarawy alongside Cassano then sar luomo that pi all contributed to the victory against Cesena, over all, was the team's draft view in recent matches.

But with this Milan who wanted to win at all costs, very little wax. The rossoneri manage to find the goal that left Seedorf centra langolino to the left of the goalkeeper. If it was a cross or a shot on goal, nobody knows, although the same Dutch dir then that he pulled. However, it remains the feeling that it was a poorly managed.But this isn't some say that AC Milan has demerited, indeed, has led the game without worries danimo and the only difficulty that has encountered the are coming from Martinez why Taiwo had obvious difficulty, so much so that Merry second preferred to replace it.

The rossoneri may bemoan for knockdown in area of Cassano by Rodriguez, but in the end lepisodio is found to be wholly irrelevant.But who has surprised more than all State Cassano. In addition to delight everyone with valuable assists, often also covered in his area. Obviously the fact of playing with continuity makes good, but this applies to all footballers. If you then also have the quality of Sóller, then no limit as regards performance.The positive note was "in the field, in the final minutes in place of Cassano, Inzaghi, absent from football fields for many months. Merry can now count on a striker in the IP.

Inter: Ranieri has men counted for Moscow

Ranieri affronter CSKa Moscow with a team largely remodelled for the many absences. Sneijder will be also not of the match.
Inter with men counted for Moscow away in which Ranieri will have to face CSKA without Sneijder and Maicon, who looked like it could be available.Sure that inter lavventura for good Claudio begins among a sea of trouble, at least as regards the availability of men in the field.
Put in the bag the first victory of the season, the men of team Moratti will now have to try to recover even the Champions, where he probably things will be a tantinello more difficult.Another unknown factor of Russian away the field with synthetic, who after the bad experience novarese, continues, in a sense, to be one of the problems in the IP.Ranieri is confident, but does not hide the difficulties of travel-related difficulties, especially allesiguit of men.

These Squad: Julio Cesar, Luca Castellazzi, Paolo Orlandoni, Lucio, Luca Caldirola, Andrea Ranocchia, Walter Samuel, Cristian Chivu, Davide Faraoni, Jonathan, Yuto Nagamoto, Javier Zanetti, Ricky Alvarez, Esteban Cambiasso, Joel Obi, Philippe Coutinho, Lorenzo Crisetig, Andrea Roman, Gianpaolo Pazzini, Diego Milito, Mauro Zarate.

To scroll through the list of Squad, jumping straight in the eyes of some spring that the technicians dellInter was forced to bring in Moscow, to count on a sufficient number of men.Of course, the many absences, make the trip very complicated, but Ranieri is hoping that his boys can repeat the brilliant performance that has allowed them to seize the first success of this unfortunate start to the season.

And as if that weren't enough then to return to Italy, lInter will have to face even difficult, another team that Naples that definitely want to try to recover the lost points in the last two days of the Championship. But also finished runners-up will be returning Champions dallimpegno, which in one way or nellaltro still affects the results in the League.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Naples: the Blues stopped at home by Fiorentina

Napoli was stopped at home by Fiorentina, nellanticipo by two faces. A first half in which the purple team was definitely superior to Neapolitans and failed to score because a great De Sanctis has literally took a ball from the door, and a second time to make napoletana, Naples closed area Fiorentina, without however being able to build a ball goal.The Blues can deplore a clear handball by Pasqual cross area an excellent Zuniga and a deduction in the area of Hamsik, fouls not seen dallarbitro.

You know, football often thrives on episodes, and these could be episodes that could unlock the result. But cos not state.The Naples fielded by Mazzarri was virtually the same Naples who had beaten AC Milan to São Paulo, except for Zuniga instead may weary, and Fideleff in place of Aronica. The young Argentine defender who seems to have good numbers, pi times found in difficulty, so much so that at the beginning of shooting Mazzarri preferred to replace it with Aronica. The Neapolitan public has understood the difficult time of Fideleff and has nevertheless applauded coming from the field.

It was not a good day for the Blues. In the middle of the field, especially during the first half, Inler was wrong several support and the Naples couldn't ever to share as it usually happens. On the right, you try put pi times distressed Neapolitan defence that you saved in a couple of occasions for its great performance De Sanctis., as often happens, the Naples declined in camp was another team. The viola, who probably had spent time in the first half, they failed pi to Canadian men of God and they thought only to defend themselves. And you know, when you have to play against a team that puts almost all men behind the line of the ball, hard to break.Now the Naples affronter Wednesday night at St. Paul the Villeral of Pepito Rossi. Game definitely difficult but not impossible.

Robert Pattinson: nothing album

Robert Pattinson incider not an album. The news of his involvement in a work record was categorically denied by the spokesman of the actor. In recent days had emerged the possibility to see Robert Pattinson grapple music with an album of her own.

C ’ great expectation for the first part of Breaking Dawn, the last chapter of the Twilight saga. Finally the vampire Edward sposer his beautiful, but will live happily ever after? You will find only in a year when ’ also get the last part of the film. In the meantime to continue talking about Robert Pattinson. The ’ English actor always at the center of gossip for her relationship with Kristen Stewart, short on them constantly emerge many voices most often unfounded. This happens especially when a celebrity so requested by the public, you always talk about it, while not telling any truth. Also for the beautiful Robert Pattinson happened the same thing and this time not ’ nothing to Kristen Stewart.

A few days ago the news that Robert Pattinson was to record an album. All fan fierce and skilled bel Rob know perfectly well that the ’ actor a great music lover, tant ’ that also loves to make collection of guitars. Robert Pattinson loves to write and sing songs, so after the acting c ’ also this strong love for music. By States every day news arrived on the new musical project that would involve Robert Pattinson, had also discussed its early engraving of ’ album. All fake, Robert Pattinson incider not an album.

The news came from dell spokesman ’ actor who wanted to deny categorically the involvement of Robert in a musical project. The fans most fierce gi dreamed of to listen to the voice of their favorite vampire, in effect as an idea would not be bad. In short you could safely make the great appeal of ’ actor, who has scores of girls screaming throughout the world, certainly the album would not have been a flop. You need to satisfy you to see it on the big screen, Robert Pattinson incider not an album.

Christmas holidays: De Sica and Ferilli already on set

Are already matches the shooting of new Christmas holidays by Neri Parenti, the Director returned to its roots by telling the Christmas holidays in Cortina, the starting point of the entire film series in recent years there has always done. De Sica and Ferilli are the protagonists.

And ’ just get the ’ autumn, but already there is talk of Christmas holidays. Warning for not talking or great gifts Christmas lunches, but the new film by Neri Parenti. As every year during the festive season could not miss the film comedy Vacanze di Natale. Are now matches gi from two weeks filming the new film funny that each year at the top of the charts. Christian De Sica and Sabrina Ferilli will reference points where router l ’ entire history. Now gi for some years that the couple seems to be more consolidated, that their comicit manages to be in perfect harmony and how cinepanettone always a great success.

This time in Christmas vacation-Cortina there will be no hot landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, Beverly Hills or quant ’ other, but you will return to old habits. Do you remember in the early 1990s when it told the story of Christmas curtain Forbes? Well Neri Parenti decided to return to the origins, when the snow, Christmas decorations, the mountains were fundamental for his Christmas holidays. De Sica and Ferilli gi on the set are grappling with this new very funny Christmas story, the two Roman actors will be supported by other characters in the film and not as Ricky Memphis, Dario Bandiera, Ivano Marescotti, Katia and Valeria along with Giuseppe Giacobazzi.

C a ’ introduction ’ much more comic all ’ within the cast, not surprisingly we find characters Zelig. The spirit then must always be laughter, which is based on ’ entire history of the Christmas holidays with De Sica and Ferilli first row. Producer De Laurentiis wanted to have their say on the selection of the set and return to the past: ” we started from Cortina and after having led many viewers around the world, this ’ year at Christmas we go back on the Queen of the Dolomites. For this reason we have taken the title and the spirit of an comicit that since then reflect with sarcasm and irony, the portrait of some, maybe most of cluw. ”

Allegri: "hard time, but the group is reliable"

The Milan of Allegri has counted men, especially in attack. After the injury of Pato, El-Shaarawy partir beginning alongside Cassano in the home game against Cesena.
For the moment of his Cheerful Milan certainly difficult, and this because of injuries that put lallenatore to have a few choices in the areas of the most important.
With linfortunio of Pato, who is expected to stay out a few weeks, the choice forward becomes increasingly difficult. The good news that Inzaghi has recovered and now Grinstead of Allegri, who, before you can rely on a player who stayed out for so long and for a serious injury, over all, will have to wait a while, even if the player the question is called Inzaghi, l ’ stainless Super goof.

The crying, as they say, and AC Milan will have to try to make the most of the round and make points with Cesena, although it is in fact a bad reviews. A positive result would be, for the merry men and environment, an injection of confidence and self-esteem to face the second round of the Champions, a competition in which all take place in a particular way.

Returning to the game tomorrow, Milan could deploy since inception the young El Shaarawy. He tells young, cheerful, and lives the moment with great enthusiasm and with a hint of unconsciousness, typical of its age. Go left and you don't have to upload it to liability. We must help him bravo and to express themselves at best, with tranquility. Alongside Cassano is fine, but even he can give a lot more.

The misstep with lUdinese not worry most of all, on the contrary, he considers that game a moment of growth of his team who knew how to deal with the right concentration, albeit with men counted especially after linfortunio of Pato, a Udinese which, with regard, in command.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Claudio Ranieri, the adjuster

Claudio Ranieri's debut on Inter's bench against Cesena, an opponent is not easy. The new coach of the nerazzurri convinced to revive the team.
Claudio Ranieri, laggiustatore, luomo just to put things allInter. But, if we want to be honest, genuine and serious faults good Gasperini has none. Had arrived at the Court of Moratti believes that, as often said, was for him a point of arrival. But as they passed the days during the period of England, probably had begun to realize that it was just a lInter crossroads, a short stage of his career as a coach, and nothing more.
And, eventually, his feeling is proven right. His only fault was that of not adapting to the men he had available, considering that those that were used for fielding the team that was in his thoughts, but not had data. Great little fault which cost lesonero.In fact, in football, if things don't go right, mica may exempt players and even less the leadership that, in most situations, the most responsible of the disappointing results of the team.

But this is now the past. The future is called Ranieri and he, laggiustatore, prover to put things right.Let's say that the first game that will have to face prohibitive ones, although the Bologna went to equalize for 1-1 in Turin with la Juve, but a positive result will be important, why give the signal of change to the team and the environment, and this also allows allInter to deal with the most trusted the Russian lattende away after only 4 days. And then to São Paulo, against Napoli, which will reduce anchegli by internal Champions match with Villareal.

A beginning of all rest for Ranieri, not what to say. But the good Claudio man of experience and charisma, and will find the right solutions.

After the setback with Chievo, Fiorentina

Mazzarri explains why was forced to make certain choices for the match with Chievo. Against the Fiorntina at the San Paolo counts in order to use the same who they played against AC Milan.
The Naples affronter Fiorentina at home after batting darresto with Chievo on away goals. The team of Charles confirmed the Bete Noire of the men of God, although in this case, the Treaty of sheer bad luck. The massive turnover operated by the technician of the azzurri had, until that time, allowed the Neapolitans did not suffer more than occasionally. Sure, they had created large balls, except loccasione on bottom of Santana 's, but the same thing had made the Chievo.
Without the unfortunate mistake of Fideleff, which in addition everything up to that time had resulted in more than good, whereas it was also allesordio in a completely new to him, probably would have closed l'incontro goalless. But you know, football is not an exact, there are too many variables in the game and also a lump of soil raised can cause a deviation.

To whom it reproaches for leaving out too many titolarissimi, although questanno does not like the bench last season and without a doubt most equipped, Mazzarri replica couldn't use some players, otherwise I would have risked not having them for the match with Fiorentina. I when I do the training, I work closely with the preparer Pondrelli, which I always suggest what are the players who could be at risk of injury, if I were to use them. Then, my choices were obliged. In fact, may was listed as one, I had to replace it because it has accused of problemini that hopefully will not have consequences for the next races ”.

“ Fiorentina continues Mazzarri, a very strong team, even if devoid of Gilardino for the known injury, and therefore will be a game in which I hope to be able to use the same men who have played for Milan account. Only doubt Lavezzi. We still don't know if he has recovered completely, but in principle there should be no problems.

Hiv: compound to avoid infection

Discovered a compound able to avoid infection of cells affected by the HIV virus. The compound comes from pectin and paste it on the diseased cells as a ballast.

This may be a very important discovery, carried out by a team of researchers at the University of Utah, in America. It seems that scientists have managed to discover a particular compound able to create a protective film around the cells of the virus dellHIV, managing to avoid infection to healthy cells. Patrick f. Kiser, project coordinator and teacher at the Faculty of medicine, explained that in contrast to classical drugs that treat lHIV, which affect the mechanisms involved in the infection, this novel compound that prevents click mechanism. The secret lies in a family of proteins, lectins. These proteins are particularly attracted by sugars. And sugars completely cover all of the dellHIV virus. In short, inserting of lectins in the blood, these stick virus cells, preventing them from starting the mechanism of the infection. A ballast, practically.

All trials, whose findings were published in the scientific journal Molecular Pharmaceutics were made with natural pectin extracted from plants or from bacteria. And gave all a positive outcome. A problem for c. The cost. Extract the lectin cost much. Scientists then you have to do to play in the lab, so by trying to lower costs. The compound sinettico manages to have the same effects of lectin. How do you explain the same Kiser, an element capable of defend dallHIV must respond to certain characteristics: it must be comprehensive, it must be very powerful and can be reproduced in quantity. And the new anti-HIV compound seems to have all of these features. Could be a really big breakthrough in the fight against this disease. Especially the feature that would make this compound a medicine would be the low cost. If you could get the mixture against lHIV at low cost, we could save millions of people, especially in regions of the world where lHIV become a pandemic.

Tbc: Fazio positive

Health Minister Fazio positive TB. As 20 Italians on 100. And the whole family of a child born to the twins in 2010.

On the case of TB at the Agostino Gemelli university polyclinic in Rome, the Health Minister Ferruccio Fazio. After being subjected to the same test performed at all children involved nellepidemia, Fazio positive result. During the press conference held yesterday in Rome, Fazio explained that 1 on 5 is positive TB test. In fact, the test indicates that the subject came in contact with the virus of TB, which has developed the disease. During the press conference, Funk explained that are made of insights on recent cases of contagion of the twins and will increase communication with families. According to family law Fazio to get reliable information and not conflicting. Especially in this particular case, given that several children are involved. And we give them reason.

Meanwhile increased people tested positive to the test. Of the latter now the news of an entire family to Tbc, mother, father, son and the little house, born in 2010, the twins. A prominent member of the tuberculosis Commission, Giorgio Besozzi, defends the Polyclinic. The doctor says that at the time of the birth of the small linfermiera had just been hired, so it could be contagious. The defenses of the family takes Codacons, actively involved in the affair. Through the words delivered by advocate of Stable, Alessia, Codacons does know that you are already moving towards legally hospital also recently infected family members. Fazio continues to be very sympathetic to the parents of infected children and promises them, and to all Italians, that there will be ever more episodes of this type. In addition, the Minister is personally interesting platform for children in therapy can have all the vitamins needed for free. Fazio also announces a new regulation for the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Keira Knightley strips in A Dangerous Method

Keira Knightley strips in A Dangerous Method. The actress confessed his great difficulty in having to perform fully nude in this film dramamtica under David Cronenberg. After a careful study of the character has then decided to accept.

Short arriver in our cinemas film A Dangerous Method, ’ presented at the last edition of the Venice Film Festival. The film, directed by David Cronenberg, seemed to be the favorite to win the lion d ’ gold. In the end not been so, but this film really intrigued the press that he greatly appreciated the work of Cronenberg. Obviously it is hoped that the public might appreciate A Dangerous Method which tells of the particular triangle between Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Sabina, a woman struggling with a particularly intense and tormented life. The two psychiatrists try to discover where it comes from evil woman's psychological, but will not be so simple.

L ’ actress Keira Knightley, English actress best known for his participation in the saga of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Keira Knightley strips in A Dangerous Method, a complicated role that the same actress has confessed to having almost refused. Life particularly distressed by Sabina was not very easy to interpret for Keira, especially for some scenes very crude. Among these, as well as a ’ in which the actress had to masturbate, c ’ was nude. Keira Knightley strips in A Dangerous Method, and she was the first time ever in his career d ’ actress.

All ’ start Keira confessed to not wanting to completely address a scene like that, so recite bare never been his aspiration and the difficulty to do so were many. Keira then started to study his character, to read, to understand his psyche and talking about it with the Director he accepted: “ at that point I jumped, trying to read and see all that's left of her, of her writings, her life ended tragically. ” Also Keira Knightley has also confessed to having drunk some of vodka in order to make that scenetestimony of ’ huge difficulties encountered.

Men and women advances: Emanuela tip Francesco Monte

Men and women advances: now the sequel that reminds couples last season. Many love stories are already finished.Resist Teresanna and Antonio. Meanwhile, Emanuela tip Francesco Monte

Men and women advances today will continue the sequel started yesterday on coppi formed the last edition of the program. In the episode of Maria De Filippi yesterday showed a video in which you could see the merry pairs formed nelledizione 2010/2011. Leonardo and Diletta you show in the video as a couple beaming and fun. Well, you are left. Then it was time the pair Bigella and Apicerni. Also erupted despite the decision of the beautiful Sardinian to follow his love in Rome. Nothing good even by Marco Meloni and Ludovica Chieffo, which after a rousing first passionate relationship, guess what you are left. For font incompatibilities. Those who remain? Ah, the pair Alessio The Step and Giulia Montanarini. Perhaps the only couple that amazed not for having left her. Resist Teresanna instead and Antonio Pugliese Passarelli. The public doesn't want so much as a couple, but they seem to deny it and continue to live their brilliant story of love.

Advances in men and women of today, September 23, you can easily confirm the presence of the protagonists in the studio exploded, pairs that tell to the public at large the why and how the end of their love story. But another news that we must necessarily give. The beautiful Lisa, one of the corteggiatrici throne, appears to have decided who deserves his attention: Francis. Beautiful, dark, tall and extremely polite, Francis seems to have already conquered the hearts of Emanuela declaring on a specific blog, his affection for the beautiful tronista. It seems that the only watch it in your eyes the mandi in confusion. To be certain, however, did not limit his horizons, Emanuela claims not disdain even others tronisti, Cristian Riccardo and Emanuele. Simple tastes for the beautiful Emanuela, who, like say, puts his hands on.

Men and women advances: pairs Bet today

By men and women advances we find that today will broadcast the episode of couples. All the characters who animated the last edition of men and women will be present in the studio. Couples and couples say their exploded on their emotional state.

We are the first week of the return of both men and women. After the first few episodes a disappointing, dedicated to the throne over, yesterday we remade the eyes with the four aspirants who have revived definitely tronisti transmission. One wonders now quand ’ that go aired on throne rosa, this surely will happen today. We were accustomed to strong uncertainties regarding the advances for women and men, but now it seems that the editors wanted to budge. On the official website of the program showed that this ’ today andr finally aired the episode of couples.

And ’ was in fact the first recording of the new season of men and women, with the return to the studio of pairs of the past year and some little surprise, as the presence of Monica Pisano and Nicola Foderaro that announced the arrival of their eldest son ’. This time then the men and women advances appear to be successful, but never say never. We will review this ’ today in the studio Leonardo Greco and Diletta Pagliano, a couple who now seems to be permanently called goodbye, but at the time of recording this episode of couples was still happily engaged. You will then see if there will be some indication that avr brought then to breakage. C ’ was in fact the fear that this fateful Episode pairs could not actually go on the air, but apparently not sar cos.

Not obviously present only Leonardo and Delights, but there will be also Giulia Montanarini, Alexios I Step, Marco Meloni, Ludovica Chieffo, Claudia Borroni, Samuel Nardi, in short all tronisti and suitors who animated the last season of men and women. Take a deep breath and then to an episode full of screams and litigate, not said also that it is only one day at a dedicated Episode of couples, the clashes, according to the men and women advances, can be protracted for a p.

Died: infection for 3 trial of doctors Hospital ’ of Modica

Trial with charges of manslaughter for the three doctors of the Hospital of Modica. In August 2010 a woman died as a result of an infection contracted after orthopaedic surgery.

Trial for 3 doctors hospital maggiore of Modica in virt dellimplicazione in the same in the tragic death of a patient. The decision was taken by the Prosecutor of Modica by the Chief Public Prosecutor Francesco Puleio. Laccusa of manslaughter. But how are things? Therefore nellestate of 2010 a siciliana, S.C. sub surgery to his right leg following a severe fracture. After a brief stay Mrs. pot back to his home. Torn for three times in the hospital to undergo the usual monitoring visits. The controls were so superficial that it seems none of the three doctors who had carried out lha noticed that there was a serious infection. After a few days dallultimo control, infection was so extended by Mrs. urgent hospitalization. The July 22, 2010 entr resuscitation Department hospital Maggiore di Modica.

At the beginning it seemed that things would return to the place. After 15 days spent in intensive care, the patient was transferred to the Department. Where he remained alive for 48 hours. You turned off due to a respiratory arrest. Probably if he remained in intensive care you could save. The Prosecutor explained that doctors have sin of incompetence when not intervened with a suitable therapy for serious dellinfezione. In addition, all symptoms that had Mrs. were typical signs of a sharp deterioration. These include high fever, increased pain and dehydration. Could easily be intercepted and handled gi to the first monitoring visits. This would surely have saved Mrs. from a tragic death as a result of a simple orthopedic intervention. We hope that this accusation is a warning to those people who do their work with professionalism. In all classes, but in that of doctors in particular.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Murder Melania Rea: the truth about cell phones

There are interesting new clues about the murder of Melanie Rea. According to investigators the truth will emerge from the cellular of the couple. To Melania Rea had sms deleted, seems to be this track right to the truth.

Continue the unrelenting investigation on ’ murder of Melania Rea, the girl from Somma Vesuviana disappeared on 18 April and found lifeless in the woods of Ripe Civitella. Investigators have identified the husband Salvatore Parolisi the main suspect for this murder, but there are still no concrete evidence that they can fully bring out the truth. For the PM does not seem to be many doubts as to the murderer of Melania ’ Rea, the husband of author ’ this brutal crime took place, according to the various reconstructions of the facts, right in the forest dov ’ found the body of the victim. And ’ in this area that the investigators are working to find some other important test.

Now there seems to be a new investigations concerning the murder of Melania ’ Rea. We are focusing very much on the schedules of death and of the various calls made by Salvatore Parolisi warning the police of the disappearance of his wife. The truth is expected to emerge from the cellular of the couple. The suspicion of investigators increased investigating thoroughly on cellphone Melania, that deletion of the last sms sent and received. On the ’ murder of Melania Rea the truth should emerge from cell phones. For this reason investigators have hired an experienced mobile telecommunications to attempt to discover what are the sms erased and understand where are the first matches of Salvatore Parolisi calls.

One wonders especially because these have been deleted here, that sms investigators will emerge the whole truth about the murder of Melania ’ Rea. ’ and also important to clarify who has deleted sms and why he did it. In addition, legal Salvatore Parolisi, now in jail, have announced that a short show evidence that scagioneranno their assisted, which of course continues to plead innocent. The truth in one step? The track seems to be the right one.

Depression: symptoms and treatment

The depression has symptoms that may be of different nature. We need to know in order to treat them. The first symptom certainly apathy.

The depression the new evil of the century. More and more people are suffering from symptoms of depression. Especially with dellautunno and vie for the attention of the scorciarsi of the daylight hours. The depression has symptoms very specific, not to be confused with the natural seasonal malaise. Among the main symptoms of depression there are sleep disturbances, demotivation General against both the work of the normal daily habits, lack of energy, mood on the ground. In short, the depression has symptoms of a different nature, but having one or more of these symptoms does not necessarily mean being depressed. Depression a serious pathology, to keep under control the medium, absolutely should not be underestimated. Symptoms most relevant, in addition of course to feel gi tone, there are also the feeling of being useless and a hidden desire, but not too much of death. Beware also allintestino. It seems that one of the most common symptoms of depression patients, either a sudden intestinal irregolarit, resulting in an increase or decrease in weight. Who really depressed lives a completely helpless, that danimo is also reflected on his facial expression.

Men tend to not give weight to the symptoms of depression. Usually respond to erupt in disease with attitude irritated and nervous. Nervousness can also be caused by intestinal irregolarit. For this the people who have fear of falling into depression should first of all take care dellintestino, taking a probiotic Yoghurt with regularity that helps improve the regularity. It seems a joke, but cos. Of course, when the symptoms of depression are most important, and are accompanied by a sense of complete inutilit, apathy and complete death wish, better turn immediately to a specialist doctor. Women are the most affected. Or maybe they are the most inclined to accept lincorrere of the disease.

Elisabetta Canalis saved by televoting

Elisabetta Canalis still in play to "Dancing with the stars. saved by tele-voting after arriving last to the first episode. Thanks Elizabeth and promises sparks.
The Canalis EC lha. The audience of Dancing with the Stars on the wants and lha dalleliminazione saved the televoting. The first episode of the American program was not a great success for the local Elizabeth after an unlikely cha cha cha, has threatened to quit prematurely by the program. The Canalis he justified by saying that lemozione lha overwhelmed. In addition, during the tests, had a minor accident in the shoulder, already weakened by a congenital problem. Not just aware of televoting, Elizabeth dellesito thanked the American public, promising to repay their trust with maximum commitment. The performance of Canalis was choreographed on pop music's ‘ Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. A choreography that lironia aroused a judge. Elizabeth and her partner/dance teacher Valentin Chmerkovski, rising from bed after a long night damore and danced in pairs or together. Comment of witty judge was: Eri pi brava between the sheets. In short, everything unless a bellesordio for the former velina. Yet she was dressed in a sexy, beautiful in his skin-tight suit. And we also exchanged a kiss with the dancer, to make the choreography more truthful. Hopefully you admit and begin to dance in decent manner. At least to recover from the loss of his love life, George Clooney who is consoling gi with a new flame. After a brief spell in Italy, lha view posing nude for a calendar for unification authority trade shows animal protection, Elizabeth back in the United States to continue his career. And participate in the program Dancing with the stars. Unfortunately for now seems like a great choice. But the audience loves him demonstrated the televoting. Then, Elizabeth, get busy, that we, here, let's cheer for you.

The Rem is gratefully

After 31 years melt the Rem. ' There we go with a great sense of gratitude. Greetings and thanks directly from the pages of the official site.

After 31 years of honorable career the Rem announce their breakup. And they do through the web site of the band, A collective message, dellintera Band and many individual personal messages as there are members of the group, to greet fans and to thank them. As R.E.M and as friends of a lifetime and co-conspirators, we decided to close our history as a band. There we go with a great sense of gratitude, of accomplishment and amazement to everything we have achieved. To all those who are excited with our music, our deep thanks for listened. Cos the historical group American salutes supporters that followed them for over 30 years.

Unexpected conclusion for this historical group, which started in 1980 in Georgia. Born as anti-conformist, Rem were awarded the honors of the public thanks to the famous song "Losing my Religion, which was dellalbum Out of Time. After many years of honorable career, multiply the greetings and thanks the members of the band. The singer, Michael Stipe, emphasizes the decision to conclude his career such as Rem, stressing that we must learn to go. And they do it their way. With class and discretion, typical features of their music. There are greetings and thanks for those who believed in them and for those who have worked with them, contributing to the great success that have gotten over the years. As Peter Bucks moved to greet Bill Berry was forced to leave the band in the early days of his career. A blow for all fans, who probably hoped to be able to hear new successes of their pets, especially after the great success with its last album, tour, Collapse into now. We have to wait luscita dellimmancabile Greatest Hits

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The pill that erase the bad memories

Erase the bad memories will soon reality. This thanks to research carried out by the team of Cristina Posts, Professor of Neuroscience Department of New York.
Selectively erase unwelcome memories would be the cure-all for veterans, victims of rape and traffic accidents. Studies and research have brought to light various experimental methods but thanks to a neuroscientist, the technique definitive cancellation of memories and their control at your fingertips.
The discovery was illustrated in Venice during the 7TH Conference on The future of Science, which has as its object, in this Edition, the mind. Essentially, the researchers found that long-term memories linked to fears and anxieties, need to be imprinted by the release of hormones like cortisol and ladrenalina; with this discovery, it is believed that a drug therapy that mimics the hormonal fixation of the mind would be the key to check the memory.

Emotions act as adhesive, the team of Prof. Posts, acting on the receptors cortisono, stress hormone, they managed to find a way to control lintensit of fixation. In this way it will be possible to alleviate a memory or printed in memory. For this process, a crucial role as dallIGF2, the growth factor for linsulina. Introducing lIGF2 nellippocampo it will affect the entire learning process.

A pill could represent the definitive cancellation technique and control of memory, although for now, the experiments were performed on mice. Professor Cristina Posts explains that this discovery could help patients who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, drug users who perform a recovery path but above all, more simply, the discovery could help those suffering from senile dementia as lAlzheimer.

The Naples hunting ransom against Chievo

Napoli-Chievo tackles away without the Pocho, a look at a round of rest to recover completely from the ankle injury.
The Naples seeks redemption against Chievo who last year managed to bring him on six points, not unimportant.This one thing you absolutely must not recur, they think God and all the Blues, and this will have to face their opponent with maximum concentration, just as if it were the City of Milan, or not makes no difference.
No intensity and concentration the Napoli could risk, just like the past season, when Chievo affront "lightly, with too much in return.And for this God, in these few days, he repeated to the boredom that the match should be dealt with as if it were a final, as always says.

The technician toscano has however decided to operate a robust turnover, also in view of the forthcoming close together with the Naples engaged Saturday against Fiorentina at San Paulo, next Wednesday for Champions Villereal l'incontro always at home and, finally, Saturday lInter at San Siro then a rest for Lavezzi, so as to enable it to recover completely dallinfortunio ankle, and also for rest and Campagnaro Dossena, the latter also a grave tragedy that hit him these days.

You should see lesordio in the League of Fernandez, while dense mystery about who will replace the Pocho alongside Cavani. Although not sar, Campagnaro speaks dellimpegno that awaits his companions. We have to play at Serie a, just as if we were playing against a great. Last year we lost with them 6 points. Sometimes happen to underestimate their opponent, especially after a major victory with a club like Milan, but this time should not completely succeed. We started well last, but not for this we must not continue to commit ourselves. We can and must still improve.

Google + opens to the public

Google Plus it seems to the public. The new Social Network Google no longer on the invitation. dozens of innovative applications. Also for hi-Phone.

Google Plus opens its doors. At all. The Social Network of Mountain View becomes public. Until now, access to Google + was only on invitation. And despite this Facebook IM afraid. Chiss concern of magnate Mark Zuckerberg to discover its opening to the public. The pap Google Plus, Vic Gundrota explains to have continuously evolved social media from the day of his birth, with over 100 edits, to try to make this software more and more similar to real life, introducing all the nuances. Gundrota also speaks of digits. Over 25 million users already active on Google +. And growing. Basically we are putting their all to reach Facebook and maybe overcome it. As says the same Gundrota, easier to count those inside the firm does not work for Google + who believe firmly.

But in short, what are the main differences with most known Facebook? First of all linserimento of circles. In fact, Google users can categorize friendships + in club confined, interacting with them depending on the will. In order to decide on data sharing. Other news a chance to talk with 9 people simultaneously in videoconferencing even by the phone and the possibility to share documents and work on it. Furthermore there is also a key search inside the Social Network. But the news that interest that certainly dester pi meeting Live Video. A method to attend concerts, rather than conferences, live, with the possibility to share your movie. You will treat a revolution, as they believe Google + developers? I hope. The basis for a first-quality product we all are. Also applications for Android. Now they just increase the users, and you're done.

Bad memories: clears with a medicine

On arrival a medicine that promises to eliminate the bad memories. The discovery was made in New York by a scientific team led by Cristina Posts

Are drugs that erase the bad memories. To support scientists in neurology department in New York, led by Cristina posts. According to the results of the study disclosed on the occasion of the 7TH Conference on The future of science in Venice, baster swallow a Tablet capable of impeding the formation of certain hormones, and there remember pi nothing bad. Lequipe science has discovered a particular mechanism, what controls the consolidation of memories. This mechanism directly linked to certain hormones and serves to cancel or reinforce memory. Acting on hormones, it is possible to act on the mechanism.

Therefore. How can we imagine that our mind store a memory for a very long time, that this is tied to a strong emotional state, both positive and negative. As soon as you exceed the threshold stress, a rather strange thing happens. The brain as if you were to block and decrease its ability to manage learning not to consolidate memory. Many memories are directly linked to the release of hormones. In particular, the Adrenaline and cortisol. You can take advantage of these hormones to increase or decrease the ability to remember.

So scientists have made an experiment of this type. On some mice (and poor beasts, always in the Middle when c by torturing) have given a high dose of negative growth factor to block the formation of memory. On the contrary it administered the positive, IGF2 to strengthen it. And experiments have given reason scientists, With a medicine you can forget the bad memories. Now it only remains to verify that these components are not toxic (there he worries before injecting mice, right?) and then passer experimentation on humans. We have to wait. And perhaps begin to write a diary. You never know, maybe we erase memories

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Allegri: "Need more attention, well Pato and Ronaldinho"

For the match with Udinese, Allegri thinks use offensively Pato and Cassano in Naples, which behaved well. Inzaghi could go on the bench.
Merry has no doubt: we need greater attention. In Naples, we made mistakes, especially on the second goal of the Blues, which have affected the result dellincontro. With teams such as those of God, we expose ourselves to the possibility of counterattack, otherwise you pay the consequences, as the State.

Now AC Milan will have to face lUdinese, team that last year, has put the rossoneri in difficulty. And then it will be important not to make mistakes. They have a great Christmas, coach striker livornese, in recent years has won a few times the markers and one that marks a lot, so we must be very careful not to make mistakes, so as not to give him a chance to hurt. The problem I have now are injured and in particular, I have no problems in defence, midfield I have some choice you can make, forwards are numbered. Play Pato and Cassano. Although the Brazilian was criticized for the match in Naples, instead he did well, as Antonio, then they will be two field against the team of Guidolin. Inzaghi, who is training with continuity and that is improving, I could take him on the bench, but the best will in the next few hours, depending on his own terms.

Meanwhile, Ibrahimovic returned to Milan and is trying to recover dallinfortunio in the shortest possible time. I hope to recover more quickly the injured; Ibra, Allegri, I should have it available for the Champions or the next one against Juve, as well as Boateng, while Robinho I predict long times. It will use Ibrahimovic before a full recovery, because it would be stupid to take risks to get it, if anything, for playing and risking losing it for 1 or 2 months. I would never do such a thing, except for the last match of the Champions League or, if it were really necessary.

Giovinco, Atom Ant, followed with interest by juve

Sebastian Giovinco Dove team has a chance to play with regularity, and effects are seen. Already three goals in two League games.
Giovinco, Atom Ant, Parma has found a way to get back into the show.The fact that the Dove team talentino Pocket he play with continuity and, you know, talented players if they play with regularity, they can only grow.
And in fact Marotta is carefully following even if for now, interest of Juve, who is part owner of the card by Sebastian Giovinco, stops here. However, if the little striker should maintain a high level, most likely next year, the black-and-white company might seriously consider the possibility to redeem half the card which divides with Parma. Moreover, the player also like accounts. Thank goodness that met our technical juventino says, everything is to see if Parma sar intended to help it.

It will be difficult, since according to Ghirardi, Giovinco also by foreign teams, but the President of Parma seems to strongly bent on not to give the talented player.However, if they could speak again in January, saw that Dove seems to have prompted its leadership and Amauri, so you might as well make an Exchange or a market operation which could in some way satisfy both company.

But at the moment Giovinco is fine where it is, since in Parma plays with regularity. And the positive effects were not made to wait. The player, in fact, jumped to the top of the chart cannoneers, even if in the company of other strikers, with three goals, two of which marked the last League match, and then Dove hardly take some abstain from it, even if in Exchange you get Amauri.

The most likely scenario at the end of the season the President Ghirardi to everything to restrain Giovinco, even at the cost of going to envelopes with Juve, a not insignificant, given the difference of economic availability between the two companies.

Ryan Gosling: Eva Mendes? No after Bullock and Mc Adams

Ryan Gosling talks about his personal life. And of his loves. Sandra Bullock and Rachel Mc Adams. No after them has pi centered his heart.

Ryan Goslin disproves the rumors that want boyfriend of the beautiful Eva Mendes. And it does so by quoting his two great loves pi: Sandra Bullock and Rachel Mc Adams. And declaring that no after them, managed to capture his heart. A new declaration for the two former damore they had conquered Ryan during the filming of many important films. For Sandra Bullock galeotto Formula for a crime, while for the spark scocc Mc Adams during the pages of our lives. Now no girlfriend horizon, only one film that engages as a marriage.

Rayan said that would put a family and maybe could leave even career to devote himself body and soul to his alleged children. Not that the missed opportunities are, of course. Bryan Goslin a veritable sex symbol. Among his recent flirt include Olivia Wilde, Blake Lively and Kat Dennings. But their report Bryan does not speak. Goslin risen recently to the lights of the limelight gossippara for some photos that they see him walk to Disneyland with the beautiful Eva Mendes. So for now nothing new in the field of love. Of course, we will know then how svilupper lamicizia with the lovely Eva

Meanwhile, as we said, Bryan Goslin is devoted to a new film, whose plot still top secret. After the successes to which has accustomed us, including Half Nelson that earned the nomination allOscar as best actor and Golden Globe nomination with Lars and the real girl and Blue Valentine, the film that is about to finish filming could not that be a great success. Or at least I hope. As the hope of finding the woman of his life and form the family covets.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Digital psychologist to say stop smoking

Digital psychologist arrives to help quit smoking. Every day a personal coach motivandoci for us not switch presented the famous cigarette.

Smoking hurts. And a fact. And now, along with the usual written threatening to raw photos accompanying the awareness campaigns, also comes the psychologist. The new anti smoking campaign entitled ex-smokers. Are irresistible was desired by the European Commissioner for health and consumer policies, better known as SANCO, John Dalli. The project reference, and three years and avr for the purpose of conveying a positive message with regard to quit smoking. For example, under lineando how much money you can save by surrendering to our beloved blondes.

But what exactly? This is a real online community called iCoach able to follow nellarduo to quit smoking. Virtual therapy is divided into 5 different stages. You get to the stage 4 when you stop smoking. You pass Stadium 5 when we considered healed from our virtual coach. Therefore, after having subscribed to the site with all personal data, you will be asked some questions to which we should respond in a sincere way possible. Depending on our responses, we entered into a stage of addiction. Every day, on our pc, we will receive an email that we sproner to continue the fight against smoking. Tips, exercises, tests, we should help through positive thinking, to give up cigarettes. In short, this is a real practical help that goes far beyond the usual from campaigns.

To worry about the medical specialists of et between 25 and 34 years, mostly women, smokers. Then you tried to find a way to bring this slice of smokers to awareness. And in the era of the internet you know a method pi shared a social network? For our part we can only say one thing, much in the topic: I like it!

Rihanna sexy in Brazil

Rihanna sexy even more than usual. On stage in the Park Anhembi in São Paulo, Brazil, with dizzying neckline, fishnet stockings and high heels.

Rihanna climbed onstage in Anhembi Park in São Paulo, Brazil, with a look even more provocative than usual. Shirt marine-striped black and white, with deep neckline that leaves little allimmaginazione, Stiletto heels and endless legs bandaged from sexy fishnet stockings. Lacked the trousers are replaced by a provocative black pant. Between songs and ballets os did go into raving fans flocked to applaud you. The Tour party for the promotion of Loud, album that is going to enter the annals as the singer of Barbados has already announced on Twitter that his next album will be out in autumn. Fans welcome with enthusiasm the news, which however was not unexpected, in fact most avid followers already knew the presence of a new work in the recording studio. With Loud tour, Rihanna toccher two dates Italian: l11 December sar in Turin and the following day, 12, Milan.

Rihanna aka Robyn Rihanna Fenty, born in Barbados and the first singer of that nation to have won Grammy Awards. In 2005 her first album, Music of the sun from which the hits most famous: Pon de Replay, A Girl Like me and Sos. After 2 years, in 2007, Rihanna Public Good Girl Gone Bad who consecrated the success. Unforgettable Umbrella, one of his songs that surely will stay in his discography as one of the most known. In 2009 Rihanna tries a different path, from dance pop goes to a gloomy, with album pi R & B influences, Rated R, but in 2010 part-session at the origins and has again produced a success after the other thanks allalbum Loud, sonorit dance-pop. Rihanna followed dalletichetta label Def Jam that helped the singer to get a resounding success: 20 million albums sold worldwide and more than 60 million individuals.

MOM to 57 years: doctor gives birth to twins

A woman doctor becomes MOM to 57 years. In Pregnancies at risk of hospital in Salerno are nate Carola Pia and Adriana Cristina. small are fine.

Birth records in Salerno. Silvana Sofia, Medical profession, 57 years gave birth to two new twist. After years and years of trying, finally Dr. Sofia has crowned its dream. And allinsolita and 57 years gives birth to two stunning new twist: Karola Pia and Adriana Cristina respectively 2 kg and 1 Kg 360 grams. The small, Adriana Cristina, currently assisted artificially in breathing, but his conditions are good. Delighted that moved mother Silvana tells her joy and thanked the Lord for having achieved his greatest dream: that of life. In every sense. The woman was followed during the entire pregnancy, by the Team of Dr. Raffaele Petta, of Pregnancies at risk, and other 3 medical specialists, Sal Polichetti, De Rosa and Carmela Pugliese. The luminaries have explained that let advanced Lady requested particular assistance.

But Silvana Sofia lived quietly this long-awaited pregnancy. At least not from a physical point of view. The Lady in fact, already from before remain interesting, suffered from diabetes and hypertension, 2 very dangerous diseases for any pregnancy. In addition, he also had a large fibroids. As if that weren't enough, during this period the placentas of girls joined, merging into one bag, cos by mixing the blood vessels. Well, this seems to be the motivation that explains the cos big weight difference between the two. In short, it was a walk through this new MOM. But EC lha. And rejoice of his undertaking, not forgetting the doctors who assisted finished, nurses and hospital. Regardless of how you think about teenage pregnancy and advanced, this story sends us a clear message: the strength of pu all desire. Or almost.

Vasco Rossi back on Facebook. To speak of road accident victims

Vasco Rossi back on Facebook. And it does so with a long post about life. And death. Of pain and suffering. But also of solidarity.

Vasco Rossi back on Facebook. And it does so with a post intended to ignite controversy. This time the singer of Zocca begins his speech with a justification. ” and ’ hard, for me, do not misunderstand me. I will not here to argue that some ’ help prevent is a good idea, but just try to better reflect the question … ”. Vasco philosophizes. On life and death. On the fate and destiny. According to Vasco guilt of human nature, if we always try a scapegoat. Accidents unfortunately do exist, and we must not insist that in searching for a cause. Would not solve the problem. And CITES himself, pulling in dance one of his biggest successes: dAlfredo Fault. Persist in a hunt for the perpetrator is liable to get to a point where reason and guilt are only skilled and opportunistic excuses. Hardly you can soothe your pain.

Vasco explains the motivations of his strong words. And it does apologizing with relatives of the victims of the road, stressing its good faith, its absolute solidarity towards those who are suffering from a pain so great. Despite us, Vasco believes that the question is very complex, and therefore should be tackled accurately and rationally. And in order to face in a rational manner, the persons directly involved in it are out. Because the pain dulls the functional rationality and reason. Vasco is dedicated to reading, and continues his epistolary message quoting Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, in particular, the novel that is reading these days): ‘ if there was a reason for these woes Could give a border to my pain when heaven Weeps, the earth does not runneth over? If raging winds, goes nuts the sea with his big swollen face threatening the sky? And you want a reason for this tumult? I am the sea ” ’.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Youtube Video result Palermo Atalanta 1-0, goal and synthesis

Atalanta, Palermo, result 1-0 before rain forced the referee to suspend the match. Goal by Denis, watch Youtube videos.

Second day of Serie A and major challenge in advance of the ’ ’ lunch time, Atalanta, Palermo (Youtube Video goal Denis, synthesis and highlghts at the bottom of the page). The Sicilians are veterans from the stunning victory at the Renzo Barbera against Inter ’ of Gasperini and have moral really high. The bergamaschi have need of 3 points to continue in ’ difficult recovery six penalty points inflicted to football betting. Match, then the outcome uncertain. Arbiter De Marco. The presence of ’ national coach Cesare Prandelli in Forum (according to rumors Miccoli supervised special).
Palermo Atalanta without grosse variations in formations already provided for in the week. Bergamaschi schierano: Tips; Masiello, Lucchini, Manfredini, Peluso; Schelotto, Cigarini, Padoin, Bonaventura; Moralez; Denis. Sicilians take the field with a 4-4 -2: Tzorvas in port; Pisano, Silvestre, Migliaccio, Balzaretti; Alvarez, Acquah, Barreto, Ilicic; Miccoli and Hernandez tandem d ’ attack of unquestionable value.

First beats and emotions: on the one hand, Hernandez and Miccoli (inspired by Ilic) by ’ other candela Moralez and grandiose Denis. Played not favoured by the pitch really in very poor condition. The 22 minute forced change for the hosts: Lucchini gets injured by a passage and exits on a stretcher. In his place enters hair. The playing field is a ’ other victim: Alvarez, of Palermo, is injured and was replaced by Zahavi.

The 33 minute Atalanta ahead: goes in goal, Denis (Youtube Video at the bottom of all article ’) on exceptional di Bonaventura. Changing the risultatao goal and, to tell the truth, more than deserved. The bergamaschi are well-versed in the field, the Palermo is difficult to contain and Denis Moralez. After only four minutes of the second half Miccoli asks the gearbox and was replaced by Pinilla: Eats furious for the playing field, whose conditions are really bleak. Heavy rain forces the ’ referee to suspend the game temporarily. Stops raining but the field conditions are still poor.

Watch the Youtube Video of Atalanta, Palermo, result 1-0 in the second game of series, goal and synthesis (September 18, 2011).

Andrea Bocelli moves Central Park, not even the rain stops

Sumptuous and moving the Bocelli live Central Park, a free concert of Tuscan tenor Andrea Bocelli. Famous people and not make a par-terre about 70 thousand people, where the rain makes it even more fascinating a beautiful starry stage.
Location scenic and exciting voice: these weapons winning characterizing Andrea Bocelli concert at New York's Central Park. The famous Italian tenor managed to sing 70 thousand people despite rain. In Duet with Tony Bennett on the notes master, New York, New York the crowd explodes in a frenzy of singing voices in time and with passion. Happiness and triumph for an Italian voice has become global. Thousands of smiling faces in Central Park in the Big Apple plagued by rain. In this wonderful place you have performed thousands of international artists, by Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Jackson. Numbered and lawn chairs free backdrop to people who sing with love and happiness, carefree dancing in the rain.

Emotions, love, and liking palpable index skyrocketing for Andrea Bocelli concert at Central Park. Around 70 thousand people, property under water and cold, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Alan Gilbert and the Westminster Symphonic Choir, filled with voices and music d l ’ ’ author huge starry stage for Bocelli live. A concert by the historic proportions of Tuscan tenor that was organised by the record company Sugar, in collaboration with the Barilla family. The ’ image of the real made in Italy remains indelible in the hearts and minds of thousands of people awed by harmony of voices and amazing music.

After about a year of work and tens of millions of dollars, Bocelli live Central Park a free concert of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Many duets with the second American after the death of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett with the lyric Italian seems to be at ease. D Moreover, Andrea ’ renowned for his kindness and his umilt d ’ mind, as well as for his inimitable voice. Interpreting the most famous Arias as if they were songs to s, the Italian master search free style from lyrical and entertains thousands of fans in the rain. L ’ Ave Maria played as a prayer for rain spectators in New York and the star American intervened at the ’ event as Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, Sting and Rudolph Giuliani. A real Italian triumph with Bocelli comfortable, happy and loved by the crowd.

Penelope Cruz and Sergio Castellitto, when a movie gets old

In Sarajevo, a Gem Penelope Cruz aged, he meets an old friend who had presented in 1984, the man she loved for life. Flashback time will revive his poignant love story, set in post-war Bosnia. Venuto al mondo film directed by Sergio Castellitto, based on the novel by Margaret Mazzantini really a film not to be missed.
After the success of don't move, Sergio Castellitto returns with Penelope Cruz to interpret Venuto al mondo, a masterpiece of prose from the brilliant minds of Margaret Mazzantini. Already in the first film, adapted from a book of Italian writer, the Director had so much cos imbruttito l ’ Spanish actress to make it really unrecognizable. In this new film, the lovely Penelope sar very aged. Dark hair with white veins, bags under the eyes and wrinkles d ’ expression are a ’ taxation script of the film shot in Sarajevo. The beautiful Cruz will bud, a mother who after many years returned home in the city together with his son, now 16 years old.

In Sarajevo, where he runs Came in the world by Sergio Castellitto, Penelope Cruz-Gemma, very aged, he meets his old friend, just what in 1984 he did know Diego, l ’ man of his life, which she loved more than herself for life. History of ’ love between Diego and Gemma moving and poignant story that the focus of the plot of the film. Based on the novel of Mazzantini, winner of the Premio Campiello, 2009 Castellitto's wife tried to tell a story really suggestive and moving against the backdrop of a city destroyed by war.

Flashback thunderstorms are the light motif of the new film, where Sergio Castellitto transforms Penelope Cruz in a mother aged, who returns with his son in its town, Sarajevo, and remembers all the events that have characterized his evocative and exciting story d ’ love. Diego and Gemma live their love in post-war Bosnia and temporal events allow backlinks to tell through a friend, dangerous life stories. A love born during the war that porter at the birth of a child, only remember that story d ’ love that you really change your life. Masterful Penelope conducted by a magnificent Castellitto that increasingly inspired by the wonderful and moving stories of his wife Margaret Mazzantini. We can affirm that the lovely Penelope Cruz, also “ aging ”, always maintains its charm and beauty.