Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Matrix-Special Simoncelli: tonight at 23.25 on Canale5 with the family of the sample.

MOM and pap Marco Simoncelli have released an exclusive interview to Channel 5 Matrix, airing tonight on Channel 5, in which the son died on Sunday at Sepang.

I taught to be a warrior, not to give up mainon know whether I did good or malecos father diMarco Simoncelliintervistato, aMatrix tonight, October 25, 2011.
Alessio Vinci dedicates the episode tonight to the disappearance of Marco Simoncelli will be remembered through services and testimonials. The journalist Ilaria Cable a few hours ago he interviewed parents and girlfriend of Sic, who have agreed to open the doors of the House of Coriano young rider romagnolo cameras of the Matrix. Paul Simoncelli has also said Sunday he wanted to win to know well the soho done well? I have done wrong? I have done something wrong? Not soe about dellincidente he added: A coincidenzabastavano 10 centimeters and took the shoulder and instead have taken precisely between the neck and testacomunque beautiful also died.and I wanted a lot of good.Showing the bike with which he won the world said: In room slept with the bike's side.

Also the MOM of Marco Simoncelli, decided to tell what and who is living proof in front of the cameras of the Matrix. Scarlett, his name, he wanted to tell everyone that does not have any regrets. And that is considered lucky. For having a son as Marco and why it remained another, Martina. Scarlett explains that she and her husband have always accompanied the son in what IP he liked doing: “ life if you don't do what we like, becomes a regret, and he certainly regrets not avr “. Is that fair son, convinced that has left a good memory and a nice message. Sure, admits: there nothing to defuse a situation, even though he was very ironic. However, his memory is kept alive. Then, revealed that c: little to do, and so the mancher. Why was a great Hooch, the House was bombed by the one that left around, from his tone of voice strong this fuss we will miss it.

Also Marco's girlfriend, Kate, ’ interview stated that it will be difficult to overcome and forget this huge pain.

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