Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crime: Michele Misseri guest this evening in door to door.

Michele Misseri tonight a door to door, say his umpteenth truth.

This evening in the new episode of the talk showPorta, conducted daBruno Vespa, aired at 23.15 on RaiUno, we will host an exclusive Miche Misseri, involved in the murder of 14-year-old ’ of Avetrana, Miners, to tell his umpteenth truth.

After the ’ hosted on Sunday in the channel 5 programme conducted by Claudio Brachino, Sunday 5, “ Uncle Michele ”, tonight will not reoccur in the video for once again, to be the culprit in the murder of her niece Sarah ’, strangled with a rope in August 2010 and found in a few months later.

The case China after more than a year since the discovery of the body of the victim, continues to keep bench: almost every day, in various daytime programs, including Morning 5, cuiUnoMattina, La Vita in diretta, Italy on 2 and 5 Afternoon, are broadcasted on the case, or are set up (yet) of real debates lasting media ranging from 20 to 35 minutes.

In short the case China continues to divide the ’ public opinion. This evening, we could see even a confrontation-confrontation between criminologa and Roberta Misseri Bruzzone, accused by the farmer of Avetrana, of having forced to say that even her daughter Sabrina getting all ’ murder of Sarah.
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