Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Escort: Palma threat judges and sends inspectors-Pope against PM

Investigation escort. The Minister of Justice, Nitto Palma sends inspectors in proxies of Naples and Bari. From his cell Deputy Pdl Alfonso Pope accuses PM.

Body takes the decision of the keeper of Nitto Palma, that despite what you may think, want to make clear, once and for all, on the ’ work of prosecutors in Naples and Bari, which are occupying the alleged tour escort submitted by Tarantini at our premier Silvio Berlusconi, investigations concerning wiretaps between the Director of the ’ on!Lavitola and Berlusconi, Finmeccanica's procurement and funding all ’ publishing.

Nodes to dissolve, doubts to be clarified, Nitto Palma there think twice to send the inspectors of the Ministry of Justice in the prosecution of Naples and Bari, and meanwhile threatens fines to judges who are wrong; In an interview, the Minister of Justice declares his intention to reform the current law, ’ on civil responsibility of togas, and promises to pay expensive fines to those judges who do not act correctly.

Other crucial node, are the recent statements of the Deputy Pdl Alfonso Pope; In prison for the P4, Papaha made know to receive “ ” threats and being subjected to pressure by the PM, who were promised freedom in exchange for false statements on Berlusconi.

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