Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Share the hyenas: Luca Argentero and Enrico Brignano are ready

Share the hyenas on Italy 1. Tomorrow night we will debut the first installment for the two new hyenas Bethea and Enrico Brignano. The two actors will replace historians Luke and Paul who have preferred to choose a different path. On their side will always Ilary Blasi.

Share the hyenas on Italy 1 and there will be many news, especially regarding the two male co-presenters. Luke and Paul decided to change course, the two presenters comedians have preferred to leave Le Iene, that in all these years have guaranteed success and been. Space then to neo-Luca Argentero conductors and Enrico Brignano, two actors who will at the service of televsione. C ’ great curiosity to understand how they are going to Luke and Henry in the guise of hyenas, in short, don't seem to be so bad and cynical as Luca and Paolo.

Mediaset Italy 1 and they wanted to focus on these two actors, even if their use will be part time. Regards indeed Luca Argentero bell ’ actor you find only two months in the studio de Le Iene, then will return on set to shoot new films on the project. Not if the ’ felt Argentero to leave for a year the cinema completely and dealing with television, not in the camp that prefers. All other ’ for speech that also Enrico Brignano will give life to short to a one man show, a comedy show which will see absolute protagonist. Share then the hyenas bethea and Enrico Brignano are ready, but the Queen of the show will stay as always Ilary Blasi. Mrs. Totti was accustomed to spicy jokes and fun of Luke and Paul, with them had managed to create a scenic important relationship.

It will be interesting to find out how you will behave Luca and Henry with Ilary, surely there will be the condifenza of previous co-presenters. Meanwhile, both said they were very excited and intrigued by this new TV experience bethea has also wanted to make compliments to Ilary Blasi for its serenity and solarit. After the debut episode you will better understand the new Le Iene, but will be almost impossible to reach the levels of Luke and Paul.

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