Sunday, October 09, 2011

Italy Milan: we think of Maxwell and Khedira

Galliani thinks a profound renewal for a Milan that the draft of the team that last year you graduate champion Italy.
The transfer of AC Milan, in effect, a veritable whirlwind of names. Every day it seems that if you add someone on notebook Galliani, and probably is not headings market, but real looked to have dellAD ideas.The rossoneri sailing in calm waters, this unquestionable. And now blatant to pi, and then it will certainly also executives of AC Milan, which the team needs a strong make-up a bit in all departments. The defense to go with the order, as well as on Thiago Silva and Abate, Abbiati, obviously without neglecting cannot rely on others for sure. Nesta, no longer young, injured and Mexes as if it had just arrived at Milanello, since has not played a single minute until this time.

In midfield, the men of greater expectations and quality, are all now no longer young, and it saw the last League match lost against men of Earl running, while players AC Milan lost to small roamed trot in the middle of the field. Aquilani and Nocerino aren't giving what we expected from them and Gattuso still firm to the pits, Allegri is located in the difficoltIn series forward, Cassano allinfortunio Pato, adding also the tile Ibrahimovic, who says he is in a kind of existential crisis, me that indeed, perhaps tired of the lack of results, wants to change air.

So, you could say, everything by redoing it, or at least a good part. And then, what could be the moves of Galliani to try to put back on track Milan? Apart from the awesomeness of Ibra-Balotelli, the first move should be safe that will surely leave Amauri, Juventus, given that almost as if there were. Then he perhaps Montolivo, a few steps from Milan's company, but are also the names of Maxwell, in the shade at Barcelona and Sami Khedira, not on good terms with Mourinho and then likely departing from Real. We'll see.
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