Saturday, October 15, 2011

Minzolini the Tg1: Berlusconi defends ” Risk is better than just stumble along ”. Here's the video.

Minzolini dixit: "Fini has made improper use of the term" partisan "-Tg1 just makes news and will continue to do it. Moreover, in his act, the President of the Chamber proves to have a particular vision of the concept of imparzialit "

For the President of CameraGianfranco, there are no doubts: Augusto Minzolini, delTg1, lattuale Director should resign from his position as excessively partisan.

Harsh protest Purposes after two services of Tg1 on him. (C) a limit allindecenza, said the leader of Fli announcing ancheazionigiudiziarie against the Director of Tg1. In fact, the climate of protests around the first tg's public tv, gi c from a lot of time and the first to protest were the same journalists of the newspaper.
The cdr of Tg1 complaint that Director is deploying our header on thesis and the majority of the Government and that the newscast when launches accusation doesn't care almost never of right of reply. The Director is less cos to the duties of respect for pluralism, fairness and public service of informing yourself losing credibilit and listens to our newscast. Let's just in the name of all my colleagues who still believe in our craft and did not deserve to be involved in continuing controversy, said the journalists themselves in a note.

To suffer this faziosit are pure plays: at one time the Tg1 was tg institutional, followed every night by more than 7 million spectators for unosharecompreso between 27 and 30%, now with Minzolini listeners are little more than 5 million for a medium share ranging between 21 and 23%. To benefit from questacrisi direct nuovoTgLa7 daMentanache especially in these days broke the wall of 3 million viewers.

This evening in Tg1 of 20 arrived Replication Manager Minzolini accusations of Fini. The Director has also defended the Berlusconi Government, stating that: “ Risk better than just stumble along ”. For pi series deployed cos … here's the video of the ’ editorial Augusto Minzolini:

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