Sunday, October 02, 2011

Scoop to men and women: Leonardo Greco and Diletta Pagliano together again, but Bubi Barbieri does not believe it!

Come together with Leonardo Greco and Diletta Pagliano. After endless days of pause for reflection, the two lovebirds of U & D, they decide to try again.Good news then for many fans, who love and support the couple pi knit of men and women, since the choice. A less happy to seem Bubi Barbieri. Oh yes, the ’ former suitors pi chat of all time, does not believe absolutely in history between the two, in fact there has never believed, only this time it emphasizes decision.
Reporting a triggers Gossip Girl on the alleged return between Leonardo and Delights. On the fan page of both, rampaging fans demand explanations. Leonardo immediately post these words on Facebook: “ Hello Big …)) Then the voices that are heard all around are true …. I and Dile we increasingly returned … To this time we will try to take more preserved history can be our … So who says nasty to free c and we will always (containing them) clearly nn have a life so full of ’ interests as say … we greet you kisses Leo and Dile ”

Bubi Barbieri wastes no time and immediately all replication ’ ex tronista U & D: Dear “ Greek … because you make me know things through bulletin boards and email … nn. here I answer!… my life and clear and pure as a sheet of white linen.nn will be perfect, but at least honest and concrete and nn I take the piss it myself much more people that supports and nn do I innocent victims for my paper! … I have created and to 23 years …. tuinvece to 30 years.what the fuck you put together ...Apart from a ridiculous with your well-deserved pocas?:-)) made the request and response data that surely will be …. the ennesia lie you say to yourself!!!… do smile the chickens! While I continue in concrete things, sane and mature ...without deleterious AIDS and which offend the intelligence of the people and my!!! ) Hello people ...I start to make suitcases? bubi ”

And then again: “ bubinsss.I now out … I dress and I put myself in the car with the flu and I go to House beautiful!!!… and sereni x me … I know what I do and say … and certainly nn because Rosice.ahah ...What then??… ne because nn I have a life! but more simply, I before the ignorance just nn riesco silenced my opinions and my reasons! ...but I live well and I have a certain existence and pi pi created other loyal ...? vi voglio bene e buona domenica ”

Sar true that nothing gained for nothing??????

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