Saturday, October 01, 2011

Clooney Canalis, no sms defends against Stacy

False news which argued that the presence of jealousy sms sent by Elisabetta Canalis to George Clooney, due to the immediate relationship with Stacy Keibler. The beautiful actor in Hollywood has defended the ex-girlfriend with a press release that says that a hoax invented by the tabloids.
The troubled history of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis never ends to bring news and gossip: last news spread by tabloids confirmed the presence of sms to poison the ’ ex-velina had sent to her ex-boyfriend because of the recent affair with wrestler Stacy Keibler. All fake! For the first time the ’ American actor intervenes to defend the beautiful Eli to confirm that he has never posted messages, but all the news was only a stunt of journalists to sell more newspapers. Director-actor in Hollywood has said through a press release, and although he doesn't like to talk about his private life, he must specify that her ex-flame did not spot any problems.

Elisabetta Canalis committed to Dancing with the Stars and has never sent sms poisonous to George Clooney. Stacy not interested and his phone never released any pungent message for the new story d ’ love her ex-boyfriend. Thin and committed to gaining success in the United States, Eli does not disturb anyone. ’ and George just to confirm the news. And ’ a ’ invention of printing which aims to sell more newspapers … not just play cos on the feelings of the people. The beautiful ex-velina pi must not be the subject of gossip exhausting as it was already in Italy, at the end of his relationship with Bobo Vieri.

Clooney Canalis, do more pair but George still maintains her spirit by Gentleman. No sms to poison by Eli for the beautiful sexy actor due to the recent love story with Stacy. The ’ former velina of Striscia la notizia committed to create its success all alone on an uphill road. George travels to promote his new film the IDEs of March. The news of gossip only the fruit of an invention of journalists that aim to increase sell newspapers and gossip to earn on the stories of the private life of famous personalities. No message of jealousy, only friendship and savoir faire … Mister Nespresso what else? a real ex-boyfriend educated and sensitive.

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