Friday, October 14, 2011

Tiziano Ferro: new single on the radio

Tiziano Ferro in radio with the new single. It's finally in spreading the first single from new album by Tiziano Ferro. The difference between me, this is the name of the new single, anticipates the release of the album love a simple thing planned for November.

And ’ the great time back on the music scene by Tiziano Ferro. After some years of absence from the scene here is that the Latin singer makes you feel again strong voice. From this ’ now in circulation in radio single, Tiziano Ferro, this is the difference between me and thee, song that anticipates the release of new album ’, the ’ love a simple thing, scheduled for November. And ’ a great period for Italian music with Giorgia has already tasted success, then waiting another great return of ’: Laura Pausini. Well, Titian and Laura will clash in November with the ’ release of their album and will be really interesting to figure out who the spunter.

Meanwhile, by Tiziano Ferro today in radio with the new single, the difference between me and thee highlights those nuances that we find in all people and that allow to make then complete a love. Substantial differences of living a feeling, between torture, dramas or passions and lots of happiness. The sound of Tiziano Ferro not distracts from the past, although here the ’ entire album was recorded in acoustic version, without the contribution of technology. This is definitely a great reason d ’ pride for Latin singer who has had the ’ honour also to register even in Los Angeles with the great musicians of the world. An incredible satisfaction for Tiziano Ferro in radio with the new single and eager to discover the world its new words, his thoughts.

Unlike the songs of the past here the text much more explicit without metaphors or puns. Tiziano Ferro a man other than in the past, he finally declare his omosessualit and in this album we understand all the suffering that has tried it, but that finally brought happiness.
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