Thursday, September 29, 2011

Star Academy: today the new show Facchinetti

The today's new talent show weblog Rai: Star Academy. The US sar Francesco Facchinetti accompanied by judgements really special like Lorella Cuccarini, Roy Paci, Nicola Savino and Ornella Vanoni. Then space to new talents of music.

Part of this ’ today the new music show hosted by Francesco Facchinetti: Star Academy. After losing the X Factor, passed on Sky, Raidue had intended to focus again on a talent show that it can make us forget the previous one. The sar is always given to Francesco Facchinetti, who have a contract with Rai is not transferred on Sky, as happened for her colleague Simona Ventura. Star Academy today the new show Facchinetti, the son of Pooh now a presenter said, his specialty are obviously talent show and has plans to bring forward a new television format that has always aim to find young singers looking for glory.

The various selections in recent months they have guaranteed a choice of 17 teenagers between 14 and 27 years who will have the chance to enter the Academy, but one this evening will be gi deleted. The type of program reminds pi Operation triumph that X Factor, but in the end the purpose of transmitting the same. If Francesco Facchinetti will be at the helm of Star Academy, may not be such a transmission without judges and the names are that interesting: Lorella Cuccarini, Roy Paci, Nicola Savino and Ornella Vanoni, men and women in the world of entertainment and music that have a very extensive musical backgrounds.

The boys not to be followed by the courts, as happened to the X Factor, but there are mentors who will take care of them and will sometimes even with their students. Gianluca Grignani, Mietta, Ron and Syria, these famous singers will have the task of training the various guys. Star Academy today part of the new show with new very Facchinetti interesting and great guests of international music. This evening will go up on stage, Biagio Antonacci, Max Pezzali and Marco Mengoni, this last ’ seems now to have detached completely from the X Factor. Good vision!

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