Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baila! closes: win Costantino Vitagliano and Elisabetta Gregoraci

Baila! closes: win Costantino Vitagliano and Elisabetta Gregoraci. Milly Carlucci eventually got the better, Baila! not andr pi aired and perhaps state the same audience to bring about the closure, since the ratings were not excellent.Eventually all efforts of Milly Carlucci served to something: Baila! closes after just four episodes and Barbara D Urso does believe that ’ is not for reasons of auditel. And ’ clear that this program was already a party, should not even go on the air, but the caparbiet of D ’ Urso and Mediaset has prevailed over all. Barbarella was probably can count at least on his faithful audience, which actually didn't ’ State so close as thought. Baila! closes and winners are Costantino Vitagliano and Elisabetta Gregoraci. The couple has proven to be more good than others or likely to be only the most beloved.

At the end for any imported more than so much of this race, Baila! He had a regulation too strange, clear that Barbara D Urso ’ had to change a p l ’ the entire structure of the program after the judge had banned the airing. Although the Mediaset presenter tried to bring forward a broadcast that perhaps has not paid little similarity with dancing with the stars, so the public will certainly not stupid and made immediately aware that Barbara D Urso ’ same proposing a format already seen and reviewed.
The presenter for the strong opinion that his Baila! will return more strong than before, he believed so much in this television program and absolutely cannot let it end this way. Barbara D Urso speaks of real ’ Baila!, that no one has yet seen, but sooner or later bring it off to get on the air, hoping that this time there are no judgments of the Court to put a spoke in the wheels. The first battle of the Rai was won, Baila! Costantino Vitagliano closes and win and Elisabetta Gregoraci, but here's the real winner only and exclusively Milly Carlucci.

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