Monday, October 31, 2011

Pupi Avati hospitalized for an illness.

The Director Pupi Avati was struck by an illness, a few hours ago.

The Director Pupi Avati was taken ill at the Festival of Rome, where he participated at the presentation of the film documentarioL ’ Illazionededicato to Lelio Luttazzi. Pupi had an illness – said the Director's brother, Antonio Avati – hopefully slight and now hospitalized for inspection at the policlinico Umberto I ... We hope will be a small thing and that we should not postpone the presentation at the Festival of his great heart filmIl ragazzeprevista for the first of November.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tsunami survivor, dies during the ’ flood of Rome

Ernest Sarang the Sinhalese who miraculously escapes, the tsunami of 2004, but is the death in Rome, during the storm.

History of diErnest ’ Sarang, has incredible but unfortunately true. Ernest, miraculously survives tsunami in 2004, devast South-East Asia, but the 20 of October is the death, during the storm that has put on its knees, the capital d ’ Italy.

Ernest, a Sinhalese of 32 years, save the tsunami pedaling a bicycle. Father Neville, the pastor that deals with the Sri Lankan community, area remember Ernest, as a good swimmer, born and raised in a country near the sea.
But his skills as a swimmer, not save by ’ flood of Rome. He arrived in Italy 7 years f, to attempt to start a new life after the tsunami, along with his family, Ernestva to live in a basement, 60 square meters along with other 7 people paying 475 euros per month.
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When in Rome it unleashes the ’ hell, Ernest manages to bring rescued his wife and his child only 3 months, all the ’ to the baby, but go back to take the documents; Pi did return.

While they are still in progress, some technical investigations to see if the ’ home where he was Ernest's family and other persons, was to rule, the city of Rome, said that pay for the funeral.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Senate accused: mislaid shock of mensa on Facebook

Runs from days on Facebook, the ticket scandal, which comes directly from the table of the Senate. The chaste wins again.

In a time of economic crisis, where the ’ the European Union, as well as millions of Italians, claim concrete answers from the Berlusconi Government, with real and concrete reforms and bays in the air or worse yet, check Facebook a ticket scandal, issued by the Senate cafeteria.
Knabenhans strikes, riots and media request for resignation, in a black period like this, and among those seeking to salvage, claiming that then there ’ this whole crisis around, and among those who did not doubt and asks insistently the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister, on Facebook I never miss the controversy over the Government, but this time the factdell ’, really incredible.

On the famous social network, continues to run by day, a ticket issued by the Senate cafeteria. Here's what the ticket scandal:

The receipt is not one of the many; Comes from the canteen of the Senate, where is the scandal, you ask? In the prices applied to foods. A common mortal ” “ restaurant, would not have certainly spent 11.41 europer all this lunch. But the most scandalous thing, that the Government asks us to make sacrifices but apparently they don't hold us to them, that you do not miss anything, not even a nice cut with Arugula and grana, paid only EUR 3.41. And to think that there are normal people who fail even to arrive at the end of the month, let alone go to the restaurant.

The chaste wins again!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Marco Simoncelli: crowd and emotion for the ’ last farewell to MotoGP champion.

Were held a few hours ago the funeral of champion Marco Simoncelli. In the Church were brought motorbikes of his life.

A crowd from Gp, immense and moved, participated in Coriano in the province of Rimini, at the funeral of Marco Simoncelli, who died Sunday at Sepang. The coffin of the Sic, was brought to the shoulder, in a relay, the friends with whom he grew up, and the men of his team. Until Marco in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta (c) ’ were motorbikes of his life: Gilera 250, with whom he won the world Mark in 2008 and the current Honda. “ now we watch the podium higher ”, said the Bishop of Rimini, Francesco Lambiasi. Motorbike boost out of Red, the balloons with number 58 and Vasco Rossi have accompanied the Sic in his last trip, to the gates of paradise.

Paralyzed face of Valentino Rossi, sad the looks of many MotoGP riders present in the Church: all close to the great dignity with which Marco's family has lived through the tragedy. Images of emotion that could not be contained within the boundaries of the village. Misano circuit, many theater successes of the Sic, a thousand were to follow on the giant screen the funeral. At the end of the l-function ’ embrace of Jorge Lorenzo to pap and Paolo Rossi MOM Rossella. Then, all sitting for some time next to the coffin, before it was carried out by the Church for burial at the cemetery.


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nokia 800: all the news of the new Windows Phone.

All the news of the new creatures Nokia!

The first Nokia Windows Phone ilNokia Lumia was born with the 800: ’ intent to demonstrate the potential of the Union between Nokia and Microsoft and will be available in Italy within the month of November. The devices equipped with 1.4 Mhz processor, Carl-Zeiss camera and 16 GB of internal memory that should be added to the 25 GB of remote memory available thanks to the cloud to SkyDrive. 3.7-inch screen and helpfulness on the Italian market at the price di499 euros. Nokia explains that he had an extremely high demand from operators in the countries involved for the launch, which makes the Nokia 800 Lumia candidate first to bring up the banner of Nokia Windows Phone during the part-session of Christmas shopping.
Already known by various names, the smartphone, one of the core around which was set up ilNokia World 2011 in London. Are already known, unofficially, some technical features. Starting from dimensions (116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm) and weight (142 grams).

4.3-inch Display, should be equipped with a 1.4 GHz Snapdragon processor and 16 GB internal memory. Included also a 8 megapixel camera and Bluetooth support 4.0 and NFC technology. But above all sar gifted dellaversione 7.5 Mangodel operating system Microsoft House. Finally, it will be available in three colours, black, blue, and ping.

Beside that, here's the Lumia 710 and Lumia 900. The singular appears as both already been performed some analysis on the performance of the new smartphone. Not only that, but the data derived from test were compared with those of a number of popular devices on the market as liPhone (3GS version, 4 and 4S), lHTC Titan, the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Droid Bionic.

According to the tables, it seems that the Finnish firm succumbing under different parameters such as during dellelaborazione of web pages with JavaScript code. From this point of view, the difference with very obvious liPhone 4S There are, however, merits which place the Lumia 800 to the level of competition on the market.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Matrix-Special Simoncelli: tonight at 23.25 on Canale5 with the family of the sample.

MOM and pap Marco Simoncelli have released an exclusive interview to Channel 5 Matrix, airing tonight on Channel 5, in which the son died on Sunday at Sepang.

I taught to be a warrior, not to give up mainon know whether I did good or malecos father diMarco Simoncelliintervistato, aMatrix tonight, October 25, 2011.
Alessio Vinci dedicates the episode tonight to the disappearance of Marco Simoncelli will be remembered through services and testimonials. The journalist Ilaria Cable a few hours ago he interviewed parents and girlfriend of Sic, who have agreed to open the doors of the House of Coriano young rider romagnolo cameras of the Matrix. Paul Simoncelli has also said Sunday he wanted to win to know well the soho done well? I have done wrong? I have done something wrong? Not soe about dellincidente he added: A coincidenzabastavano 10 centimeters and took the shoulder and instead have taken precisely between the neck and testacomunque beautiful also died.and I wanted a lot of good.Showing the bike with which he won the world said: In room slept with the bike's side.

Also the MOM of Marco Simoncelli, decided to tell what and who is living proof in front of the cameras of the Matrix. Scarlett, his name, he wanted to tell everyone that does not have any regrets. And that is considered lucky. For having a son as Marco and why it remained another, Martina. Scarlett explains that she and her husband have always accompanied the son in what IP he liked doing: “ life if you don't do what we like, becomes a regret, and he certainly regrets not avr “. Is that fair son, convinced that has left a good memory and a nice message. Sure, admits: there nothing to defuse a situation, even though he was very ironic. However, his memory is kept alive. Then, revealed that c: little to do, and so the mancher. Why was a great Hooch, the House was bombed by the one that left around, from his tone of voice strong this fuss we will miss it.

Also Marco's girlfriend, Kate, ’ interview stated that it will be difficult to overcome and forget this huge pain.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big brother 12: Lady Mother Letizia-Burlesque-photos and videos youtube

And big brother arrives Claudia Letizia, aka Lady Letizia, Mama burlesque.

The promised Alessia Marcuzzi ’ year that big brother had in store of news really interesting, but Lady Letizia, beats all.
One of the contestants of big brother 12 Claudia Letizia, aka Lady Letizia, MOM with a passion for burlesque.Claudia Letizia, married and has a son named Christian. in normal life, housewife hides a strange passion: the burlesque.

Teenage oppression or simple desire for transgression, mark Claudia Letizia, mother day, Lady Letizia at night. But Claudia Letizia wants pi, dreams big brother, a dream come true. “ I want to be at the center of attention, says ’ ” Lady Letizia.

Surely his strange passion did not go unnoticed, and gi comments on Facebook are not missed. Waiting to see what combiner all ’ inside the House, here are some photos and videos of his performances.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

7.5 magnitude earthquake in Turkey: estimated 1000 deaths.

A violent earthquake of magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter scale hit Turkey in the Eastern Province, with capital in the city of Van, bordering lIran, the provisional budget of seism 50 people injured, the Mayor of Van, Bekir Kaya, has launched an appeal, we need doctors, there are many dead.Many houses have collapsed, so much destruction, we need aid, are the words of the leader administration of the city of Van, while it has news of a 7-storey building collapsed with people buried under the rubble.According to Institute of Seismology Kandill of Istanbul, the quake recorded magnitude 6.6, but American Geological Institute has calculated the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Eastern Turkey.The earthquake occurred at 12.40 Italian time and been warned to Diyarbakir, Sirnak, Siirt, Batman and Mardin. in the province of Van, near the border with lIran there are now of aftershocks that are creating panic in the population of neighbouring provinces, sparking a mass escape of the inhabitants from their homes.The fear that the consequences of strong earthquake are worse than expected, the Turkey a country of high seismic risk, for buildings not always have been realised respecting the criteria for prevention of earthquakes.In 1999 2 violent temblors razed the country causing over 20 thousand dead.L ’ “ Kandilli Observatory in Istanbul ” estimated between 500 and 1000 people dalterremoto killed today in Eastern Turkish province of Van. The Turkish Cnn reports.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gaddafi: before dying was left to the fury of the people.

Before the final sigh Gaddafi was left to the blind fury of the people: kicking, screaming and spitting have "accompanied" before his death.

dead as a rat. Coaxed in a drainage pipe, dragged and mercilessly. died as a hero, as he had sworn that he would do. Fighting until last, without escape, in his native city Sirte, which had started in 1969 his conquest of Libya.

On the bloodied corpse and dirty diMuammar Gheddafiscorre the tape of his last hours. A rat, say the rebels have blocked that Measured a few kilometres from Sirte, fleeing. A great and courageous leader, say loyalists.

He is the endgame of the movie, dallimmagine Colonel now corpse. Who does breathe a sigh of relief to the offices of half the world, Italy. A Gaddafi at the bar, with its potential revelations, would have triggered seismic waves unmanageable, with his open-minded and transversal management of political and economic relations with the great powers.
There are six in the morning of Sirte, when it starts linizio the end. The rebels dellundicesima Brigade, from Measured, in accordance with Nato commands in Naples where the command center for operations in Libya decide to launch loffensiva final against residual forces of Loyalists. Have almost certainty that in a district of the city, the number 2, and in particular in a fortified building inside the main Conference Centre of Sirte where weeks are allassedio rebels about 2000 loyalists rais you hide Gaddafi with some of his children and close associates.

According to the report, a drone fontiNato base at Sigonella a Global Hawk American signals the night before that something interesting moves in the compound. (C) an extraordinary security apparatus around the heart of the Conference Centre. Special forces on Land Use, from time deployed to carry out the intelligence functions, confirm that Gadhafi has never left Sirte in recent weeks and that the time has come to close the match.

Allalba the unit give the rebels away from the allattacco, while Us drones over the number two of Sirte to block any escape attempts. That materialize, they claim several sources, about eight o'clock in the morning. A convoy of 15 Pik-up Japanese and Americans, armed with guns and machine guns, out of the compound and take the road from Sirte goes westward. The drones to transmit images of the caravan to the command in Naples. From the Summit Nato warn rebels put into motion, while the Alliance fighters rise in flight to intercept him. A French Mirage takes action and with an air-to-ground missile hits the head of the convoy: us to block the escape of Rais, dir then with undisguised pride French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet.

The blow causes carnage. Between the sheets twisted media afire lie the bodies of at least 50 semicarbonizzati militiamen loyal to rais. Among them the Minister of defence of Gaddafi, Abu Bakr Yunis. We are three kilometres west of Sirte, close to a power control unit to the side of the road. Twenty metres of clay separating the malt paved from the surrounding desert. Gaddafi and a handful of bodyguards is seen exiting a pick-upChevroletbianco and with great difficulty reaching the edge of the road and then disappear. We started with the salvos submachineguns told Salem Bakeer, militiaman of Measured then we descended dallauto and chased them away. A young bodyguard leaves a wide tube one meter below the road, has raised high, Mithras says I give up, then I look in your face and shoots. We Answer.

From Gaddafi orders his men not to shoot. The boy screams, my master, Gaddafi here and here. Take and pull out, Salem. He co-starred in a submachine gun and the notorious Belgian, doro gun in one hand. An 18-year-old boy, Ahmed Al Shebani, then takes off. The dictator put bad: wounded in the legs, back and spreads to the abdomen, but alive.

Is dragged into a white van, shake among the rebels, tries to talk, lie down by force.Don't shoot, don't shoot, he begs. What's happening?. Are his last words. A shot in the temple, fired by the young Ahmed, kills him. A little more in the end does the same Muatassin, pi's son later same fate touches her brother Saif. Then, loaded on unambulanza, the body of the dictator is 120 km distance to be measured, in the mosque of the city.

Top secret burial, say the rebels. But, ensuring the well informed, Gaddafi end in sea as Osama bin Laden, without a grave mausoleum that the memories.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Clooney, Stacy and the mysterious patch on the breast

Archived broadcast history with Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney increasingly close to his new flame Stacy Kleiber. But on the breast of a woman, a mysterious patch check.

George Clooney and Stacy Kleiber are always pi. Lo scapolo d ’ gold wasted no time and after having filed the story with our Elisabetta Canalis, jumps headfirst on Stacy Kleiber.

Looked like a fleeting dalliance, the classic adventure to forget a past history, and instead George Stacy and seem to take seriously. The two inseparable, events occur and the first film, as the IDEs of March “ ”, where George and Stacy appear happy and smiling, only that photographers immortalize a detail really interesting daldcollet mark Stacy: a mysterious patch.
Sar only a small wound, or the beautiful girlfriend of George Clooney has adjusted slightly the breast? None of this, the patch on the breast, just a ploy to keep up her dress, embroidered and with heavy stones, totally uncovered shoulders and even before. In short, the patch only served to keep the suit stuck to the skin, to prevent the slide.

Sar ...Meanwhile not gone unnoticed, such as doesn't pass unnoticed their feeling now consolidated. Avr forgotten altogether Elizabeth, George and the good time that decides to put his head in place or just a false alarm.

At the bottom of George Clooney!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crime: Michele Misseri guest this evening in door to door.

Michele Misseri tonight a door to door, say his umpteenth truth.

This evening in the new episode of the talk showPorta, conducted daBruno Vespa, aired at 23.15 on RaiUno, we will host an exclusive Miche Misseri, involved in the murder of 14-year-old ’ of Avetrana, Miners, to tell his umpteenth truth.

After the ’ hosted on Sunday in the channel 5 programme conducted by Claudio Brachino, Sunday 5, “ Uncle Michele ”, tonight will not reoccur in the video for once again, to be the culprit in the murder of her niece Sarah ’, strangled with a rope in August 2010 and found in a few months later.

The case China after more than a year since the discovery of the body of the victim, continues to keep bench: almost every day, in various daytime programs, including Morning 5, cuiUnoMattina, La Vita in diretta, Italy on 2 and 5 Afternoon, are broadcasted on the case, or are set up (yet) of real debates lasting media ranging from 20 to 35 minutes.

In short the case China continues to divide the ’ public opinion. This evening, we could see even a confrontation-confrontation between criminologa and Roberta Misseri Bruzzone, accused by the farmer of Avetrana, of having forced to say that even her daughter Sabrina getting all ’ murder of Sarah.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video Hard Belen Rodriguez, Rocco Siffredi: Sexy

The rumors around sexy-tape of Belen Rodriguez. The last comment is by Rocco Siffredi who believes his girlfriend by Fabrizio Corona, sexy but natural.

On sexy-tape of Belen Rodriguez if they are those of all colors. From the day on which it is given the news of sex videos between Belen and her Argentine boyfriend Tobias Blanco, the web gone mad. Millions of users are looking desperate ” of “ almost crazy video that sees the two lovers sexually engaged for 20 minutes.

And among the comments of Fabrizio Corona in defense of girlfriend, fake video and parodies on Youtube, the video of Belen most talked-about of all time, much discussed that c ’ who even so Belen all ’ Oscar: maybe the ’ interpretation? And therefore could not pass unnoticed, who makes sex for profession: Rocco Siffredi, who decided to comment on the sexual performance of Belen Rodriguez and d even advice. The Lord of sex, considers a very sexy woman, a beautiful actress, but it should melt of pi during the ’ Act, because little natural. In short, positive review than Rocco Siffredi that gi to as next porn movie actress.

What do you think the Chiss boyfriend of Belen, Fabrizio Corona, declarations of Rocco Siffredi!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Berlusconi-Lavitola: new eavesdropping between the two.

Have been published by Repubblica, new excerpts of eavesdropping between the Premier and Lavitola.

Have been reported from quotidianoRepubblica, new excerpts of interception between Berlusconi and PremierSilvio Carlucci, acts dellinchiesta funds dellAvanti. Interceptions are public ones, made available by the public prosecutor's Office for the defence. Conversations recorded would be a very close relationship between the President of the Council and Lavitola, who would often harvest outlets: In Italy we are now in the hands of the judges of the left who support a Republic and foreign press. We do outside the Milan courthouse and assediamo Republic, confid Berlusconi. The recordings show the role of Lavitola as interlocutor with the palaces of power.

I clearly print the news that the Cardinal Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, had telephoned to Mr. Lavitola. The news is absolutely groundless. He said the Director of the Vatican Press Office, father Lombardi. The reference to call published today by Republic, between Lavitola and the Quaestor della Camera Francesco Colucci, in which the same Lavitola, who wanted to become Undersecretary, reported to have received a phone call from Bertone.
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Baila! closes: win Costantino Vitagliano and Elisabetta Gregoraci

Baila! closes: win Costantino Vitagliano and Elisabetta Gregoraci. Milly Carlucci eventually got the better, Baila! not andr pi aired and perhaps state the same audience to bring about the closure, since the ratings were not excellent.Eventually all efforts of Milly Carlucci served to something: Baila! closes after just four episodes and Barbara D Urso does believe that ’ is not for reasons of auditel. And ’ clear that this program was already a party, should not even go on the air, but the caparbiet of D ’ Urso and Mediaset has prevailed over all. Barbarella was probably can count at least on his faithful audience, which actually didn't ’ State so close as thought. Baila! closes and winners are Costantino Vitagliano and Elisabetta Gregoraci. The couple has proven to be more good than others or likely to be only the most beloved.

At the end for any imported more than so much of this race, Baila! He had a regulation too strange, clear that Barbara D Urso ’ had to change a p l ’ the entire structure of the program after the judge had banned the airing. Although the Mediaset presenter tried to bring forward a broadcast that perhaps has not paid little similarity with dancing with the stars, so the public will certainly not stupid and made immediately aware that Barbara D Urso ’ same proposing a format already seen and reviewed.
The presenter for the strong opinion that his Baila! will return more strong than before, he believed so much in this television program and absolutely cannot let it end this way. Barbara D Urso speaks of real ’ Baila!, that no one has yet seen, but sooner or later bring it off to get on the air, hoping that this time there are no judgments of the Court to put a spoke in the wheels. The first battle of the Rai was won, Baila! Costantino Vitagliano closes and win and Elisabetta Gregoraci, but here's the real winner only and exclusively Milly Carlucci.

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Star Academy will not have any final! Competitors complain.

The contestants of Star Academy refuse to participate in the finale of the talent.

C not ’ peace for the talent show Star Academy, hosted by Francesco Facchinetti, who has recorded on RaiDue plays bad, confirming, cos, the first real flop of the season, followed by Baila and Me tell all.
The finale, as we announced a few days ago no andr aired EPS in the early evening but would go on Saturday 22 October at 14.00 on RaiDue, during the SabatoAcademy program, conducted by Daniele Battaglia and Alessandra Barzaghi. This until a few days ago … is why news today that contestants of Star Academy, remained in the race, they refused to make the final of the program, nor, indeed, especially in the afternoon.

Here's what he writes, the competitor of Roman talentFrancesca DAndrea on his Facebook page (all in caps and with lots of exclamation points):


And then a revolt among the competitors? For the moment there given knowing it: However, by the words "peremptory Francesca seems right and now what succeed? Star Academy will be the first talent in history to not have a winner? Bah …
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The October 21, 2011 there will be the end of the world.

Friday we will die for an earthquake. Supports Harold Camping, great announcer of woes ... Miss it!
By Friday we will exist no more. Puff, become dust. Or at least that what goes prophesying taleHarold Camping, President of Family Stations, a group of tv and radio to the religious character of California and already famous for his predictions. Wrong. “ but this time, ensures the true ” ’ Spry-year old, recovering from a stroke that l ’ hit a few months ago. The disease seems to have done so if because the preacher that Friday October 21 die all (except, of course, some elected) due to an earthquake that would envy to that of Japan.

Others flop-Camping studies the Bible by 70 years and these studies are based on his calculations. Yet according to the Prophet (gi won an Ig Nobel Prize-based research more absurd), the world would be gi had to finish the 6 September ’ May 21, 2011 and 94. Nothing to do. For what concerns this time pi superstitious mode with which the State did the ’ ad. Almost muted compared to previous ones that resembled more a publicity stunts. We'll see, not missing much. Certain that the preacher is gi candidate for the Ig-Nobel 2012. At least a small comfort.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Standard & Poor's and the rating of Italy and Spain

The downgrading of Italy from Standard & Poors, preceded the emotional of Spain that many were already taken for granted.
Standard & Poors rating after dellItalia, has cut also of Spain, from AA to AA-, a cut less heavy than that carried out at the expense of our country. Still, the conditions of Spain are not better than dellItalia, indeed far from it, except perhaps for an alleged Government fragilit that may not guarantee effectiveness in measures to escape from economic difficulty.Of course, that most of the considerations on the solidit of the Italian Government derive from now, the daily litany of resignation by the dellopposizione, has little importance.

Yet, the reason that, in a condition such as the current one, we rimboccasse all the sleeves to try to do, as they say, square out of the crisis. Each should give its constructive contributions, instead of doing the cassandre and puntar simply collapsing.So true that, in international environments, the downgrading of Spain was expected well before the dellItalia. There are a number of differences between the reasons for which the rating was downgraded Italy and Spain.According to professor Giovanni Ferri, Professor of Economics alluniversit of Bari, the differences are, first of all that while Spain was downgraded to AA-, Italy suffered a fate worse than going to A, then a downgrading of two points difference than Spanish.

The reasons cited by Standard & Poors in downgrading dellItalia indicate the reasons for low growth linked to a political uncertainty which could render ineffectual the ability dellesecutivo to put in place measures to combat the crisis. For Spain, on the other hand, it cites the low growth, lalto unemployment rate, restriction of credit and lalto level of private debt.Despite the economic difficulties are Spain's objective more significant than those ndellItalia, our country was heavily penalized.Fiannziari markets, however, have virtually rejected the ratings of Standard & Poors, so true that landamento of Business was in line with other European markets, if not even better.
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Outraged all over the world: from the United States at ’ Australia

The parade of outraged starred throughout the world. The main cities of our planet have been occupied by people who wanted to protest in an absolutely peaceful, by the United States to Canada, all United against the global economic system.What happened Saturday in our country was nothing short of disastrous, but millions of indignation throughout the world have protested in an absolutely peaceful to safeguard democracy. The world now is plummeting, the financial crisis has not spared any population, the outraged people are absolutely common who want to make their voices heard against this crisis, against Governments that seriously threaten to send in poverty millions and millions of families. The outraged many in the world, everyone has tried to have their say, without causing any kind of violence.

As in Rome, although much reduced, in New York there were clashes, but the situation is quite different: the police arrest you for the slightest thing, outraged many ended up in handcuffs for not respecting a curfew. It is a real peaceful demonstration, the same American police confirmed, but although there were more than two hundred arrests in various areas of protest. Chicago was the city where the indignant vehemence demonstrated physical, but without any kind of real violence. All United against Wall Street, against the Fund that have literally caused poverty and hardship for millions of families. Not only for the United States, outraged participated in all areas of the world for this peaceful protest.
In London there was some ’ clash, outraged, led by Julian Assange (founder of WikiLeaks) gathered mainly in St. Paul's Cathedral. Here Assange with megaphone wanted to tell her, declaring all his great joy in seeing millions of people in all the squares in the world to protest against an economic system that is destroying the common people. Assange we held to clarify how outraged the world does not want to destroy the law but this law is fars finally built. Outraged in Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Australia, Japan, Canada, all United for freedom.

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The capital's derby-Roma, Lazio ends 1/2-game Summaries

Ends with a 2-1 in favor of Lazio, the derby of the capital that ended a few minutes ago at Olympic ’. A network of Miroslav Klose time allowed Lazio to win the derby against Roma, putting an end to a cos curse which lasted from five derbies.

Rome: the 5 goals of Osvaldo ′: left-footed shot from the Center on area of Pjanić. The ’ author of goal was immediately after admonished for having rejoiced exceedingly. “ I ’ I ” also purged.Osvaldo celebrated the Totti his goal to Lazio, scored after 5 ′ of derby. Immediately after scoring the ’ Blues striker showed the shirt with the inscription “ I ’ I ” also purged. Blues captain, now absent through injury, celebrate with a “ I have purged yet ” a goal in the derby of 1999, and that caused the controversy ’ exultation.

Lazio raised the pace of the game but the Rome controls well.Lazio dangerous with Hernanes (18 and 25).Three ammonites in Rome: after Osvaldo and Perrotta, yellow card to 28 for De Rossi (game misconduct).Ugly foul Rosi on Radu: perhaps deserved red. In ’ action Rosi will hurt an ankle and was replaced by Drawers (′ 38).The Rome exhibition pericolosain attack with Osvaldo and drawers (40 ′).
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Black Bloc: here's who I am

The black bloc are raiding the procession of the Indignatos in Rome. Destroying cars, banks, throwing stones, but who are they?
Have terrorized a whole city, transformed a peaceful demonstration in times of violence and barbarity but who are the black bloc.

In Italy the black bloc entered the scene in 2001, during the G8 in Genoa. a number of anarchist protesters dressed in black, rotting in the streets of the city, creating panic and chaos. Guerrilla warfare in the streets of Genoa, ’ draws media attention who begins to investigate and analyze, behavior, violent and senseless, host of anarchists, who are baptized Black Bloc. In fact the term was coined in the years ’ 80 by the German police, who us the definizioneSchwarzer Block to indicate, that part of demonstrators all dressed in black, which sowed terror and violence to the streets of the city.

The G8 Summit in Genoa, not the ’ only time that the black bloc out of the closet, the 14 December 2010 on the occasion of confidence to the Berlusconi Government, protesters anarchists dressed in black create turmoil in Rome, burning numerous means of forces of the ’ order and causing damage in the city. Situation very similar to that on 15 October in Rome, where many black bloc, they raided the procession of Indignatos Pacific, causing damage to banks, churches, cars, the headquarters of the Ministry of defence, and forces of order ’; also Destroyed a crucifix and the statuette of our Lady of Lourdes. There are damages amounting to one million euros, 135 injured and 12 arrests.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Antonella Clerici-Eddy Martens separate living at home. And ’ crisis.

Between the Clerics and his toy-boy Eddy pulls air of crisis. To annoy Antonella would above all attitudes he deemed too childish.

Black period for the pair formed by the host of Ti lascio una canzone e La prova del cuoco, Antonella Clerici and her man, Eddy Martens, with whom he had Maelle, their daughter a few years.

After a period of crisis, however, due to publication on some weekly photos that depict Eddy in affectionate and rather ambiguous attitudes with the young model, Stefania Sorrentino, between the two had returned the serene for the ’ love both in respect of their little girl. Yet it was an apparent calm. A few weeks after Antonella had released a series of statements, in which she complained of infant behavior: Antonella Eddy critic, for example, purchasing unaFerrarida part of her young husband, because she loves luxury and shoot with certain types of machines.

Now it seems that between the two is returned “ maretta ”: according to well informed, the two would live under the same roof, but separated in the House. The two continue to live together just for the sake of piccolaMaelle what not just gi to blonde presenter are particularly icomportamenti of his companion, whom she does not share at all. The same Clerici, stated: young, ” He has its foibles, passions that do not share. Temperamentally a po ” fumantino.

Now we have to wait for the ’ of each other … will be a transitory crisis or something more serious ” that can “ the two to separate?
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Online Casino games: Senate ok

After the ’ introduction of last July 18 online casino games, the ’ primary objective became only one now: delete any possible mafia infiltration from the gaming industry. And in this regard, dated October 5, 2011, the Senate has approved all the resolutions concerning unanimity ’ games, having discussed and assessed carefully the reports prepared by Anti-mafia Commission.

And ’ a given now established, that the games and the online casino in Italy now represent a market worth billions of euros. Therefore it is necessary to pay the utmost attention, as the criminalit organized always ready to infiltrate, in every market sector where there is a lot of money, such as the gaming industry and online casino. L ’ alarm was launched by Anti-mafia Commission, and the Senate is immediately activated in this way, by adopting a new resolution to give a series of licensing controls.

And this time in the classroom, the consensus was unanimous: on 221 votes nobody has expressed an opinion, and only a Senator you abstained. The ’ object of the resolution changing dell ’ article 88 of the Laws of public security (TULPS), which establishes that before issuing new licenses, must be executed by the competent authority, very thorough checks, which will address both prospective Admins, that the budgets of the societ dealerships.

In addition you will also modify the specific provisions with regard to tracciabilit of financial flows, juvenile and the prohibition of advertisements. During the debate in this House, the Senator of the Pdl Antonino Caruso, a member of the Antimafia Commission, pointed out that a good part of the collection of 70 billion l ’ year from games and online casinos, is subtracted from the mafia, through the operations of money laundering.

The Rapporteur of the Commission Antimafia, Luigi Li Gotti, he emphasized that, according to data collected subsequent to investigations of the Guardia di Finanza, the volume of money derived from illicit game, three times higher than that generated by the legal game. And ’ was made a very representative example of the real situation in the territory, as regards the vlt: the mafia has already found the method through the ’ installation of special chip to send only 20% of bets placed. Then request a greater attention from AAMS.
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Men and women-sneak peeks: Cristian Galella is the first tronista.

We held yesterday, in studies of men and women registering the throne blue, which according to the rumors got the first big surprise. The first Official Tronista chosen by suitors was Cristian Gallella, which has wrought, cos, ilfavoritissimo Francis Monte that now must contend with Roman Emanuele limprenditore. the first part of the episode seems to have been characterized by unaccessa discussion between Gallella and Emanuele concerning mutual accusations of some episode does.We will see now if Roman limprenditore bring it off in the difficult feat of winning the throne against lex suitor of Pugliese Teresanna. but many will probably be just Cristian and Francesco the protagonists of the new Blue Throne.

Still pulls air of crisis, on the side of the throne the rose of men and women. Chiara Sammartino and Giorgia Lucini the two troniste are unable to find an agreement, and nourishing antipathy towards moon dellaltra, do nothing but catch. They can't just try to become friends despite the fatigue of Maria De Filippi, who in vain tries to reconcile the two different caratterini too lintenzione to avoid discussions and quarrels at the limit of the vernacular. But the two just don't bear and quate mutual dislike is not hidden by two pi troniste, who cannot even count on the sympathy of Maria De Filippi, who seems, just can't digest the two girls.

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Outraged-latest news/Alemannic: now the indignant are the Romans.

Clashes Rome-Berlusconi: we must punish those responsible for these clashes.

“ now outraged the citizens of Rome. I hope that the peaceful demonstrators and the forces of order can isolate the violent ’ and they put them in a condition not to further damage to our city ”. It said the Mayor of Rome, Alemanno, who from the Capitol is following the evolution of ’ and procession of the clashes in the city center to the manifestation of the indignant. Then, torturing said: ” l ’ hot I feel that today there is the worst in Europe, subjects were very dangerous months that web c ’ were indications he had to be ”.
“ I was very impressed by the reaction of the majority of the protesters. Had never happened that there was applause at the time of the ’ forces of the ’ order. And ’ a ’ important awareness to isolate the violent, it is well organized groups, isolated from the protesters. C ’ a very clear separation ” concluded.

Also the PremierSilvio Berlusconiha said in a note, that you punish the troublemakers who today have put to fire and flames, the capital. Special thanks went to the forces of the ’ order for the work he has done this ’ today throughout Italy.

The President of the Chamber, Gianfranco Fini said that in identifying the perpetrators of these serious rioting “ defaced the civilization of Rome and in Italy and ’ also affect those people who are trying to peacefully represent their reasons ”.

“ a manifestation of violence unacceptable ”, cos the Secretary of the Pdl, Alfano, the parade of outraged comments in Rome with clashes and appeals to all “, all, all ” to disassociate themselves from the violence.

The violence today were generally condemned by the entire political world.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Outraged in Rome: and ’ urban warfare.

The procession in Rome turned into a true urban warfare. Paper bombs launched against the Minister of defence.

Charges of the police, fire hydrants and smoke against the thugs who during the parade of Outraged in Rome, have provoked riots, broke Windows, torched cars. L ’ eco clashes arrived until piazza San Giovanni, where the peaceful crowd is dispersed. Three hooded were blocked by demonstrators and delivered to the forces of the ’ order. Throughout the procession protesters have ranted against the violent, via Labicana had launched bombs paper, assaulted the Defense Ministry and a branch of the Bank. In the morning, the police had arrested at the gates of Rome, 4 anarcoinsurrezionalisti with improper weapons. Burned Italian flags and EU by hooded with face covered by a mask with “ V ” for revenge.

The day, this morning, was playing with a human tide and jubilant. The parade marked the rhythm of drums and dances. Many cartels exposed: “ outraged by this world speculated ”, also “ you have stolen our dreams, we're here to riprenderceli ” and “ You unworthy, we outraged ”. Thousands of people to protest against the crisis and the measures taken by Governments to counter it were gathered in the capital. The event is having unfortunate outcomes, we open this afternoon at 14. The procession party from Piazza della Repubblica, was opened by the slogan: “ People of Europe: Rise up!, ”, d ’ Europe: lofredo. Over 100,000 the indignant “ ” in a Rome armoured, manned by about 2000 members of the forces of the ’ order. There are social centres, precarious workers, trade unions, pensioners, Cobas, No tav, all United shouting: “ Us the crisis do not pay ”.
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Land-based Casino or Online Casino?

According to recent data from online casino cash register, you can observe how the online casino games are increasingly growing, both in terms of offering games that in terms of collection, and they are increasingly replacing the offer provided by land-based casino.

Indeed in sharp decline are Venice and San Remo, while Saint Vincent and resist Sample d ’ Italy, regarding the incomes and the number of appearances, related to our four unique casinos.Then the land suffer from a lot of casinos, the competition of the last arrived, the online casino games, introduced only last July 18, but that already have made dizzying numbers record, and also centres dedicated to the vlt, the videolottery, which now are becoming more and more in our city.

Here are the data about the land Casino: Venice is a decrease of 11.6% ’, San Remo makes him company, a decrease of ’ 11.8%, Casino de Valley of Saint Vincent, in the last three months is positive, but with a modest +0.69%.

These results are that of online games: in the first nine months of the year, we had ’ an increase of as much as 27%, with 12 billion extra. And the ’ introduction of poker cash games, and especially of online casino games has produced a boost towards the ’, just in the last 3 months: before 18 July growth accounted in ’ order of 19.2%, then almost l ’ 8% less, since they were introduced to the games of roulette, blackjack and online poker.

As regards videolottery, now, as anticipated, there are many centres dedicated to the vlt that are springing up like mushrooms on our territory. Also here the results are amazing: even if only half of videolottery, of those, were installed, collection, always in the first nine months of the year, ’ was equal to 8, 8 billion collection, then about one billion euros per month.

One thing is absolutely certain: those are amazing numbers of online games, going at this rate, the roulette and online blackjack will be completely replaced terrestrial Casino.
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Baila deleted: Monday night in the final.

Also the show by Barbara D'Urso, Baila fallen victim of auditel: next Monday the final.
Nothing to be done for the show by Barbara D Urso, Baila, ’ focused on binomial-vip-dance. After the unsatisfactory ratings in the first three episodes recorded network, ’ Editor (as would d ’ Urso!) decided to reduce the episodes of the program from 8 to 4, determining, cos, the early closure. Monday 17 October andr, cos, aired the final program at 21.15 on Canale 5.

For d ’ Urso's fourth program that is closed in advance: before he was touched to Reality Circus, then the show Fantasy conducted with Luca Laurenti, followed by tonight that evening and now, dulcis in fundo, Baila, one of the programs on which home Mediaset had bet much. And instead, despite lots of Baila advertisements that ja received on paper printed in all Tv (Rai and Mediaset) has not taken off. The rest already the first episode of the program, organized in a few hours after the issuing of the judgment in ’, had not convinced the public: the curve of the programme, in fact, after a debut with almost 6 million viewers was dropped in the final at the threshold of 2 million poor, confirming the lack of appeal that the premiere of the program, without no head no tailhad on the audience. Would not have been better, then, to postpone the episode d ’ program to debut Monday following the ruling, in order to better organize the outline of the programme, so as to avoid the ’ yet another failure for Barbara wonder d ’ Urso, who now wonder woman “ ” has very little?

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Minzolini the Tg1: Berlusconi defends ” Risk is better than just stumble along ”. Here's the video.

Minzolini dixit: "Fini has made improper use of the term" partisan "-Tg1 just makes news and will continue to do it. Moreover, in his act, the President of the Chamber proves to have a particular vision of the concept of imparzialit "

For the President of CameraGianfranco, there are no doubts: Augusto Minzolini, delTg1, lattuale Director should resign from his position as excessively partisan.

Harsh protest Purposes after two services of Tg1 on him. (C) a limit allindecenza, said the leader of Fli announcing ancheazionigiudiziarie against the Director of Tg1. In fact, the climate of protests around the first tg's public tv, gi c from a lot of time and the first to protest were the same journalists of the newspaper.
The cdr of Tg1 complaint that Director is deploying our header on thesis and the majority of the Government and that the newscast when launches accusation doesn't care almost never of right of reply. The Director is less cos to the duties of respect for pluralism, fairness and public service of informing yourself losing credibilit and listens to our newscast. Let's just in the name of all my colleagues who still believe in our craft and did not deserve to be involved in continuing controversy, said the journalists themselves in a note.

To suffer this faziosit are pure plays: at one time the Tg1 was tg institutional, followed every night by more than 7 million spectators for unosharecompreso between 27 and 30%, now with Minzolini listeners are little more than 5 million for a medium share ranging between 21 and 23%. To benefit from questacrisi direct nuovoTgLa7 daMentanache especially in these days broke the wall of 3 million viewers.

This evening in Tg1 of 20 arrived Replication Manager Minzolini accusations of Fini. The Director has also defended the Berlusconi Government, stating that: “ Risk better than just stumble along ”. For pi series deployed cos … here's the video of the ’ editorial Augusto Minzolini:

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Men and women-Pink Throne: Chiara, Giorgia and offending shoes

Today men and women, pink throne. Clear against Giorgia: the battle continues ... and half the shoes Gabrio.

Continue the strife between the two troniste Clear Sammartino and Giorgia Lucini; Reason of ’ yet another argument? A pair of shoes give by Gabrio AUC during their last. Maria De Filippi, during the airing of ’ of ’ between rvm Giorgia and Gabrio, is forced to stop the video, because in studio c ’ a clearly angry.

Clear does not tolerate the attitude of the suitor Gabrio ’, considers false and hypocritical and invites him to shut up. Obviously the suitor responds to Clear words, clarifying that his attitude could also be provocative towards him. In fact, from the ’ between Giorgia and Gabrio comes out a sort of provocation, more than a real interest. At the end to Clear the same decide to take him out for the external ’: response to Giorgia that instead brings Giuseppe?

Joseph l ’ other suitor who is giving the wire from twist to the two, but eventually ” by Giorgia “ forced to choose, decide to jump on. And ’ really interested in Clear or does it just because it digests the fact that Giorgia like Gabrio. In short, it formed a triangle or a square amoroso really interesting but also danger.

That succeed in the next external ..?
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Tiziano Ferro: new single on the radio

Tiziano Ferro in radio with the new single. It's finally in spreading the first single from new album by Tiziano Ferro. The difference between me, this is the name of the new single, anticipates the release of the album love a simple thing planned for November.

And ’ the great time back on the music scene by Tiziano Ferro. After some years of absence from the scene here is that the Latin singer makes you feel again strong voice. From this ’ now in circulation in radio single, Tiziano Ferro, this is the difference between me and thee, song that anticipates the release of new album ’, the ’ love a simple thing, scheduled for November. And ’ a great period for Italian music with Giorgia has already tasted success, then waiting another great return of ’: Laura Pausini. Well, Titian and Laura will clash in November with the ’ release of their album and will be really interesting to figure out who the spunter.

Meanwhile, by Tiziano Ferro today in radio with the new single, the difference between me and thee highlights those nuances that we find in all people and that allow to make then complete a love. Substantial differences of living a feeling, between torture, dramas or passions and lots of happiness. The sound of Tiziano Ferro not distracts from the past, although here the ’ entire album was recorded in acoustic version, without the contribution of technology. This is definitely a great reason d ’ pride for Latin singer who has had the ’ honour also to register even in Los Angeles with the great musicians of the world. An incredible satisfaction for Tiziano Ferro in radio with the new single and eager to discover the world its new words, his thoughts.

Unlike the songs of the past here the text much more explicit without metaphors or puns. Tiziano Ferro a man other than in the past, he finally declare his omosessualit and in this album we understand all the suffering that has tried it, but that finally brought happiness.
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The first seasonal influences. Here's expert advice.

With the cold the first illnesses of the season: here's the cosnigli to deal with the arrival of winter.

And waited for the next settimanalarrivo delcattivo time and delfreddo, which according to estimates made daldottoreFabrizio Pergliasco, docentedellUniversit of Milanopotrebbe to read gi80 thousand people.
Among the people who will be more colpitesoprattutto children and the elderly, in particular children in bed with a fever will be more than 30 thousand. To hit will be ivirus para-influenza virus more than 262 that determine similar pathologies, but pi allinfluenza read.Behind the corner, therefore, await us colds, throat, stuffy nose and annoying febbricole. Nothing temperature and a responsible use deifarmacidi self-medication for relieving symptoms tips dellesperto.

The Council to try to not run in the first dAutunno diseases, says Pregliasco, and first to avoid thermal shock, perhaps passing dallambiente more hot home or auto to cold environment outside. Another Council, and continues to make a responsible use deifarmacidi self-medication to relieve symptoms.

For the true influence, however, confirms Pregliasco, ce still wait: first sporadic cases finds should occur no sooner than November, while the actual spread seasonal dellinfluenza should begin, according to the forecasts, by the end of December.

Do not forget then warns the virologist, and flu vaccination recommended, especially for categories of people most at risk as the elderly and chronically ill. But to get vaccinated, concludes Pregliasco, and again soon
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Men and women-sneak peeks: Giorgia Lucini leaves the throne?

Giorgia Lucini would be ready to leave the throne rose of men and women. His attitude not liked even Maria De Filippi.

The ’ adventure of tronista men and women, Giorgia Lucini, could come at the end after only a few episodes. Giorgia, at the center of controversy in these first weeks of the throne, appears to have decided to leave the program. For now it is just rumors, fueled by the most knowledgeable about the program blog di Maria De Filippi, but in the week could reach important news. Also other tronista, Chiara Sammartino, seems to be doubting his role in the program of Channel 5, but almost certainly will continue his adventure.

Among the reasons that led the beautiful tronista Giorgia, former suitors diAndrea Angelini, to abandon the programme prematurely, it seems there are numerous controversies and disputes that the girl had to face in these first few weeks.Attacks led daTina Cipollari, who does not believe the character that you are creating Giorgia, who wants to present how the girl angry and angelica in search of true love. It is said that latteggiamento of Giorgia not enjoyed even Mary, who is thinking about an exoneration of the girl.The false Giorgia, as well as the ’ called Sgarbi, it seems, therefore, be close to the end of his adventure rose to the throne If cos … sar, who take his place?
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lastest: suggestion Eto'o

Et0 ' or may be on loan to Inter for a few months. The idea, suggestive but possible, coming the same Cameroon who spoke with the leaders of the nerazzurri.
Genoa dellInter has a news story so sensational as suggestive. Could get Etoo, loan term, taking advantage of the fact that the Russian Championship is coming to an end then to start again in March.The idea of the spread of Cameroon, never forgotten by Moratti and ever so much regret, given the results to date have characterized linizio season of the nerazzurri. Although the problem, if you like, not so much the lack of Football, but the fact that the team seems now in dissolution. Players who have won so much, very probably don't have those motivations that had the pi in past years.

The same Ranieri that good at motivating players, is clearly the objective difficulty to give the right to charge her. If you then add to that let now no longer green of various elements of the rose, one realizes that the only solution a profound renewal.However, a possible return, albeit temporary, Etoo to Milan, would be to shock capable of wake up a little.Technically, operation would be possible, the previous Beckham at AC Milan a few years ago, proves it. Everything is to convince lAnzhi who might not like task, given that you prefer by far his most representative player you could stand to face the new year in perfect shape.

Another obstacle could be represented dallingaggio astronomical player, making the necessary calculations, for a few months should receive about 6 million, a figure very challenging but Moratti, to give a jolt to the ranking and review Etoo in nerazzurro, if only for a few months, might be available to the economic sacrifice.However, until this moment it is just chitchat. The thing that augurs well that the idea came to Cameroon and which was to make a proposal to dellInter.
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Luciana Littizzetto: Fabio Fazio, better child porn actor

Luciana Littizzetto: neinte Fabio Fazio, better child porn actor. Actress and comedienne not present these days to what time ago Fazio because grappling with the film and a star. The Littizzetto committed on set in Turin.

All have wondered what did Luciana Littizzetto. L ’ actress and comedienne in fact not pi in transmission by Fabio Fazio what time ago, a situation that has a p suspicious. In short the Littizzetto always been the icing on the cake for the transmission of Raitre, his finals have always been more followed. La Rai has thought of making out she too? Still not cos, Luciana Littizzetto grappling with a film, and a ’ star, by Lucio Pellegrini. The rirpese are going to Turin and among the actors find the Littizzetto along with Rocco Papaleo and Peter Castellitto, son of the famous actor and director Sergio.

The story of ’ and a star is born inspiration completely all ’ novel by Nick Hornby and tells the story of a seemingly ordinary family struggling with a discovery is nothing short of shocking. The plot focuses on the story of a woman teacher (Luciana Littizzetto) and a simple employee (Rocco Papaleo) who married for many years suddenly discover that their dear son of nineteen (Peter Castellitto) actually a porn actor. Obviously the film avr also implications comedians, but focuses primarily on difficult communication often operates between children and parents. For Luciana Littizzetto so no Fabio Fazio, the better a child porn actor.

The film should indeed leave by next spring, so in these few months l ’ actress and comedienne sar pushing hard on the set of Turin. Viewers will have to wait quite a p of time before you can see what time ago by Fazio. The same presenter in recent days has virtually made an appeal for Luciana, inviting her to hurry up on set to return as pi soon in its television broadcast. Certainly the lack of friendly Littizzetto is pi that feel, Fazio realized that an important reference point for what time ago. Luciana Littizzetto nothing Fabio Fazio, the better a child porn actor, so must the presenter Raitre you arrange for a time without his Lucianina.
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Ass, the book that celebrates women's B side. Here are the hot pictures.

Ass: here are the photos of the book more hot.

And ’ a riot of B-sides. 248 women more beautiful backside, Irina Shayk, and Stacy Keibler, Clooney's new girlfriend, among them. And ’ “ Ass ”, with the uppercase c to emphasize the importance of the subject ’. This is a photo book by Sean Diddy Combs and Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine, which celebrates the side B of the woman.

The beautiful Russian model 25enneIrina Shayk, one of the most requested at the time, been immortalized lying on a bed completely nude. The photo also appears on the new flame of George Clooney, who appears for the first time completely nude. To see from the photos, Clooney is Consulate immediately after the end of his story d ’ love with Elisabetta Canalis.

The photos are the work of Raphael Mazzucco and video presentation on You Tube is doing around the web. Here are some fotogrammimozzafiato. Good vision ….

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Star Academy closes early. Next Thursday in the final.

The new talent of Francesco Facchinetti has not taken off in tv plays and closes so early.
Nothing to be done for the new talent show on RaiDue Star Academy, which was to take the place of the X Factor moved on Sky with Simona Ventura. Star Academy failed to make a breach in the hearts of viewers, as well as hoped his conductor Francesco Facchinetti, who on the eve of the debut had defined “ the father of all talent show ”!

After the first two episodes at 6% share of medium and little more than 1,300,000 viewers, the network decided to stay in the program, which has 12 evenings spent 4. Tomorrow night will go on the air the semifinal and sang with the voices of ’ gold talent there sar Luca Carboni; Thursday 20 October, however, will be the time of the final of Star Academy, which will be declared the winner of this first and only edition of the program. To declare the winner in addition to jury composed Lorella Cuccarini, Ornella Vanoni, Roy Peace and Nicola Savino, penser also the televoting from home. The program will end on the day when on SkyUno partir the new edition of X Factor, which until last was aired on RaiDue.

Things don't go better even for Baila conducted by Barbara d Urso on Canale5 ’: Monday evening, the program has confirmed the flop of the second episode, recording an average d ’ listen equal to 2,500,000 spectators for a share of 12.50%. Very low numbers for a program that was able to enjoy much media fanfare. Also for Baila speaks of early closure: Monday next could go also aired the show's final dancer Barbara “ ” wonder ’ d Urso.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Napolitano: Government can operate?

Napolitano: Premier and Parliament are credible-Undeniable tension in coalizioneDomani Berlusconi refers to the Room.
I have always taken impartially the conviction expressed by the Government and representatives of parliamentary groups who argue about the solidit of the majority that through repeated vote of confidence has confirmed the support of all Executive ’ ’, writes in a note by the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano.

But the non-approval by the Chamber, the ’ article 1 of the statement of the General State administration ’ and the undeniable ’ of acute tensions within the Government and the Coalition, with consequent uncertainties in ’ decisions due or announced, arouse questions and concerns, said the head of State. The question that arises, if the majority of Government ricompostasi last June with the ’ contribution of a new group is able to operate with the constant cohesion necessary to ensure essential requirements such as the ’ set of budgetary decisions and appropriate solutions to the urgent problems of the country, also in relation to the commitments and obligations in Europeans. And ’ to the subjects that they are constitutionally responsible, such as the President of the Council and Parliament, that it is a credible response.

Meanwhile, tomorrow at 11 the President of the Council, Silvio Berlusconi, refer here to the Chamber. Friday, however, there will be a vote of confidence. This was decided by the Conference of Heads of Deputies, after that yesterday the Government was defeated on the ’ article 1 of the statement of general budget.
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Elena Santarelli spanking by a senior

Elena Santarelli spanking by an elder. It happened these days allastazione of Milan where the showgirl and at one point an elderly man has spanking with his stick. Elena Santarelli did not want to denounce the incident.

In a country like ours where there is still a great machismo, it actually understands gi who governs us, should not be very shocking what happened to the showgirl Elena Santarelli. The girl stood at the station of Milan, when at one point a senior decided to stick with his spanking her, uttering these words: “ run ” filly. The fact really very curious, say that listening to this news a chuckle there escapes. This because our country was accustomed to live this way, the girls seem to be to admire objects solely for their beauty and just. If the Premier even wants to rename his party Strength Gnocca clear that we are now arrived at the fruit.

Basically in Italy is missing the proper respect for women, which must not be regarded as the weaker sex or simply beauties to admire. The Italian woman has a brain and as such should be absolutely respected. Elena Santarelli spanking by a senior only an episode reported in the newspapers because it is a celebrity, but do you know how many Italian women live constantly these situations? There are thousands, but of course do not talk because they are normal people. Every day to happen such situations, especially at the workplace, but ’ too much silence around.

Elena Santarelli spanking by a senior can be definitely smile, but an attitude. The showgirl not to whether the ’ heard talking with his lawyers and report the ’ happened to a public official, a serious error, because now that senior sar ’ free to make that gesture to any other girl. In short, Elena Santarelli preferred to drop everything and just try to forget this story. Women take Care, we are not only puppet in the hands of men.
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Escort: Palma threat judges and sends inspectors-Pope against PM

Investigation escort. The Minister of Justice, Nitto Palma sends inspectors in proxies of Naples and Bari. From his cell Deputy Pdl Alfonso Pope accuses PM.

Body takes the decision of the keeper of Nitto Palma, that despite what you may think, want to make clear, once and for all, on the ’ work of prosecutors in Naples and Bari, which are occupying the alleged tour escort submitted by Tarantini at our premier Silvio Berlusconi, investigations concerning wiretaps between the Director of the ’ on!Lavitola and Berlusconi, Finmeccanica's procurement and funding all ’ publishing.

Nodes to dissolve, doubts to be clarified, Nitto Palma there think twice to send the inspectors of the Ministry of Justice in the prosecution of Naples and Bari, and meanwhile threatens fines to judges who are wrong; In an interview, the Minister of Justice declares his intention to reform the current law, ’ on civil responsibility of togas, and promises to pay expensive fines to those judges who do not act correctly.

Other crucial node, are the recent statements of the Deputy Pdl Alfonso Pope; In prison for the P4, Papaha made know to receive “ ” threats and being subjected to pressure by the PM, who were promised freedom in exchange for false statements on Berlusconi.

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Census 2011: deadlines and procedures.

There have until 22 October to fill in the form of the 2011 Census. Answer the census is required by law: penalty a fine from EUR 200 to 2 000 euro.

About us? How many are we? Where we live? Are just some of the questions of the questionnaire prepared dallIstat to photograph our family, today October 9, 2011. Boxes must be filled da25 million famiglieitaliane. This is del15esimocensimentodella the Italian population.
Shopping revelation that allow to know the demographic and social structure and dellItalia of its territory, to acquire useful information to better understand the reality in which we live and to take more informed decisions by institutions, companies and individual citizens. We ourselves, in fact, the real stars dellindagine.

You can fill in the questionnaire on the web by clicking on the site:, using the password on the first page of the paper sent home. For any technical issues you puchiamareilnumeroverdegratuito 800.069.70. or you can fill out the paper and deliver postal or municipal centres. Those not compiled from 21 November will be withdrawn from detectors.Answer the census is required by law: penalty a fine from EUR 200 to 2 000 euro.

However, in these hours, many citizens in the several City went to the post offices for delivery of the model, could not give course alloperazione. Unable to post, deliver the connection information for the withdrawal of the questionnaire. Yesterday, in addition, c was a flop and the compilation online.

C ’ until 22 October to receive the questionnaire and the password to use online. Deadlines for repayment are: December 23, 2011, in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants; January 31, 2012, in the municipalities up to 150,000 inhabitants; February 29, 2012 for those above 150,000.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Snaptu: here's that mark Borriello

For the offensive, the Naples seems to be interested in Marco Borriello, now on the outskirts of Rome, since he preferred Osvaldo Luis Enrique.
The transfer of Naples is enriched by another name, weight, no doubt, to the offensive. It's now tagged Borriello, pi in the stands that bench, Luis Enrique, is experiencing a difficult season.Yet, shortly before the end of the summer market, the same coach AWAI had secured lattaccante about its use. Had told him that mark was a major player and that the company had on him. Many words and few facts, Borriello field he could observe only from afar. In practice, slipped on the fringes of the team for which at the end of the market had also rejected the proposals.

But football did cos. Sullaltare today and tomorrow in the dust, and vice versa. Napoli, on the other hand, that of strikers has actually need, given the disappointing performance of Pandev, seems to be interested in Borriello, although, in fact, it is a player of Neapolitan origin, and thus not much liked by De Laurentiis, who believes the campanians ill-adapted to Naples. But in the team Despite there already an exception, Captain Cannavaro, that one of the pillars of defence, and not said then that a second Neapolitan cannot do well.

The Naples, and his audience, it would be just the right place to revitalize a striker who was one of the best Italian striker, a national, one capable of doing Department alone and therefore able to replace where appropriate one of the three tenors.Borriello followed dallInter and PSG, the club all in Europe, but understand that good would not Mark the sirens seduce foreign and prefer by far the target.We'll see. Sure Borriello, in January, going to Rome.
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Ricky Martin: concerto in Honduras forbidden to minors of 15 years

Ricky Martin concert in Honduras forbidden to minors of 15 years. This is the judgment of the Evangelical Church that does not accept the presence of this singer in his own country, whose show was even considered high sexual content.

And ’ really amazing what happened to singer Ricky Martin. The beautiful Puerto Rican these days will be in Honduras for a concert, but his presence doesn't seem to be very welcome in the country. In fact the Evangelical Church has protested strongly to the concert by Ricky Martin. You may wonder why the singer cannot enter quietly in Hoduras, blame given by his omosessualit. You know by now that Ricky has finally made coming out after years of suffering, confirming to be homosexual. D ’ in the world today should not be such problems and sufferings, but unfortunately the ’ ignorance is still everywhere.

Even the Evangelical Church of the ’ Honduras considered Ricky Martin, or rather his show, excessive sexual content “ to ”. A definition which leaves really speechless, because even the singer could be harmful for the mental health of young people in Honduras ’. Ricky Martin not only had to put up with these offenses, but should also give birth to a concert forbidden to minoni of 15 years. A situation that most incredible not pu, so it shouldn't even be commented out. Ricky Martin should be free to give life to his concert in any country without having to feel guilty of something.

Its omosessualit cannot and must not be seen as a problem or even a bad example for young people. This is not really a lot of sense, because Ricky Martin had always been a well-loved public figure who has never created or had chiss what problems. A concert in Honduras forbidden to minors of 15 years cannot be accepted by the singer, even wanted to prohibit his entry into the country. Why not a character should be treated this way just because homosexual? The Church what kind of love wants to teach in this manner for the next? To you the word.
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Island of the famous 9: Paola Perego is the new host.

Returns l'isola dei famosi with Paola Perego and with a cast composed of past editions, including Pappalardo and Yespica.
Paola Perego Sar to take over the reins of the reality of RaiDue, L ’ isola dei famosi orphaned of his mother “ natural ”, Simona Ventura, migrated this year ’ to Sky. The programme should start in late February.

After several entries, the news was confirmed in the pages of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, on newsstands tomorrow. The Perego managed to prevail on his direct competitor Catherine Bailiff, however, could become his sent to Honduras. In fact the Perego gender reality has a familiar: in the past, in fact, has conducted 3 editions of the mole reality game and a ’ Edition of the farm on Channel 5.

The novelty of this Edition, in addition to the landlady, a cast made up in part by former players of the past editions of the reality. According to smiles, in talks to return on ’ Island there would be Adriano Pappalardo and showgirl Aida Yespica. Cristiano Malgioglio refused the proposal of production, while in negotiations we are Antonella Elia, Walter Nudo, Rossano Rubicondi, and Francesco Coco.
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Melania Rea – latest news: Salvatore killed before the daughter?

Salvatore Parolisi allegedly killed Melanie before the eyes of his daughter: this latest shocking news of the case.

Lomicidio of giovaneMelania Reacontinua to keep the bench and to divide public lopinione. And news of these hours, in fact, the news that Salvatore Parolisi checol days pass continues to be only responsible for the death of a woman, he killed his wife just before the eyes of the young Victoria. a new element that could even more upset the lives of the little girl, that ritrovata without allimprovviso you MOM and pap.The girl, who asks the man to see continuation, at the time entrusted to the custody of grandparents.

A few days ago, in addition, the Attorney Naples asked even revoked shall home potest Parolisiper to her daughter, now located in Somma Vesuviana, cared for and protected by his maternal grandparents.The Proxy is deployed on this side; the same judges have asked to be appointed a special custodian to take care to safeguard the interests of the minor. The last word, the juvenile court.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Guardia di Finanza seized in Palermo a large quantity of counterfeit

The Guardia di Finanza seized fake 220,000 from Naples. Arrested one of two carriers, while the other has avoided arrest due to his disability.
Maxi seizure in Palermo by the Guardia di Finanza, counterfeit, ready to be put into circulation.The seizure occurred this morning in the Sicilian capital, when the financiers have stopped two men of bells with a duffel bag inside which were found 3,900 banknotes totalling 220,000. The notes were 1,400 from 100 thousand euros from 50 and 1,500 from 20. the amazing thing was the high quality of falsification, since banknotes featured as part of security measures on tickets of various cutting, had been taroccate, just say, with some care and attention.

Of the two characters who were aboard a ferry from Naples, one was arrested, while the other was referred to Judicial Authorities in ’ State of freedom as handicapped his State of the disability then served to avoid arrest.Increasingly fierce and prepared the organized criminalit, against which the State must put in place the better than it has in-flight. Once entered into circulation banknotes false could do little damage alleconomia, to which they were intended, and especially to unsuspecting people who, in the obvious approach is to recognise a counterfeit banknote vera a, they would lose their money.

Will the Treaty one of the most significant seizures of counterfeit notes of recent years, notes that, as mentioned, were made with the utmost care, so that security thread or holograms, the glossy stripe and embossed, could exceed the normal checks that any one person can do. Once changed, for example a good 100 lignaro consumer would be found with the waste paper in his hand.
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Rihanna after Armani, conquest l ’ England

Rihanna new testimonial Armani. Golden moment for singer originally from Barbados who managed in a short time to become a genuine style icon. After Armani Rihanna has conquered England with her new single We found love.

Rihanna's new face of Armani. The singer in the middle of his career and especially his great success, in a few years managed to climb the charts around the world, proving one of the most talented singers. Rihanna also rely on his fisichetto not bad and a sensualit that allows you to talk more and 's. Not by chance that Armani l ’ has chosen as testimonial of his trademark at the time Rihanna the best circulation even in marketing. Loves to constantly renew its look and allow this to become a new icon of style. It has been years since his first hit single, Umbrella, Rihanna is not pi stop.

Her new single, We found love, gi became a catchphrase and within four days he even sold over 87 000 copies in the UK, peaking at first place of the individual EPS sold. And ’ you the Queen of the ’ autumn music, but for Rihanna the work does not end here. And ’ in fact ready to engage in the first film actress, thanks to Peter Berg has desired that the ’ in his new film Battleship that come next year. The Barbadian singer originiaria the classic example of the success acquired thanks to singing ability but not only. Rihanna scale the European charts, but his character's stopper.

We must not for comparing to Lady Gaga, who actually tip only on ’ and transgression. Rihanna relies on its strong sensualit definitely, but unlike Miss Germanotta try not make scandals, do not create media upheavals. The success of Rihanna due to its great ability to be fair to take in anything. Therefore not only music, but also advertising, cinema and quant ’.
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Madonna Hot scandal here is the offending photos

Madonna's hot photos continue to go around the web. She rages and calls for justice. Madonna like you've never seen!

The fury of Madonna, hot shots, stolen during a photo shoot with Steven Klein, made between the 2008/2009. This is the news that rages on the web. The great pop star, is at the Media Centre for a fate similar to toccata to Scarlett Johansson â€" nude photos that speak for themselves. Madonna really angry for photos, not only because circulate without his authorization, invasion of privacy, but c ’ who even rumored that diva has been disappointing, because the photos are so little indeed no, say as well non-existent glamour.

She who always so impeccable, never out of place and glamour, was hit in the deep, in what does pi bad: his image out of place; Hair, no makeup, attitude uncomfortable, in fact really out, but to dive as Madonna all permission.At the bottom of the photo, even if misplaced “ “, showing a really impeccable physical tonic, and hardly accessible to any woman of 5o years and more.

But she Madonna!

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From big brother to men and women: break out the pairs, but who is the ’ intruder?

From big brother to men and women, most couples follow burst of tv.But who the intruder?
It seems that around there is a very powerful virus that affects mainly the pairs of big brother and the men and women. Still not found the right care.Sad to say but the most famous pairs “ tv ” burst as grains of corn on the fire, only that the surprise inside, not a delicious popcorn, but just a corn!
Let's start with Gianfranco Apicerni, the new postman di Maria De Filippi, and Valeria Bigella. The two lovebirds are showed as lovers during the episode special men and women; “ and ’ render, we hope that the steps once moved to Rome ”, famous last words by Gianfranco before the storm. Nowhere are served, the prophetic words of Monica Pisano Valeria “ Avoids also makes moving ” with its romanaccio de Rome. Begin the first doubts, the first torment: but how come you are left? Was too jealous, a squabbling and profanity to no end, he says, over point and just answers her. And here we check the ’ intruder: The step. And ’ just a friend she says; Talk to another that you know, Gianfranco. remains the doubt hamlet.

Let's move on to Andrea Cocco and Margaret Zanatta, followed in order of time, by Ferdinando Giordano and Angelica Livraghi. Beautiful, young and in love at least until yesterday. Who will ever interfered with each other? Those responsible for that has put in crisis, more close-knit pairs of big brother? The cinema.Eh it seems that the desire to recite took the upper hand on Andrea and Ferdinando. Dream cinema, the real one. Andrea and Ferdinando that are lost, empty, without any justification, want to change, get in the game, so they leave their girlfriends. And then …. who will live ...see …

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Apple: here are the new challenges of the “ after ”-Jobs.

What will the future of Apple after the death of its founder Steve Jobs? Here are the new program. Meanwhile in the u.s. booking boom for the Phone 4S.

First day of presale for the new Phone 4S in the Usa and already analysts calculate oversubscribed. L ’ telephone operator AT & T has in fact announced that the launch of the latest generation of ’ ’ the Phone Apple has recorded an unprecedented success, with more than 200 thousand reservations in the United States in less than 12 hours. The ’ the Phone 4S, presented Tuesday by Apple on the eve of the death of his leggenadario patron and co-founder Steve Jobs, will be put on sale in the United States and in six other countries, including cuiFrancia, Germany, Australia, Japan Friday 14 October, but customers can already order.Regarding the release date, iPhone marketing 4S in Italy for the 28 October. Ilprezzo sales in our country is not yet known, but it is not very discoster from that practiced in other European countries where the 16 GB model will cost EUR 629, the 32 GB version from 739 euros and lesemplare from 64 GB 849 euro.

In the future of the company, ’, ’ not only the ’ iPhone 4S. There are also other products that will play a key role: from ’ upcoming launch iCloud service expectations for the renewal of its range of iPad and some of the best-selling models between computers, such as iMac and MacBook Air. However without Steve Jobs, someone begins to fear the weight of competition: but the founder of Apple would personally established a corporate university to teach internal manager of the company ’ his way of thinking and making decisions, what has made only his leadership as Captain d ’ industry.
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Italy Milan: we think of Maxwell and Khedira

Galliani thinks a profound renewal for a Milan that the draft of the team that last year you graduate champion Italy.
The transfer of AC Milan, in effect, a veritable whirlwind of names. Every day it seems that if you add someone on notebook Galliani, and probably is not headings market, but real looked to have dellAD ideas.The rossoneri sailing in calm waters, this unquestionable. And now blatant to pi, and then it will certainly also executives of AC Milan, which the team needs a strong make-up a bit in all departments. The defense to go with the order, as well as on Thiago Silva and Abate, Abbiati, obviously without neglecting cannot rely on others for sure. Nesta, no longer young, injured and Mexes as if it had just arrived at Milanello, since has not played a single minute until this time.

In midfield, the men of greater expectations and quality, are all now no longer young, and it saw the last League match lost against men of Earl running, while players AC Milan lost to small roamed trot in the middle of the field. Aquilani and Nocerino aren't giving what we expected from them and Gattuso still firm to the pits, Allegri is located in the difficoltIn series forward, Cassano allinfortunio Pato, adding also the tile Ibrahimovic, who says he is in a kind of existential crisis, me that indeed, perhaps tired of the lack of results, wants to change air.

So, you could say, everything by redoing it, or at least a good part. And then, what could be the moves of Galliani to try to put back on track Milan? Apart from the awesomeness of Ibra-Balotelli, the first move should be safe that will surely leave Amauri, Juventus, given that almost as if there were. Then he perhaps Montolivo, a few steps from Milan's company, but are also the names of Maxwell, in the shade at Barcelona and Sami Khedira, not on good terms with Mourinho and then likely departing from Real. We'll see.
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Snaptu: new talent, De Laurentiis may already have in house

Napoli has already home the player of the future. Lorenzo Insigne, Philip also on display in the national team of Ciro Ferrara, exploded under the guidance of Zeman.
The transfer of Naples continues to explore the world of the balloon, looking for the right pieces to entrust to God for the second round of the Championship. The usual names are added to a young talent who also put on display the last race of the national under you Ciro Ferrara. We are talking about a certain Famous Lorenzo, who plays for Pescara of Zeman and fortunately De Laurentiis, already a player of Naples.

With the Bohemian, the guy seems to have put on display, definitively, all its potential, which is already intuited, given that the many requests received in the summer, Bigon has always responded with a warm dry me NO. The Neapolitan leadership decided to outsource to Zeman, borrow, why certain that with that technical Distinguished would be put in the conditions of explode, if in possession of the right potential. And the beat have given reason to Bigon, as true that, as a result of the trial offer, the guy did the degree of interest that the Napoli began to demonstrate against Giovinco. the good news that the new talented player chasing blue gi society of Naples, and nobody can take it away.

But you know, Bigon also looks elsewhere, and most popular names are always the same, at least until this time. Benatia dellUdinese and lattaccante of Basel and Switzerland national Xherdan Shaquiri, class 91 by much more than fair promises, gi observed this summer from Naples for the Defender, dellUdinese De Laurentiis's team should have in a sense take precedence over all other claimants, given the excellent relations between the patron of the two teams. For lattaccante of Basel, the Naples should beat the competition of Rome, was interested in the player. You see that sieder first at the table.
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Angelica Livraghi and Guendalina Tavassi guests Sun 5.

The former gieffina sar guest lounge Federica Panicucci, to tell the causes of the end of his love affair with Ferdinando Giordano, known inside the House.
Tomorrow afternoon at 13.40 andr on Channel 5 aired a new episode on Sunday 5 with Federica Panicucci and Claudio Brachino. Among the guests of the two former rivals of the last edition of the reality of Channel 5, big brother: Angelica Livraghi and Guendalina Tavassi.

The first sar program host to tell the public the reasons which have led to put an end to its history d ’ love with Ferdinand the Neapolitan, former contestant of the past year. The two have made a few days the news on their Facebook pages. The two lovebirds have not resisted for a long time together but, although gi inside the House, and they were the first symptoms of a mutual intolerance. And after a short period to cohabitation, ’ about 5 months, arrived at the final break. The well informed about a betrayal by Ferdinand, however, to know in detail what happened between the two baster tune in tomorrow afternoon on Canale5 and follow Sunday 5.

L ’ other former reality star of channel 5, host of the Panicucci, sar Guendalina Tavassi, one of the most discussed of competitors the past year, cheracconter from where he decided to start their lives back, trying to avoid spotlight and paparazzi.

But the episode won't be dedicated only to veterans of the GF: during Sunday 5, we will, in fact, will be carried out interviews with Gerry Scotti, Elisabetta Gregoraci and protagonists of new fiction by Channel 5, a love and revenge, Anna Valley and Lorenzo Flaherty.
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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Purpose: If you really loved the country Berlusconi should resign.

Purpose: it ended the time of Berlusconi and of bipolarity. Law-Wiretaps? Only for someone.Casini: Berlusconi will face aside. Is he the obstacle to moderate unit.

“ If the President of the Council really loved ’ l Italy should take a step back by allowing someone else to rule “ ’.Cos the President of the Chamber, Gianfranco Fini at the convention in future and Freedom in Palermo.
Then attacks: “ no time now to think of myself. Berlusconi should take a bath of umilt, not pi pu, video ads and promises which are not maintained. The Premier onal ’ other chores busy ”. Stored on wiretapping: “ and ’ a law only for the interest of someone ”. Second, in addition, over the ’ was of Berlusconi and of bipolarity.

Also ’ UDC leader Casini, convinced that Berlusconi should step aside. The ’ only thing believable that the premier can do now, step aside, said: not to go into exile, but to compete in a different way in democratic life.

Casini returned to advocate a Government of national responsibility, which includes forces pi series of left and right. According to Casini, in fact, the Prime Minister l ’ obstacle to ’ unit of moderates. Housed in the Red Bologna, Casini former Christian Democrat did praise the missing l ’: ” I acknowledge that Pci c ’ been a generation that is sacrificed and fought. Today the political ideal: only run at a seat ”.

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