Monday, October 10, 2011

From big brother to men and women: break out the pairs, but who is the ’ intruder?

From big brother to men and women, most couples follow burst of tv.But who the intruder?
It seems that around there is a very powerful virus that affects mainly the pairs of big brother and the men and women. Still not found the right care.Sad to say but the most famous pairs “ tv ” burst as grains of corn on the fire, only that the surprise inside, not a delicious popcorn, but just a corn!
Let's start with Gianfranco Apicerni, the new postman di Maria De Filippi, and Valeria Bigella. The two lovebirds are showed as lovers during the episode special men and women; “ and ’ render, we hope that the steps once moved to Rome ”, famous last words by Gianfranco before the storm. Nowhere are served, the prophetic words of Monica Pisano Valeria “ Avoids also makes moving ” with its romanaccio de Rome. Begin the first doubts, the first torment: but how come you are left? Was too jealous, a squabbling and profanity to no end, he says, over point and just answers her. And here we check the ’ intruder: The step. And ’ just a friend she says; Talk to another that you know, Gianfranco. remains the doubt hamlet.

Let's move on to Andrea Cocco and Margaret Zanatta, followed in order of time, by Ferdinando Giordano and Angelica Livraghi. Beautiful, young and in love at least until yesterday. Who will ever interfered with each other? Those responsible for that has put in crisis, more close-knit pairs of big brother? The cinema.Eh it seems that the desire to recite took the upper hand on Andrea and Ferdinando. Dream cinema, the real one. Andrea and Ferdinando that are lost, empty, without any justification, want to change, get in the game, so they leave their girlfriends. And then …. who will live ...see …

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