Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outraged-latest news/Alemannic: now the indignant are the Romans.

Clashes Rome-Berlusconi: we must punish those responsible for these clashes.

“ now outraged the citizens of Rome. I hope that the peaceful demonstrators and the forces of order can isolate the violent ’ and they put them in a condition not to further damage to our city ”. It said the Mayor of Rome, Alemanno, who from the Capitol is following the evolution of ’ and procession of the clashes in the city center to the manifestation of the indignant. Then, torturing said: ” l ’ hot I feel that today there is the worst in Europe, subjects were very dangerous months that web c ’ were indications he had to be ”.
“ I was very impressed by the reaction of the majority of the protesters. Had never happened that there was applause at the time of the ’ forces of the ’ order. And ’ a ’ important awareness to isolate the violent, it is well organized groups, isolated from the protesters. C ’ a very clear separation ” concluded.

Also the PremierSilvio Berlusconiha said in a note, that you punish the troublemakers who today have put to fire and flames, the capital. Special thanks went to the forces of the ’ order for the work he has done this ’ today throughout Italy.

The President of the Chamber, Gianfranco Fini said that in identifying the perpetrators of these serious rioting “ defaced the civilization of Rome and in Italy and ’ also affect those people who are trying to peacefully represent their reasons ”.

“ a manifestation of violence unacceptable ”, cos the Secretary of the Pdl, Alfano, the parade of outraged comments in Rome with clashes and appeals to all “, all, all ” to disassociate themselves from the violence.

The violence today were generally condemned by the entire political world.
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