Friday, October 07, 2011

Snaptu: Ramirez and Derdiyok

The Naples Gaston interested in Ramirez, the Uruguayan playmaker Bologna that has already expressed his liking for eventual transfer in the city.
The transfer of Naples in continuous ferment, with entries that follow each other and they do record linteressamento for the other two players, Ramirez and Derdiyok. Gaston Ramirez, the Uruguayan playmaker Bologna, gi State pi times in summer on the verge of leaving the team, but this time it might be good time. Closely followed by teams of the caliber dellInter, Roma, Fiorentina and Liverpool, now seems to be back forcefully in the plans of President De Laurentiis. Moreover, according to his attorney Vincenzo DIppolito, Ramirez would appreciate very much the destination Naples, in blue, in addition, playing two of his countrymen, Cavani and Gargano and, above all, also allappeal that the Neapolitan team is beginning to exercise against other players.

When a team plays well, when the results come when this team has a public and when, in particular, the club one of the few active throughout Europe, easier than a footballer he prefers to another.But not only Ramirez, on notebook Bigon there also Eren Derdiyok 23 Bayer Leverkusen striker, a striker, as well as all en route with his company. The player would have expressed the desire to change and Italy could be one of the favorite destinations.

The powerful striker would be interested also lUdinese, which hardly De Laurentiis would come into competition, given the excellent relations. A loophole to get out of the situation, say, cos there would be awkward. The Napoli could leave the team of Guidolin strong striker in exchange for the transfer to gi January Benatia, so cos to avoid, in addition, to collide with other numerous competitors interested in Defender. Otherwise, Bigon you fionderebbe on the German attempt to take him to Naples as soon as possible.
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