Saturday, October 15, 2011

Outraged in Rome: and ’ urban warfare.

The procession in Rome turned into a true urban warfare. Paper bombs launched against the Minister of defence.

Charges of the police, fire hydrants and smoke against the thugs who during the parade of Outraged in Rome, have provoked riots, broke Windows, torched cars. L ’ eco clashes arrived until piazza San Giovanni, where the peaceful crowd is dispersed. Three hooded were blocked by demonstrators and delivered to the forces of the ’ order. Throughout the procession protesters have ranted against the violent, via Labicana had launched bombs paper, assaulted the Defense Ministry and a branch of the Bank. In the morning, the police had arrested at the gates of Rome, 4 anarcoinsurrezionalisti with improper weapons. Burned Italian flags and EU by hooded with face covered by a mask with “ V ” for revenge.

The day, this morning, was playing with a human tide and jubilant. The parade marked the rhythm of drums and dances. Many cartels exposed: “ outraged by this world speculated ”, also “ you have stolen our dreams, we're here to riprenderceli ” and “ You unworthy, we outraged ”. Thousands of people to protest against the crisis and the measures taken by Governments to counter it were gathered in the capital. The event is having unfortunate outcomes, we open this afternoon at 14. The procession party from Piazza della Repubblica, was opened by the slogan: “ People of Europe: Rise up!, ”, d ’ Europe: lofredo. Over 100,000 the indignant “ ” in a Rome armoured, manned by about 2000 members of the forces of the ’ order. There are social centres, precarious workers, trade unions, pensioners, Cobas, No tav, all United shouting: “ Us the crisis do not pay ”.
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