Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ricky Martin: concerto in Honduras forbidden to minors of 15 years

Ricky Martin concert in Honduras forbidden to minors of 15 years. This is the judgment of the Evangelical Church that does not accept the presence of this singer in his own country, whose show was even considered high sexual content.

And ’ really amazing what happened to singer Ricky Martin. The beautiful Puerto Rican these days will be in Honduras for a concert, but his presence doesn't seem to be very welcome in the country. In fact the Evangelical Church has protested strongly to the concert by Ricky Martin. You may wonder why the singer cannot enter quietly in Hoduras, blame given by his omosessualit. You know by now that Ricky has finally made coming out after years of suffering, confirming to be homosexual. D ’ in the world today should not be such problems and sufferings, but unfortunately the ’ ignorance is still everywhere.

Even the Evangelical Church of the ’ Honduras considered Ricky Martin, or rather his show, excessive sexual content “ to ”. A definition which leaves really speechless, because even the singer could be harmful for the mental health of young people in Honduras ’. Ricky Martin not only had to put up with these offenses, but should also give birth to a concert forbidden to minoni of 15 years. A situation that most incredible not pu, so it shouldn't even be commented out. Ricky Martin should be free to give life to his concert in any country without having to feel guilty of something.

Its omosessualit cannot and must not be seen as a problem or even a bad example for young people. This is not really a lot of sense, because Ricky Martin had always been a well-loved public figure who has never created or had chiss what problems. A concert in Honduras forbidden to minors of 15 years cannot be accepted by the singer, even wanted to prohibit his entry into the country. Why not a character should be treated this way just because homosexual? The Church what kind of love wants to teach in this manner for the next? To you the word.
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